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15 Jaw-Dropping Things The Kardashians Have Confessed About Each Other

In: Pop Culture
15 Jaw-Dropping Things The Kardashians Have Confessed About Each Other

The Kardashians have lived their lives on TV for 13 seasons now. We’ve watched Kendall and Kylie grow up, Kim get married (then divorced and re-married), Caitlyn transition, Khloé get fit, Kourtney and Scott break up, Rob have a baby and so much more. It may seem, sometimes, that we know everything there is to know about this family. After all, they seem to be everywhere, all the time.

But, there are still a handful of closely guarded secrets and tidbits that aren’t so public. These are things that never make it on air or into interviews—things only the Kardashians know about each other. Here are 15 of the craziest, funniest and most heartbreaking things that the Kardashians have confessed about each other.

15. The relationship-outer


In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kris Jenner revealed that it was Kourtney who spilled the beans about Kim’s first marriage to Damon Thomas (at age 19!). Apparently, Kourtney was suspicious about some of the changes she’d witnessed in her younger sister’s controversial relationship and took to the World Wide Web to do a little bit of snooping and to see what she could come up with. She uncovered the couple’s marriage license and immediately took it to Kris, who then unraveled the whole truth about the quickie Vegas wedding. The couple wasn’t married for all that long—splitting three years later, when Damon filed for divorce. Consequential court documents have also shown that the marriage may not have always been a happy one, as Thomas has been accused of domestic violence.

14. Caitlyn


In another Rolling Stone interview, Kim revealed that she knew about Caitlyn’s gender identity long before the rest of the world (and that Caitlyn had been keeping it a secret for a long, long time). At 22, Kardashian walked in on her step-father dressed in women’s clothes, in the garage. Shocked and confused about what she’d just seen, she didn’t ask Jenner about it, but ran back in the house waiting for him to bring it up. Kim said that Bruce called her about 30 minutes later saying, “One day, I’ll talk to you about this. Until then, don’t tell a soul.” Kim kept her secret, but was significantly less shocked than the rest of the Kardashian clan when the news broke on 60 minutes and in Vanity Fair.

13. The matching tattoos


In an interview, Khloé revealed that she has the same tattoo as momager, Kris. Both women have a cross at the same place on their lower backs. Khloé got hers first, as a tribute to her late father, Robert Kardashian and her version has the word “Daddy” above the religious symbol. In the interview, Khloé revealed that Kris got hers years later, as a part of a “drunken mid-life crisis” and added Kendall and Kylie’s names above her tattoo, claiming that she “ran out of room” for her other four children’s names. Khloé is currently undergoing laser removal for her tramp stamp, documenting her laser sessions on Snapchat. But, as far as we know, Kris’s tat is still in place.

12. The favorite sibling


In a tell-all with Us Weekly, Rob spilled the beans on which of his sister’s is his favorite. Who’d the top spot go to? Kylie. Evidently, he and his youngest sister have the most in common out of everyone. We can see it—both share a goofy personality and the constant uncertainty about living a life fully in the public eye (traits that would definitely bring them closer together). Amidst all their relationship drama (each dating half of former couple, Blac Chyna and Tyga), we’d like to know how close the two are now days. Hopefully, their sibling bond has been able to take precedence over their individual life choices and they’ve been able to remain close!

11. The most enviable body


Kim Kardashian might have the most famous body on the planet, but in a 2015 interview she revealed that keeping it wouldn’t always be her first choice. When asked about her famous assets, Kim said that some days, she wishes she actually had Kendall’s slimmer frame. The reality queen further explained her position saying “…just for a week, just to look from that little bit higher up and fit into everything perfectly.” It turns out that even having the most enviable and recognizable body of our generation doesn’t always mean that you’re satisfied. Sometimes, you still just want to look like a supermodel.

10. The best advice


Given the huge empire she’s built, it seems like Kris Jenner would have a lot of good advice to give. Be it business or image or relationship—she just seems like one of those people who would have some gems tucked away. But, when asked about the best advice her mom ever gave her, Kourtney told interviewers it was “to always wear a matching bra and underwear.” Seems a little off the wall, no? We suppose if you take it to mean always be prepared, you know, in case of a car accident or surprise romantic tryst, it makes more sense. But still… it definitely seems like one of the last things we’d ever expect to come out of Kris’s mouth.

9. The urinator


You know that moment when you just need to go to the bathroom so badly, you couldn’t possibly hold it for another second? Like, so badly you’re about to start crying and you’re willing to lower your standards and use that grungy fast food bathroom around the corner because you just can’t hold it anymore? Well, Kourtney Kardashian knows your pain. Kim revealed to Us Weekly that her older sister once had to pee so badly that she went behind a curtain at the Delano Hotel in Miami, Florida. Yup, even Kardashians have emergencies sometimes. Kim finished her revelation by saying that they’re probably never allowed back in that hotel again—which is probably true. Kardashian or not, you can’t urinate on the floor of a fancy hotel and expect to be welcomed back.

8. The favorite child


We’re pretty sure that if you have more than one child, you aren’t supposed to pick favorites (at least, outwardly). Kris Jenner revealed that her ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, apparently didn’t feel that it was necessary to stick to that rule and definitely had a favorite child. So, which of his four was it? Middle daughter, Kim. In her cookbook, In the Kitchen with Kris, Jenner revealed that one of the late-Kardashian’s favorite lines was: “I’m thankful for all of my girls… especially Kimberly.” She sort of justified it by following it up with, “I know he wasn’t supposed to say that out loud but he did.”

7. The diva


It’s easy to imagine that in a family like this one, you might not be hard-pressed to find a diva or two. But, in an episode of the family’s reality show, Kim confessed who the biggest diva in the family actually is. According to Kim, ever since she was little, Kylie has had the biggest diva attitude—one that’s only increased as she’s found more fame. Kim and Khloé have both sat their younger sibling down for conversations about her behavior, trying to impart some of their life wisdom on to the next era of the Kardashian dynasty, in hopes that she’d act a little more down to earth and not sabotage her career before it fully began. We love Kylie and think she’s pretty relatable, so clearly those conversations worked!

6. The food police


If you’re a frequent KUWK watcher, this might not come as a total surprise to you, but on a bit for her app, Khloé revealed that it’s older sister, Kourtney, not Atkins-loving Kim, who adheres to the craziest diet. Apparently, Kourtney will only eat organic and has convinced herself that she’s allergic to both gluten and dairy (definitely relatable; we all have that one friend who is always self-diagnosing something new). But, Kourt isn’t satisfied with changing her own eating habits, she likes to push her nutrition decisions on family members, as well. Khloé confessed that she sometimes locks her pantry if she knows that Kourtney is coming over, so that she won’t get yelled at for what’s in it.

5. The childhood crush


In a teaser for the then-couple’s reality show, Rob & Chyna, Chyna revealed that her former fiancé’s childhood crush was none other than older sister, Kim. We mean, shoot, we don’t blame you, Rob. That girl has always been beautiful and we’re pretty sure she’d be fun to hang out with in real life. The bit famously got a substantial amount of backlash, as critics tried to point out how twisted it was. Yes, we admit it’s a bit weird (his other childhood crush, JLo, is way more normal), but we’re just going to chalk this one up to a case of a younger sibling admiring an older one and call it a day. Sweet, in an outrageous Kardashian kind of way.

4. The 72-day marriage


Kim’s second marriage to NBA player, Kris Humphries, lasted a whopping 72 days and Kim earned well over $2 million from it. While the whole family seemed supportive on camera, there were actually members who were very unsure off camera. Khloé later confessed that none of the family actually liked Kris all that much and that Kim had briefly uninvited her from the lavish affair because she made her dislike so evident. After the whole thing fell apart, Kim confessed to Oprah that her now-husband, Kanye, had tried to prevent her from marrying Kris, by sending her pictures of poorly-aged basketball players, saying “this is your future” (the tactic seems to have worked, in the long run).

3. The name


When rumors first started flying that Kim and Kanye were going to name their first child North, almost everyone believed it was all just a huge practical joke. After all, who on earth would name a child North West? That’s a direction, not a name. But it was real and they did it. Only Kim and Kanye…In an interview, Kim confessed that the newest generation of Kardashian was actually named by Anna Wintour. Apparently, the fashion mogul heard the rumor flying around (before it was truth) and thought it was perfect. And we suppose when the face of fashion speaks, you listen. Especially if you’re trying to get a Vogue cover or launch a successful fashion line.

2. The meatloaf meal


Kris and Caitlyn (formerly, Bruce) Jenner married in 1991—a month after Kris’s divorce from Robert was finalized. The two met on a blind date a year earlier and on their 20th anniversary, Kris confessed that she knew he was the one from that first date. How? Easy—his dinner order. Apparently, Caitlyn ordered meatloaf and mashed potatoes, which isn’t really a first date kind of meal, but Kris loved this. She says it showed how down to earth he was and how good his taste was. We totally get this—meatloaf and mashed potatoes is delicious and certainly a better order than a house salad, but it still seems like a thing only a Kardashian would take as a sign. And take it as a sign she did—the two were engaged a short five months later!

1. Family bonds


The Kardashians may spend all of their time together now, but Kris once revealed that it wasn’t always that way. After her split with her first husband, Robert Kardashian, the kids split as well. Kourtney and Rob decided to live full-time with their father, while Kim and Khloé spent most of their time at Kris’s house. As a result, Kim and Khloé are closer with Bruce Jenner’s other children and were around more often, as Kendall and Kylie were growing up. It also explains why Rob and Kris have a more tumultuous relationship, as Rob stayed solely at his father’s house until his death in 2003, when Rob was 16.

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