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Whisper Confessions: 15 Of The Creepiest Dates People Have Ever Been On

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Sometimes looking for love can put people in strange situations; you never really know the person you’re going on a date with.Thanks to the wonderful developers over at Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and the rest of the online dating apps and sites, getting a date has never been easier. However, while getting a date has become easier, this means that your odds of experiencing pure creepiness while out on a date increases twofold. Whether it involves comments about your skin, thoughts about your future children, or comparing your date to your sister – certain creepy moments are just to crazy to be believed. Thankfully, the users of the Whisper app helped reveal just how creepy some people can really be on dates. Here are 15 confessions of the creepiest moments people experienced.

15. Never Been To My House

To creep or not to creep? That is the question. It’s perfectly normal to want to look up the Facebook or Instagram of the person you’re going on a date with. However, it’s not normal to look them up (like their address) in person. According to Whisper, this woman confessed that her date said that he liked the flowers on her windowsill. The only problem was that the guy had never been to her house before! Well, at least with her. There is no way this woman’s date would know anything about the flowers on her windowsill just from looking at her Facebook pictures. This means that the guy went out of his way to follow this girl home before he had ever gone out with her. Its one thing to social media stalk someone to get some information on them, but it’s a whole other thing to stalk them in real life.

14. Skin Fetish

There probably isn’t anything creepier someone can do than to draw comparison to one of the bad guys from The Silence of the Lambs. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to this next girl. This girl confessed on Whisper that her date kept complimenting her skin. He interrupted her over four times throughout the date just to tell her that she had great skin. I mean, it sounds like a compliment but the girl even said that she felt like she was on a date with Buffalo Bill. That’s not surprising, considering that Buffalo Bill carefully picks his victims based on their skin type so he can skin them in order to make a “woman suit” of real skin. Here’s a tip for all the guys out there. Compliment a woman on her complexion, not her skin. Or compliment her skin, but don’t interrupt her every five minutes to tell her. Just thinking about this girl’s date is making our skin crawl. No pun intended.

13. Future Children

One of the biggest rules when it comes to dating is that you never talk about politics or religion on the first date. What this next guy said to his date should be also be a rule, unfortunately no one ever thought to make it a rule because no one would ever think to actually say something so creepy. According to our next girl, she confessed that her date touched her stomach and said, “the place of my children.” Not surprisingly, there was no second date. How could this person think it would be a good idea to say this? It was only their first date! Also, as creepy as it is to refer to your date’s stomach as “the place of my children,” it’s far worse to touch a girl’s stomach, especially one you barely know.

12. Taken

We’re not really sure what this next girl’s date was thinking when he said something that was equal parts creepy and terrifying. According to Whisper, this next girl confessed that while on a date, her date said, “oh no, we are walking down a dark street… What if I kidnap you forever?” Could this guy be any creepier? Seriously, what did he think was going to happen? Did he think that the idea of being kidnapped on a dark street would turn her on or something? Maybe the guy should have tried asking, “what if I was to murder you?” You never know, maybe she might have liked that line instead (NOT). I mean come on, who doesn’t love a good murder/kidnapping threat. What we do know is there isn’t a faster way to end a date than to imply you want to kidnap the person you’re going out with.

11. You Remind Me Of My Sister

Just when we think a date couldn’t get any creepier, we are proven wrong. In this next confession, a girl wrote on Whisper that her date told her that she reminded him of his sister. If that wasn’t creepy enough, this happened after he kissed her goodnight. Yes, you read that correctly. This guy told his date that she reminded him of his sister after he had kissed her goodnight. We want to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe the guy meant that she looks like his sister or acts like his sister, but the fact that he waited until he kissed her to bring up the comparison, there’s no way to defend this. Look on the bright side, if things don’t work out with this girl there is always his sister.

10. You’ll See…

There aren’t many things creepier then being on the receiving end of a sinister smile with no context behind it. Don’t believe us? Just ask our next victim. According to Whisper, this guy confessed that while on a date, his date kept looking at her watch and saying, “three hours until it’s time…” and then she would proceed to give him a sinister smile. As the time ticked down, the guy asked, “Time for what?” The date simply replied, “You’ll see…” They guy ended up running out of there at five minutes left on the countdown, and we don’t blame him! That is just so creepy. Why couldn’t she just say what it was going to be time for? The guy absolutely did the right thing by leaving. However, as much as we commend him for getting the hell out of there, we can’t help but wish he would have stayed that extra five minutes just to find out what she had in store for him.

9. Choke

Who says chivalry is dead? This next guy was such a gentleman (and not at all creepy…) when he asked his date  on their second date (in public), if she likes to be choked during sex. Sorry, did we say he was a gentleman and not at all creepy? We actually meant to say that he was creepy, un-gentleman-like, and disgusting. We can’t even begin to analyze this guy and why he would think it would be ok to ask a girl this in public when they barely know one another. He clearly has one thing on his mind and I hope this girl didn’t find out. What ever happened to asking someone what their hobbies are or what their family is like? And not asking if someone likes to be choked during sex. Figure it out.

8. Aliens Exist

There is no better way to win a girls heart than by talking about the “signals” aliens are giving you during your date. We’re kidding of course. However, one of the worst things that can happen on a date is when everything is going so well. You’re kind of just waiting for something to go wrong or for a secret to pop up. And then – it happens. They drop the bomb at the end of the date that aliens were giving him signals about her true alien name and identity. Why did this date have to get so creepy on her? Everything was going well; he was good looking and normal. Next thing you know, aliens were telling him her alien name and true alien identity. The only way this story can get any creepier is if they both lived in Roswell, New Mexico.

7. Norman Bates

This next girl confessed on Whisper that during the date, her date told her that his mother would sit in the bathroom while he was in the bath and chat. Also, the guy was 24 years old! How did this even come up in conversation? Were they talking about bathroom habits or something of that nature? We have to hope that he at least takes bubble baths when this occurs, otherwise there will be nothing in the bath water to cover his private area up while his mom sits there and talks to him. This isn’t to say that we don’t think he should be doing this at all, we’re just saying that since he is already doing it, we at least hope something is covering his naked body in front of his mother. Also, we think we just threw up on our mouths and he probably shouldn’t tell people this.

6. Cut To The Chase

Normally, someone who was cutting their fingernails on a date would be creepy enough. But not for this next guy. He had to up the creepiness factor by smiling as he cut his fingernails and saying “I’m getting ready for later.” We can’t help but wonder where these two were when this guy was cutting his fingernails on the date. Were they in a restaurant? Were they in a bar? Actually, it doesn’t even matter where he was doing it because there is no good answer for this level of creepiness. Let’s not forget the “I’m getting ready for later” part. Did he just assume that they were going to have sex that night? Also, if he was planning on having sex with the girl, why didn’t he at least cut his fingernails before the date?

5. Puppet Master

If you happen to find yourself on a date with a beautiful girl, just keep your hands quiet. It’s your safest bet to stop yourself from doing anything creepy. Unfortunately, no one told this next girl’s date this useful piece of information. This girl confessed on Whisper that while on a date, her date started talking through his hand like a puppet. We’re not really sure if it would be creepier or less creepy if he had brought along and used an actual ventriloquist dummy, instead of talking through his hand. Because if he had an actual ventriloquist dummy, while still creepy, it would at least justify and make sense for him to be talking through another object. However, since he is talking through his hand, then he isn’t a ventriloquist and he just likes talking to women through his hand while out on dates, which is about a million times creepier and just weird.

4. Always Strapped

There is never a good excuse to bring weapons on a date. NEVER! According to Whisper, this next girl confessed that her date told her that he’s always strapped and then proceeded to whip out a knife while he was driving! Not to be a stickler for details, but if you’re strapped, that means you have a gun on you, not a knife. Also, why does he feel the need to have to always carry a knife on him? What does this guy do for a living? The real creepy part of all this was that he whipped the knife out while driving. If the guy just said he was carrying it, while it is still weird, it would not have been as bad. But the fact that he pulled it out to show her while he was driving, it makes her think that her life might be in danger. And if he’s holding a knife at her while he’s driving, it’s not as if she can just hop out of the car and run away.

3. Photos For The Grandchildren

This next girl confessed that her date’s jeans completely covered his shoes. Then he paid for a photo of the two of them and said it was “for our grandchildren”. If that wasn’t creepy enough, the guy told her the movie started three hours earlier than it actually did. Lastly, he kissed her on the nose. There was so much creepiness in this one date that this girl deserves some sort of medal for making it through to the end. First off, the guy’s jeans completely covered his shoes. Was he wearing JNCO jeans? Second, he paid for a photo of them saying its was “for our grandchildren”. Why wouldn’t it just be for their kids? Not that “being for their kids” wouldn’t be creepy, were just wondering why it was for their grandchildren. Third, how do you get the movie time wrong by three hours? It seems like it must have been deliberate. Lastly, he kissed her on the nose. Why not the lips? We have no idea. Luckily, it was just on the nose for her though.

2. My New Girlfriend

What do you call the girl that you’re out on a first date with? A)Her name or B)My new girlfriend? If you answered A, congratulations, you are not creepy. According to Whisper, this girl confessed that her date called her his “new girlfriend” five minutes into the first date. We’ll have to confirm it with Guinness, but that may be a new record for the shortest time it took call someone their new girlfriend. That is just such a creepy thing to do. It would have actually been less creepy if he were to have called her his new “victim” minutes into the first date instead. We’re surprised the guy didn’t stop the date so that he could go on Facebook and change his relationship status. But, then again, who knows? Maybe he did.

1. Hey Mom and Dad!

It’s awkward enough having to meet your girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents for the first time. It’s even more awkward and creepy meeting their parents WHILE on the first date. And that is just what happened to our next guy. He confessed on Whisper that he took his date to a restaurant on their first date. They show up to the restaurant, they sit down, and two minutes later, her parents show up and sit down. There’s no way that this was all just a coincidence that her parents happen to show up at the same restaurant that they went to. We can help but wonder if the girl does this on every first date. This is just so creepy. Why wouldn’t she at least give him a heads up? What kind of guy would even be ok with this and then agree to a second date?

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