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Do You Know All The Different Springfield Residents?


The longest running American sitcom ever, The Simpsons has become a pop culture phenomenon. Over the past twenty-seven years the show has won thirty-two Emmy Awards and was the first animated series to win a Peabody Award. As we’re coming towards the end of it’s twenty-eighth season, we don’t have to worry about saying goodbye to America’s favorite family any time soon; Fox has renewed the series for it’s twenty-ninth and thirtieth seasons, making television history.

It’s not just the wacky antics that we love to watch, but it’s also the poignant tales about the nature of family, politics, or organized religion that keep us coming back to visit. We tend to find a lot of wisdom in the little town/city of Springfield.

For over two decades, Springfield’s location has deliberately been impossible to determine. One of the most common names for an American city, Springfield can literally be, “anytown, USA,” and that’s exactly how Matt Groening wanted us to feel when he created the series. It wasn’t until recently that Groening informed fans he named the town after Springfield, Oregon.

Groening’s Springfield seems like a lovely place to live; everyone knows everyone, and the skies are usually sunny and blue. Just like any town, they have the neighborhood alcoholic at the bar, or the stoner who is in charge of transporting children, and a completely corrupt police department and government, but that can happen anywhere. However, they do have a lot of pollution and they tend to deal with a lot of natural disasters.

Anyway, Springfield has something for everyone; so come grab a coffee in Little Seattle, maybe take a stroll in the artsy borough of Sprooklyn, or window shop in the wealthy Waverly Hills, and end the night at a gay bar for a great cocktail in the Flammable District. Would you recognize all the friendly faces along the way?

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