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20 Celebs Who Were Having Bad Hair Days

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20 Celebs Who Were Having Bad Hair Days

Taming a wild head of hair is a daily chore many of us are all-too-familiar with. While we’re used to seeing celebrities looking their fiercest at all times, they, too, struggle with a bad hair day every now and then. Luckily, for most of us, there aren’t paparazzi waiting on the street to capture our every blemish and blooper. Also, lucky for us, the paparazzi do follow celebs everywhere, and the proof of their disheveled locks gives hope to civilians suffering from a bad hair day.

It would be easy to look magnificent all the time, like celebrities do, with a team of makeup artists and hair stylists, trained to deliver a picture-perfect appearance. Yet, take away the styling help, and many A-list stars are left looking far from red-carpet ready. Even with a glam squad, sometimes celebrities just have an off-day, and are left with a constant reminder, as their latest photos are released through the media. These 20 celebs surely wish their bad hair hadn’t been caught on camera.

20. Don’s toupée blows away

Poor Donald Trump. His hair has become the brunt of so many, many jokes and memes. Fortunately, he makes it hard for anyone to feel sympathy for him. We should be thankful to live in a time where a man’s unkempt hair has more social media followers than some political candidates.

His hair has become so iconic, in fact, that there’s even been dogs and cats photoshopped with his mane on top of their heads. The results, as you can imagine, are beyond hilarious for us and cringe-worthy for him.

19. Cruela De Cheetah?

Nicki Minaj is a known trendsetter in the world of fashion, creating her own clothing line and collaborating with some high-end cosmetic companies. This hair, however, is far from fashionable. Some might even say it’s downright scary. The bleached-white poof, with a black stripe, paired with the cheetah pattern that is painted onto her head, is just way too much for anyone. Even for this rapper who is known for her bright pink wigs and other funky hairstyles that are downright weird.

Recently, Ms. Minaj starred in Barbershop: The Next Cut; maybe some of her co-stars can supply a few pointers.

18. Home job

When Miley Cyrus decided she was done being known as the Disney pop princess, Hannah Montana, she shocked loyal fans by chopping off her signature, lengthy, brown hair, and began rocking a much shorter, much choppier bob-type hairstyle. The new, edgy appearance sparked her controversial transformation into the strange sex symbol she has become.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been years since that infamous cut and yet, her hair is still so short. We don’t know about you, but we miss that old mane of hers. Or maybe we just miss the innocent Miley Cyrus she used to be. Perhaps she can throw on that Hannah Montana wig and all her crazy shenanigans from the past few years will be forgotten?

17. Weave issues

Extensions are supposed to provide seamless length to any hair type. Unfortunately, if not attached or cared for properly, the strands can start to become noticeable and leave a very unflattering look. Clearly, Britney Spears didn’t check the mirror before heading out the door with this sloppy bun.

This isn’t the first time Britney Spears has been photographed with her hair looking less-than-perfect. There’s been plenty of hair extension showings and who could forget the bald head that shocked the world, circa 2007…

16. Not the right knot

This new half up, top-knot style has been popping up everywhere lately. Why? A protruding bun looks strange placed so highly on the head, when so much hair is left dangling below, and the convenience of having hair up and off the neck is completely lost.

Ariana Grande started the style and since then, it’s been replicated by so many celebs and fashion bloggers. Hate to admit it, but we are so over it. Get a new style!

15. Shore problems

It’s no secret that certain stereotypes are associated with Italians and New Jersey, and the kids from Jersey Shore certainly fulfilled almost every one of them, with DJ Pauly D being no exception. He and the rest of the guys spent hours each evening, primping and prepping their style for the night’s outing.

If only he knew how ridiculous this sky-high do really looked, maybe the wasted time could have been better spent teaching Snooki a vocabulary lesson or taking a girl out to dinner instead of running around calling everyone “grenades.”

14. Poodle power

Jennifer Lopez’s appearance is truly flawless, minus the helmet she’s wearing. The puffed-up, pinned-back style might pass for a high school prom or homecoming dance, but while walking the Oscar red carpet, it’s necessary to step it up just a little bit.

Hopefully she’s learned from her past—this hairstyle must of been sported around the time she married Ben Affleck and starred alongside him in the poorly-rated movie, Gigli. It was a very, very bad time then for J.Lo and her decision-making skills…

13. Men, take notice

Messy buns are never acceptable for a red carpet, ever, even less so when the person is comedian Paul Rudd. This look just does not suit him, whatsoever. And the man bun is a hair trend that needs to end, like five years ago, and be buried alongside the memory of giant scrunchies and greased-back ponytails.

But alas, men (namely hipsters) are still donning the look, making people everywhere roll their eyes and long for a time when the worst thing about men’s hairstyles were mullets and rat tails.

12. Half there

Rihanna often goes out of her way to create unique and shocking hairstyles, but this half-shaved hangover is a total miss. With long bangs and uneven pieces, this cut is a complete disaster and should not be misconstrued as a fashion statement.

But yet, Rihanna being Rihanna just has a way of pulling off the craziest beauty and fashion trends like no one else can. I mean, who else could show up on the red carpet wearing a transparent dress that showed off all the goods and yet, still look absolutely fabulous like it was no one else’s business? No one, that’s who. So because of that, we’ll let this weird half-cut slide.

11. Keep that genie in her bottle

Everything about this look is completely wrong, starting with that giant head of frizz. Obviously, this is an extra-fluffy hairpiece that never should have been allowed near Christina Aguilera, but why is her natural hair twisted into those painful-looking, scalp-pulling, zigzagging braids? The world may never know.

We bet this photograph, along with the one of her spray tan dripping down her legs mid-concert, making it look like she peed herself, is part of the collection of embarrassing photos she made her agent burn a long time ago.

10. Even he knew

During the filming of Victor Frankenstein, Daniel Radcliffe was forced to grow his hair out for the part of Igor, who is the main character in this version of the story. Radcliffe certainly doesn’t look too pleased about having the luscious locks, and neither are we. Bring back the classic Harry Potter cut, and everything will be just fine.

His face just shows it all, though. He is literally mid-cringe, the sheer embarassment only deepening as he realizes there are cameras capturing this unflattering style. Maybe he should consider wearing the same outfit every single day like he did before while working on a play to fend off paparazzi?

9. Oily messy

If done correctly, slicked-back hair can work for some people. Unfortunately for Jennifer Lawrence, she’s not one of them. The amount of product needed to maintain this sleek look can easily leave hair looking greasy and dirty, especially for those of us with thin hair. It’s better to choose a different style, rather than risk a major hair malfunction.

At the very least, she should take a page out of our Lazy Girl’s Guide to Beauty book and spray some dry shampoo on that sucker. That should enhance the look a bit, making her day-five-of-not-shampooing look appear more like at least three days, tops.

8. Doubt the hair

Gwen Stefani hasn’t always been the beautiful, elegant woman she is today. In the early days of No Doubt, pink hair and chip-chopped bangs were a real style combination Stefani tried out. Definitely not a winning combination, but we’re sure glad for the memories.

These are probably the photos Gwen Stefani has her team scour the internet for, their mission simple: destroy them all! That way, her new beau, Blake Shelton, will never get to feast his eyes on the embarrassment that was Gwen Stefani’s hair, circa ’90s.

7. Rubber band man

He has never disappointed when it comes to shocking audiences, so a strange hairstyle for Tommy Lee might not seem so strange considering his personality. However, this twisted up, multi-colored rubber band mess is beyond bad, and should never have been allowed to see the light of day.

This is especially the case as these bright-colored hair ties are often used by little girls to hold up their cute pigtails. In no way on the packaging did it say that it should be used by some fifty-something male rocker.

6. Even queens make mistakes

In 2000, people were adapting to the new millennium and by that, we mean still reeling from the fact Y2K was a fluke. However, no amount of joyful hysteria can excuse away this ridiculous side-pony someone let Mariah Carey wear. At 30-years-old, Carey should have never let this happen. Because she is such an iconic superstar, it’s safe to say this hairstyle, much like Y2K, was a joke.

5. Bey hive, beware

Beyoncé can do no wrong. She is flawless and fierce in every single thing she does–except this horrible hairstyle. Perhaps the lack of her signature bouncing, voluminous curls is due to the hat she was clearly wearing, based on the more than noticeable impression left behind.

She certainly ain’t no “Becky with the good hair” here. But luckily for her, she has since made up for this less-than-perfect hairstyle simply by living and breathing perfection on a daily basis.

4. Bad braids

This woman has the last word in everything trendy, so it might come as a surprise to find out Kim K., herself, suffered a bad hair day after incorporating these braids into her look. While some women look flawless with a head full of braided hair, Kardashian is not one of them, and should never choose this hairstyle again.

We suppose she can put this look right up there with the couch-looking floral dress she wore to the 2013 Met Gala and the “fashion” pieces husband Kayne makes her wear to promote his clothing lines.

3. Mullet mania

Kristen Stewart has become known for her grungy, scruffy appearance, but this mullet is officially taking the Joe Dirt theme a little too far. Since the ending of the Twilight Saga films, Stewart has become semi-private, only making the occasional red carpet or premiere. It’s safe to say very few are looking to her for fashion statements, anyway.

The sad thing about this look is she had chopped her hair to this unflattering style to channel rocker Joan Jett in the movie, The Runaways. But even after filming, she still sported the odd style. Why?!?!

2. Stunning mess

For a night spent at home lounging in sweatpants and a t-shirt, this style is fine, but an unkempt bun should never grace the head of a gorgeous Hollywood starlet like Kaley Cuoco on a red carpet. The white elastic tie is extremely visible, and reflects the idea that maybe Cuoco didn’t allow enough time to prepare for the festivities.

We’re all for that Drake-inspired ‘sweatpants, hair-tied, chilling with no makeup’ look, but as a Hollywood celeb, this is taking those lyrics a little too far…

1. Ghostly gross

Lady Gaga lives to shock and awe her fans, so it’s no surprise that her bad hair days are usually done on purpose. This ridiculous version of what Albert Einstein might have looked like without a haircut is not fashion or trendy, but rather unappealing and frightening. It’s okay to use fashion as a means of expressing creativity and individuality, but this is not doing either; it’s merely a ploy to encourage truly unique individuals to purchase Gaga’s music.