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How Well Do You Know The Teachers At Hogwarts?


Class is now in session and, for your sake, we hope you spent a lot of time studying! This isn’t an easy quiz about learning different spells, your classmates or your studies. This quiz is about your teachers! You’ve been reading the books since you were a kid, often when you should have been doing your homework (thanks for the reminder, again, Mom), but we hope that you’re ready for this. How could you not be? You’ve spent your summers learning about the glorious witches and wizards that you have the privilege learning from, but if you’re anything like Ron and Harry, we doubt you even know their first names (let alone where their classrooms are).

On the other hand, if you’re more like Hermione, then there’s no doubt in our mind that you’ll get at least a 90 on this quiz. That’s right, we said 90. There’s literally no way you’ll be able to get a 100 on this one, but if you do, we’ll award you the house cup. Good luck, fellow students.

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