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Only A Real True Crime Fan Can Get 20/25 On This Quiz


True crime buffs are the people who start talking about murders and infamous criminals at parties. People often inch away from us because we’d prefer to talk about our theories of a case than pretend to enjoy small talk. True crime aficionados have already seen all the Netflix crime documentaries, they don’t need you to recommend any. And yes, once in a while they enjoy watching fictional crime shows and point out all the times the writers have ripped stories from the headlines.

Do you think you have what it takes to prove you’re a real true crime fan? You’ll need to know about old cases, modern day crimes and cold cases that still aren’t solved. You’ll need to recognize some infamous murderers too. Can you put a name to that creepy face? Let’s hope so.

Don’t worry, this won’t be impossible. If you’re a real true crime geek, you’ll breeze through this quiz. If you can get 20/25 you’ll be able to brag to all the other crime nuts that you’re basically a homicide detective now. Of course, you could solve a crime within 48 hours! You’ve watched enough reality crime TV and listened to enough true crime podcasts to know what not to do. Heck, you could even be a lawyer! You know enough about basic criminal law to scrape by in a trial. Modus Operandi? Heck yeah you know what that means!

Share your results with your fellow true crime buds and see who comes out on top! Good luck!

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