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15 Products You Can Buy To Help Save Wildlife

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15 Products You Can Buy To Help Save Wildlife

Today’s businesses are more environmentally conscious than ever. Whether it’s sourcing local goods to create products, or donating a portion of proceeds to the rainforest, companies are finally starting to realize the importance of supporting and prolonging the life of our planet. Some entrepreneurs are taking it a step further, designing businesses specifically-geared towards helping save endangered wildlife.

As a consumer, it’s important to make sure every dollar spent has a purpose, and it’s great if that purpose is helping to rescue animals. With many of us being budget-conscious these days, it can be hard to consider splurging on an unnecessary item. So, why not combine both? For a guilt-free shopping experience, here are 15 products you can buy to help save wildlife.

15. Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella designs fun and colorful apparel and accessories for men and women, featuring their signature elephant logo. Ten percent of each purchase goes to Save The Elephants, an organization fighting to sustain elephant populations and stop poaching. Since opening in April 2015, Ivory Ella has been able to donate more than $285,000, helping to provide lifesaving protection for hundreds of wild elephants.

As the elephant populations continue to fall, it’s more important than ever to help sustain these gentle giants. Elephants are hunted and killed for their ivory tusks, which inspired the company’s name: Ivory Ella. These young environmentalists are working hard to do their part to help save the elephants, so future generations will have the opportunity to see and study the largest land mammal. By purchasing one of their stylish pieces, you can help ensure their longevity, too.

14. I Heart Dogs

In an effort to help shelter dogs everywhere, I Heart Dogs designs an array of dog-lover products and donates a portion of the proceeds to animal rescues across the country. The unique thing about this business is, with each purchase, customers are informed of exactly how many meals they’ll be providing to hungry pups. One short-sleeved shirt feeds seven shelter dogs, but a sweatshirt can feed fifteen. With a unique marketing strategy like this, customers feel extra special knowing their helping more than just one dog at a time.

Their purchase not only helps provide care, it allows shelter volunteers more time to interact and play with the animals, rather than worrying about fundraising efforts and exceeding donation quotas. I Heart Dogs not only helps the animals, but lends piece of mind to employees who only want the best for their sheltered companions.

13. Savannah

Africa’s lions are now endangered, and if some drastic changes aren’t made soon, there’s a good chance the wild lion population could dwindle to zero. Savannah donates 10% of monthly sales to the Wildlife Conservation program, in an attempt to help these majestic cats.

The beautifully-crafted bracelets are available in a variety of different materials and colors, each elegant and perfect for any outfit. The added lion’s head pendant will serve as a constant reminder of the impact that purchase had. For years, conservationists have been working to sustain the lion population in Africa, but with deteriorating food sources and loss of habitat, these cats need help and they need it now. With their existence hanging in the balance, even the tiniest of donations can make a difference.

12. Simply Panda

With a wild population estimated to be between only 2,000 and 3,000, giant pandas are listed among the most susceptible extinct animals, due to habitat loss. Simply Panda has created an entire lines of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories, with 10% of proceeds going to Pandas International, an organization working to bring back the giant panda population.

As people continue to overpopulate the planet, more and more area is needed to build industries, housing, railways, and streets. Land is being bulldozed and trees are being cut down at a rate higher than ever recorded before. In areas where the pandas need bamboo trees to live, there simply aren’t enough left to sustain the once-booming giant panda population. Simply replanting the bears’ food source isn’t enough; the animals will run out of food before the trees can regrow if deforestation isn’t brought to a halt, so these pandas can be given some kind of sanctuary to repopulate.

11. Spread The Love

Who doesn’t love a sweet little turtle? Spread The Love has created an entire line of clothing, accessories, and decals featuring their signature animal. Each month, 10% of their earnings are donated to turtle conservations and sanctuaries around the world. With nearly all turtle species becoming extinct because of their sought after eggs and meat, businesses like Spread The Love are making a huge effort to restore the population. Sea turtles travel back to the same beaches they were born at to lay their eggs, meaning many popular tourist attractions are off-limits to people during the breeding season.

Conservationist and volunteers work together to ensure as many baby turtles make it back to the sea as possible, helping to ensure a new batch of babies next year. Tiny efforts like this are funded by companies like Spread The Love, who are determined to save the sea turtles.

10. Divinity LA

Another business producing fun and fashionable handmade bracelets to help save wildlife is Divinity LA. This company has created three unique designs titled, “The Panda,” “The Sea Turtle,” and “Ella.” For every purchase, $1 is donated to Pandas International, Sea Turtle Conservatory, or International Elephant Conservation, depending on the design.

By offering aid to multiple animal foundations, Divinity LA allows customers the opportunity to choose which of their favorite causes they’d like to help. For those of us who love all animals and simply can’t choose between the three adorable designs, why not buy them all? Not only are the proceeds going to a good cause, but wearers can feel good about their purchase and know they’re helping make a difference. The set would also make a great gift for any animal lover.

9. Animal Behavior

This chic and sophisticated clothing line is perfect for the busy business woman who’s looking for a way to make her money count. Animal Behavior is dedicated to bringing back the Amur Leopard, the rarest cat in the world with as few as 57 remaining. The company donates 5% of their earnings to an organization called Panthera, which works to bring back these big cats. Unlike the less formal t-shirts and sweatshirts offered by other animal-saving businesses, Animal Behavior creates designer business apparel including pencil skirts, flowing blouses, and fitted blazers. When these wardrobe stables have co-workers asking where such stylish pieces were picked up, it’s the perfect opportunity to spread the word about the endangered Amur Leopard, and tell other women how they can look fabulous and help the cause.

8. Hipster Hippo

Hipster Hippo is an up and coming, teen-run business that donates a whopping 20% of proceeds to Africa’s hippo conservation efforts. These endangered giants are vital to Africa’s eco system, but habitat loss has made hippos a public nuisance, charging through villages in search of waterholes and food. The money spent on these shirts goes directly to the Turgwe Hippo Trust, which helps to provide food and safe land for the hippos to roam. With some help from humans, these giants can be brought back from the brink of extinction, so that future generations can enjoy their majestic, but deadly, presence.

Because they pose such a dangerous threat to the native people of Africa, hippos are often killed simply for being too close to a village or camp. Providing a safe barrier between humans and hippos is vital to their co-existence and population growth. The young entrepreneurs of Hipster Hippo are working harder than anyone else to ensure hippos are here to stay.

7. Toms

Not only does Toms donate a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair sold, they’ve also begun partnering with organizations like National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative and Oceana, creating lines inspired by the animals they’re working to save. Most recently, they’re working with Oceana, donating $5 from every sale to help save marine life, like sea turtles and dolphins.

With continued efforts from big business, like Toms, the ocean might stand a change at some day being repopulated by the inhabitants that once survived in abundance. Pollution and overfishing have left many sea creatures in danger of becoming extinct if something drastic isn’t done to purify our waterways. Every day, more and more chemicals and garbage are being spilled into the world’s oceans, poisoning marine animals and making the water inhabitable. Purchasing products that make an impact on conversation efforts is one small way consumers can help to save the planet.

6. The Elephant Pants

In addition to creating unique clothing and backpacks, The Elephant Pants is a corporate sponsor of the African Wildlife Foundation. Currently, they’ve donated over $190,000 to prevent elephant poaching and help fund safe national parks where these mammoths can roam freely. The Elephant Pants is also helping its seamstresses in Thailand, providing health care and paying nearly double the standard rate. These dual-beneficial company not only helps animals, but it helps humans, too.

By incorporating both needs into one business, The Elephant Pants is instilling a sense of worth in its seamstresses that might otherwise not exist. These workers are able to know their labor is working to not only help themselves and their families, but also to save elephants and bring smiles to the faces of customers worldwide.

5. Save The Whales

Not only does Save The Whales allow customers to buy t-shirts, baby onesies, and tote bags, real enthusiasts can actually adopt a whale to sponsor. This business is unique in that it works to educate consumers about the importance and impact of whales and our ecosystem. The largest mammals on the planet might not seem to be threatened by much, but with toxicity levels rising in the oceans, from pollution and to chemical spills, it’s becoming harder and harder for these giant creators to find the life-sustaining food they need every day.

4. Bangle Up

Another bracelet company, another elephant foundation to support. The idea of having so many different bracelet companies to help save wildlife might seem a bit trite, but the reality is, this is what people want to show their support. Bangle Up is French-based business, that donates 50% of its proceeds from these beautifully crafted bangles to Elephant Family, an organization working to sustain the Asian elephant population.

With so many businesses concerned about elephant extinction, it should really open consumers’ eyes to the real truth that elephants might not be alive in less than 50 years. The exorbitant amount of elephant business could seem redundant, but with a wide variety of options, there is sure to be something to fit every elephant lovers taste, meaning that everyone can find a reason to donate to this great cause.

3. Hendrick & Co.

After partnering with over 400 animal shelters across the United States, Hendrick & Co. has been able to donate more than $750,000 to rescue cats, dogs, birds, and a variety of other animals. Their clothing line includes items for men, women, and dogs, with products ranging from water bowls to belts.

Rather than basing their donation portion on total sales, Hendrick & Co. donates $10 from each item sold to one of their many charities. The products might seem a slight bit pricier, but the outcome is always worth it. Not only are customers receiving a product they’ll truly love, but they’ll also love the fact that Fido gets an extra milk bone tonight because of their purchase. Many online shoppers are simply thrilled with a purchase, the added benefit of helping an animal only increases those positive endorphins.

2. KôZ

Breaking free from the standard t-shirt or bracelet fundraising tactics, KôZ designs unique and fashionable snapback caps and beanies, with proceeds going towards helping global changes. In addition to donating 10% of proceeds to Friends of Animals, to aid in shelter and rescue efforts, KôZ contributes to eight different charities. Some of these organizations help provide music programs to school children in under developed countries, while others give those children’s parents jobs and food to provide for their families.

While it’s a wonderful thing to help animals and work for conservation efforts, it is a remarkable task KôZ has achieved by helping so many different causes and foundations. If more businesses followed in their footsteps, the world would quickly become a more beautiful, loving place.

1. Fetch Eyewear

Look for a stylish new pair of glasses, but also want to help animal rescues? Fetch Eyewear has combined something that is a necessity for many of us, fashionable eyewear, with something many of us would love to do: donate to animal shelters. These sophisticated frames come in an array of shapes, colors, and sizes, with styles available for men and women. While most conservation businesses donate 10% of their proceeds to wildlife, Fetch Eyewear donates 100% of proceeds to the Pixie Project, an organization working to support shelters and facilitate adoptions. This spectacular foundation works with animal shelters across the United States to find dogs and cats forever homes, with humans who will love and take care of them the way every living creature deserves.