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How Well Do You Know The Marvel Superheroes?


Thanks to the brilliant mind of Stan Lee and his collaborators, the Marvel Universe is filled with awesome heroes, many of which we admire and look up to. Some of them have superpowers and others rely on their human capabilities. In each case, the struggle to be good and live up to the title of a hero is no joke. Many are thrust into difficult situations that make them stronger (most of the time).

In their adventures, these heroes may have started off on their own before finding and joining other heroes. They form groups to fight evil foes, each one with their own set of challenges for the heroes to overcome. Some villains require our heroes to seek help, some even cause damage on our beloved characters. In many cases, the good wins the day. On several occasions, the good guys suffer and get beaten, and there have been losses and tragedies.

We often find ourselves relating and connecting to these superheroes, but how well do we actually know them? With so many heroes in the Marvel universe, do you think you’ll remember just who they truly are and where they have come from? Let us see how you will fare in this test. Let the challenge commence!

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