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15 Creepiest DIY Halloween Decorations

By: In: DIY
15 Creepiest DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is almost here! That means it’s time to gather up all those pumpkins, skeletons, and costumes. If you’re doing some last-minute decorating on your house for Halloween this year, we’ve got some brilliant ideas for you! The best part is that most of them can be done with things you already have laying around your house or with really cheap (like, dollar store priced) materials. These 15 creepy Halloween decorations are guaranteed to have your party guests or visiting trick-or-treaters running for the hills. Let us know which ones you’ll be making!

15. Head in a jar

Okay, this head in a jar is probably one of the creepiest things you can have at your Halloween party. Can you imagine your guests moving a stack of cups aside or going in your fridge, only to see a preserved face in a jar, staring back at them? Yeah, we’re getting major creeps just thinking about it. Making this prop is pretty simple, but it does require a bit of photo editing skills. You’ll need to know how to combine two images of a head (a profile and a portrait). The instructions provide the details on how to do this, step-by-step. Once you’ve printed the image off, you’ll need to laminate it and get a jar large enough to hold it. You can fill the jar with water and green or yellow food coloring, to make it even more realistic-looking.

14. Doll in a bloody bathtub

You always tell your guests not to use the washroom upstairs and what do they end up doing? Yep, they just walk right up the stairs like it’s nobody’s business. Well, time to teach them a lesson they won’t forget any time soon by creating this doll in a bloody bathtub. Simply fill your bathtub with water and add a load of red food coloring, to make it look like blood. This shouldn’t stain your tub, but if you want to be safe, you can rub petroleum jelly on the surface beforehand. You can also buy fake blood for an even creepier effect. Then, find a doll (any doll will do as long as it’s a decent size) and place it in the tub. When your guests enter the washroom, they’ll likely jump in fear and scream. You may want to quietly follow them upstairs so that you don’t miss that precious moment.

13. Chicken wire ghost

You can be really lame this Halloween and make a ghost out of just a pillowcase or white blanket. Or, you can make a chicken wire ghost that actually looks like a real person. To do this, you’ll need chicken wire (one roll with 1-inch cells and one roll with 2-inch cells), a mannequin head, thin wire, semi-transparent fabric, cheesecloth, and S-hooks. Using the mannequin head as a guide, form the shape of a head with chicken wire. Then form the torso, arms, legs, and dress. Use a wire to keep the limbs in place and if you’d like, add cheesecloth over the figure. We think that this actually looks scarier without the cloth. Just place it at the far end of your backyard and ask your friends if they notice a strange figure outside.

12. Wall of spiders

If you’re like us, you felt Ron’s pain in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when he sees a bunch of spiders crawling through the window. Spiders are like the poster child for creepy creatures. So, it only makes sense to scatter some all over your house this Halloween. Or, better yet, create a wall of spiders. First, make the cobwebs to place on the wall and all around your house. There are a variety of ways to make cobwebs but the easiest and cheapest way is probably by using cotton balls. After you’ve made the cobweb, get some plastic spiders from the dollar store or craft store and (using double-sided tape or removable glue) stick them to the wall. This is so simple that if you have kids, they can help.

11. Glowing eyes

We’ve all had the feeling before—that someone (or something) is staring at us. There’s just something unsettling about the feeling (unless we know for certain that it’s some normal, cute stranger staring at us). So, give your visitors that creepy sensation by making these glowing eyes. This is one of the cheapest props that you can make. You just need some toilet paper rolls and glow sticks. First, draw a pair of spooky eyes on the toilet paper roll. Next, cut the pair of eyes out and tape a glow stick inside of the toilet paper roll (green and red glow sticks work best). You can stick these to your windows, hide them in bushes, or in any dark corner inside of your house.

10. Drowning hands

If you have a pond or pool in your front yard or backyard, these drowning hands are the perfect way to make use of it on Halloween. Simply fill latex gloves with water and a glow stick (preferably blue) then pop it into your refrigerator for a couple of hours. Place them in the body of water right before your visitors are due to start arriving. It really does look like ghostly figures are trying to surface from the water.

This is definitely reminiscent of horror flicks such as The Ring or Lady in the Water. This would totally creep out anyone! If you don’t have a pond or a pool, you can make hands that can go under a door instead (using chicken wire covered in cloth).

9. Spider egg sacs

Here we go again with the spiders! What’s even scarier than a wall of spiders? A ceiling full of spiders and their eggs! What if they hatch at any moment and a bunch of little, creepy spiders just rain on you? We have the shivers just imagining it. So, if you do actually make this, your guests are bound to be grossed out. It’s really easy and cheap to make these spider egg sacs. You need a foam egg (which you can pick up at any craft store), white stockings, white batting (AKA white cotton or wool wadded into sheets), and plastic spiders of all sizes. First, wrap a foam egg in white batting. Then, pull a white stocking over the ball and glue little spiders inside the stocking. Finally, glue larger spiders on the outside of the stocking and hang it up using hooks.

8. Haunted mirror

If you really want to give your guests a scare in the washroom then—on top of a bloody bathtub—you should replace your regular mirror with a haunted mirror. The best way to do this is by sanding a corner of an old mirror until it’s clear. Then, copy a photo of a frightened face onto translucent paper and again onto white paper. Finally, tape the translucent image to the back of the mirror and tape the white one behind it. This is probably the most realistic-looking (hence, creepiest) way to make your mirror look haunted. An alternative way to make this spooky prop is to draw a ghostly figure onto a sheet of frosted window film (which you can buy from Amazon).

7. Bloody everything

Putting blood on everything is by far the easiest way to increase the creepy factor in your house for Halloween. There’s only one material required (fake blood) and it takes practically no time to do! You can put on a glove and dip your hand in red paint (or fake blood), then press it onto the washroom towels or shower curtains. You can even make these bloody candles for the dinner table. Do this by lighting a red candle and letting the wax drip down the sides of a white pillar candle. Also, pierce black carpet tacks into the sides of the white pillar to make it look even gorier. If you don’t have time to make the haunted mirror, you can just put bloody hand prints all over it or write a scary phrase in blood. Some ideas are “Help me,” “I see you,” or—if it’s a Harry Potter-themed party— “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware.”

6. Dolls in the yard

A lot of people actually have a fear of dolls, thanks to movies like Child’s Play (starring Chucky) and Dead Silence, in which dolls come to life and kill people. So, what better way to welcome your guests than to fill your front yard with an army of creepy, haunted-looking dolls? Search your attic or basement for your old dolls or go out and buy some cheap ones (since you’ll pretty much be destroying them). Then, cut up their clothing to make them look battered. Add some fake blood to their body (or draw scars on with markers). You can also make cobwebs from cotton balls and cover them in it. Finally, put them to stand up (or sit down) in your front lawn and porch.

5. Cemetery

Making a cemetery in your yard is another option if you don’t have any dolls or are just too scared to buy them. You can create tombstones by flattening some cardboard boxes, cutting out tombstone shapes, painting the shapes dark grey, and adding words (such as names and dates) to the front of it. Then, stick it into the ground in your front or backyard by gluing a yard stake to the back of it and planting it into the ground. You can also add some artificial moss or cobwebs to them to level up the creepiness. And if you want to go all out, dig into the ground and place a plastic skeleton in there, then partially cover it with dirt.

4. Specimen jars

Much like the head in a jar, these specimen jars are guaranteed to make your guests turn in the other direction. You’ll need to gather up a bunch of jars (be it mason jars, baby food jars, etc.) and find an object that could fit in each jar. Some examples of things to use are: the heads of an old doll, fake eyeballs, or even food that could pass for a body part (like cauliflower that looks like a pickled brain). Place the item in the jar, fill the jar with water, and add a few drops of food coloring to make it really look like a specimen. You can also make terrariums with twigs, plastic spiders, or skulls, and cotton cobwebs to place on your window panes or tables.

3. Scary entrance

It’s all about first impressions, so be sure that your house entrance looks the part this Halloween. If you have old, dark curtains, you should add them to your foyer and make them look creepy by adding baby powder or artificial cobwebs. If you don’t have any curtains, you can pick up some velvet ones at a flea market or thrift store. Otherwise, you can make your own by piecing fabric remnants together, to create a tattered look. Once you’ve done this, use a hot glue gun to attach skeleton hands to the curtain, so it looks like they’re holding the curtain open (these can be found in a costume store). Finally, create signs with sayings such as, “Enter at your own risk,” as an added touch.

2. Paranormal portraits

To bring the spookiness to your next Halloween event, make these paranormal portraits. We see it all the time in horror movies—haunted pictures and pictures that seem to be staring at you once you look away from them. They’re actually quite simple to make. You would need a couple of portraits (those of your older relatives will do or you can just print some off from online). Once you’ve chosen your photos, make black-and-white copies of them (because your family would have a fit if you ruined the originals). Finally, cut out the eyes and add small, red lights to them, to create a creepy, evil look. Place the photos all over your house, especially in the unlikeliest of places and in dimly lit rooms.

1. Scary toilet tank cover

Most people who come to your house for a Halloween gathering will use the washroom. What better way to take advantage of that than to scare them? As soon as they open the door or turn the corner and see a scary toilet cover, they’ll freak out! This Freddy Krueger toilet tank cover is all kinds of wrong. That’s why it just had to be included on this list. You can make something similar to this by taking an old turtleneck sweater and wrapping it around your toilet tank. Then, take a jar (which can act as the neck) and attach a scary mask to it. Your guests will definitely want to hold it once they see that! You can also stick some plastic spiders or beetles around the toilet to makes things even worse.