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15 People Who Got Totally Busted Photoshopping Their Photos

15 People Who Got Totally Busted Photoshopping Their Photos

Photoshop can be a great tool for editing all sorts of photos from magazine covers to Instagram posts, but is there such a thing as taking it too far? Yes, yes there is. While it may appear that editing photos with Photoshop is harmless, sometimes, it can become a touch too noticeable. When editing a photo, it usually just feels like a few tweaks here and there, but it’s easy to get carried away, and that’s when those tweaks can add up quickly. So what starts out as an innocent image of a girl on the beach, can soon turn into a picture of the same girl on the beach 20 pounds lighter, with longer legs and a different hair color. We know that people are just trying to improve the look of their photos by using Photoshop but getting busted sort of defeats the purpose. Just think about all of the flack magazines face when they are caught Photoshopping the models and actresses on the covers. Photoshop fails can be painful to watch, but they also make us feel better that we’re not the only ones that think we could look a little bit better.

15. A much quicker way to gain muscles


Who wants to spend hours in the gym to look muscular when you can just edit a photo of yourself to look bigger? Naturally, a lot of young men strive to have a defined physique, but may not have the time to hit the gym to get the look they want so what do they do? Use Photoshop, of course. The only problem is that sometimes one may get carried away with the editing and not realize that in the process, they distort the entire background of the photo, too. We almost bought that this guy has been pumping iron if it weren’t for the triangular-looking shape of his right arm muscle and the fact that the brick walls behind him look warped. Undoubtedly, this guy caught some slack when he posted this photo online as it may be one of the most obvious Photoshop muscle-enhancing jobs we have ever seen. Better luck next time, bud.

14. When Photoshop takes more than expected


Sure, we love having a small waist in photos as much as the next person, but at what expense? Surely, there is a better way to make your waist look smaller that does not involve making your arm look like stretched out Play-Doh. Apparently, this girl in the fluorescent bodysuit and hot shorts did not get that memo. Instead, she whittled her waist down as far as she pleased and had zero cares in the world about the repercussions it would have for the rest of her body. What’s possibly worse though is that her friends did not point out the Photoshop faux pas before she posted it online. As a good friend, it’s always your duty to let your friends know when they are making poor editing choices. Next time, this girl should either hide her arm behind her friend and then edit her waist or just leave her waist as is because if you ask us, she already looks pretty small.

13. When a mirror reveals far too much


If you are going to take a photo with plans to edit it, then word of advice: do not take it in front of the mirror. Unless, of course, you plan to edit both images but why double the work for yourself? While the photo shows this young man lifting a lot of weighted plates, the mirror image begs to differ. As it turns out, this kid is merely raising a plate on each side, but being a smart young man, he knows that may not impress the ladies. So instead of training every day and working your way up to a larger weight, what does this kid do? Photoshop the weight in, obviously. Now, we have two questions when we look at this photo. For one, didn’t this guy take a close look at the picture before posting it? Secondly, doesn’t he realize that if he were, in fact, lifting that much weight, he would be a lot more muscular? Come on; shortcuts don’t build muscles nor do they result in good Photoshopping abilities. Better luck next time.

12. That’s one way to save money on your clothes


When we look at this image, many questions and observations are racing through our minds with the most obvious being: well, that’s one way to save money on your clothes. Why go out and drop thousands of dollars on an outfit so that you can post a cool photo of yourself on Instagram when you can just edit your head onto an individual wearing an outfit you like? It seems to us like Instagram user @zaddy_421 has figured out the key to style and savings. Although perhaps next time, he could do a better job of using Photoshop and learn how to edit an image a little smoother. Unfortunately for this young man, the lighting in the original photo of his head is different to the lighting in the original photo of music star Jay-Z. Perhaps next time, you could find a picture that matches your light a little better and then you are well on your way to becoming a bonafide Instagram style blogger.

11. When celebrities take airbrushing too far


We totally get that musician John Mayer probably just wanted to make his head look perfect in this shot, but we think his editing skills may have had an adverse reaction. If we are going to be entirely honest here, we must admit that Mayer looks more creepy than handsome. We are not sure why one of his famous girlfriends or one of his friends did not tell him that it is unnatural and strange looking when you have zero lines on your face. Sure, it’s Hollywood, the capital of plastic, but somewhere, you have to draw a line. (Seriously, please draw a line or two on your face, you’re creeping us out.) It’s also bad enough John Mayer wanted to look completely smooth-faced in this photo, but why is he dragging his friend into his poor editing, too? His friend arguably looks even creepier than him as it seems that his teeth have also been edited. Celebrities of all people should get the 101 on editing their photos the right way. This is just far too much, Mayer. Get it together; you have far too many followers.

10. No Photoshop fail list is complete without a Kardashian


Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are image-driven, so it’s no wonder they use Photoshop here and there to tighten up their shots. When you have millions of followers, though, if you are going to be editing your photos, it is advisable to make sure you do an excellent job because someone will call you out on it. Like this picture of Kim Kardashian and her friend where it is quite evident that she has used Photoshop to nip and tuck various areas of her body from her waist to her arms. In fact, she Photoshopped this image so much so that it looks like one of her arms went missing in the process. You would think when you are worth millions and have such a strong team behind you, someone would point out the flaw in your editing skills, but nope, apparently no one cares enough to tell her. Don’t worry Kim; we suck at Photoshop, too. It looks like we have something in common with her after all.

9. When a Victoria Secret models makes us feel better about ourselves


Aha! As it turns out, even former Victoria’s Secret supermodels think that they need Photoshop to look their best. We’re not going to lie; the fact that Miranda Kerr thinks that she needs to edit her photos makes us feel better about ourselves. See, even when you think someone is perfect, chances are, they do not feel the same way about themselves. If you look closely at this image and look inside of the white circle, you will see that the bookshelf behind Miss. Kerr is rounded. Instead of the shelf running in a straight line from top to bottom, it is quite clearly distorted. It seems as though Miranda was trying to make her lower back look smaller, but why? Is that a thing now? Should we start doing that? We know about the thigh gap and collarbone trend that was happening last year, but we have never even thought to suck in our lower back. What on earth is this world coming to?

8. Coordination is crucial when it comes to Photoshop


A Kardashian strikes again! Except, this time, it is the matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner. One of the cardinal rules to Photoshopping your images is to ensure that your version of the photo is the only one that gets out into the public. If your photo ends up in the hands of someone other than you, then you run the risk of them publishing the original as was the case with Kris Jenner and her photo with Chef Gordon Ramsay. While mama Kris airbrushed both their faces so that their skin looked silky smooth (and so that Gordon Ramsay almost lost his eyes), Gordon decided to post the unedited photo. Looking at both these images side by side, what we don’t get is why Kris even needed to edit the picture as she looks pretty good to us. Hopefully, after this Photoshop fiasco, Kris learned her lesson to coordinate with the other party in her photos when she edits them.

7. When the floor gets in the way of your Photoshopping


Isn’t it just the worst when you are trying to perfect your photo by editing it, but your floor gets in the way? One of the surest ways to ruin a perfectly good Photoshopped image is by revealing a distorted floor in the background. (Skewered laundry hampers and walls also tend to get in the way.) So what can you do? Well, there are two things. If you are committing to Photoshop, you could just remove the background altogether. Then why not cut your silhouette out and then place it on a beach, or a mountain or a desert? Is that taking it too far? While yes, perhaps cutting an image of yourself and placing yourself in a different location may be a tad dramatic, one could argue that editing 20 pounds off your body may also be a tad dramatic. The way we see it, if you are going to edit your photo, then you may as well take it all the way.

6. When Photoshop makes your date look much hotter


One of the greatest things about Photoshop is that you can convince other people that you are living the dream. Whether you edit an image to make it look like you are on a lavish vacation, at an exuberant party or on a date with a celebrity, the world is your oyster when it comes to Photoshop. It can take something completely ordinary and make it extraordinary, like this guy’s lunch date, which went from him drinking a beer with a friend to drinking with superstar Jennifer Lopez. Not too shabby, right? At the click of a few buttons, this average man was suddenly hanging out with Jenny From the Block. Now, this would all be fine and dandy it if were not for the fact that this guy is not particularly skilled at Photoshop. Don’t get us wrong, he almost had us fooled with the way they are both looking at the camera, but the imperfect cut out of Jennifer and the difference in lighting acts as a dead giveaway.

5. Why do squats when you can use Photoshop instead?


Why waste so much time at the gym doing squats when you can just use Photoshop for much quicker and probably better results? This woman in the red skirt has figured out how to use her time efficiently, while still looking great. Although there’s no denying she looks fit, we can’t help but notice the curvature of the door which seems to have been repelled by her toned behind. Or, hang on, did she just go rogue with her Photoshop skills? Yes, it seems while attempting to cut corners and increase the size of her behind, this young lady also took the doorframe with her. We almost didn’t notice… if it were not for the fact that it was so obvious. Come on ladies, if you are going to be Photoshopping your images, take some time to learn how to do it properly. May we also recommend that you get some new friends who point out that your Photoshop skills are a tad flawed? Maybe next time, just spend the time at the gym doing squats and then enhance the rest of the image ever so slightly.

4. When Photoshop qualifies you for the Olympics


Athletes have to dedicate their entire lives to perfecting their technique, stamina and abilities to be eligible for the Olympics. This young man decided he would find another way to get into the Olympics without having to go through the grueling process of qualifying. Here he is, running an Olympic sprint, and keeping up with the fastest guy on the track at that, with a few simple clicks. By using Photoshop, this guy has very poorly placed himself into a photo of an Olympic race. Perhaps we would have fallen for this picture if we did not know the guy and if he were dressed in the proper running gear instead of looking like he’s running out of school on the last day of class. We have to give him props for originality, though. He could have been like all of the other Photoshopping bandits on Instagram and edited his muscles or his hair, but instead, he chose to make things interesting.

3. Get the hair you want with a spritz of Photoshop


We all want our hair to achieve the full looks that we see in the shampoo commercials, but sometimes, it’s just not possible. Sometimes, we will inevitably suffer from bad hair days, and the only way to turn things around is with a little bit of Photoshop magic. Although it has been revealed that this image of pop star Selena Gomez was altered by a hairstylist, we do feel better that even Selena sometimes needs a little help from a touch of editing. If you look closely inside of the red circle, you can see that the door frame behind Selena is distorted.

At first glance, it seems that the culprit behind this edit wanted Selena’s hair to flip out at the ends, but what we do not understand is why? With or without an edit, she looks fabulous, so this just seems like a case of a nit-picky Photoshop session that’s not needed. Nevertheless, Selena was called out by her millions of followers for this edit who look up to the natural beauty. If you ask us, though, everyone needs to relax; this is probably the most subtle edit we ever did see.

2. One of the wildest Photoshop edits


We are pretty sure that when it comes to Photoshop edits, it does not get much wilder than this. Between the young man stroking the lion’s head and the fact that he has placed himself in the middle of an African jungle, well, it’s safe to say he got a little carried away. We totally get that going into the wild to hang out with lions and lionesses is not advisable, but that also means it would not make for a realistic photo if you were to place yourself among the wild cats. But kudos to this kid though for committing to the shot and wearing his camouflage pants to blend in. You almost had us fooled, kid. There are just a few things that take this image from being legitimate to an obvious fake. Firstly, there is no way that wild animals would allow you to pet them. Secondly, no one in their right mind would go into a lion’s den. Thirdly, if you did go into a lion’s den, it’s likely that you would be wearing shoes. So next time, you should try and Photoshop yourself somewhere more realistic like a farm or a petting zoo.

1. When there’s no denying the use of Photoshop


Sometimes a Photoshop is so obvious that even the person responsible for it feels like they need to justify and reiterate to their Facebook friends that they did not edit the image. Case in point, this young lady who stressed on Facebook that she did not edit her image that it’s just her “blues.” You hear that, people? This picture is completely unretouched. As it turns out, this girl is just naturally monochromatic all over except for her eyes. Come on, girl, we are all far too smart for that. Perhaps, if she had kept the rest of her head in color and then slightly enhanced her baby blues, then we would fall for it, but there is just no denying that some Photoshopping took place with this image. At the end of the day, no matter how funny it can be to uncover someone’s Photoshop blunders if they just own it, then it isn’t so bad. Surely, most of us have been guilty of a little fudging or enhancing of the truth once in a while, so no judgment. Next time, this young lady should just own the fact that she edited her photo to make her eyes pop. There’s nothing wrong with it, girl.

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