10 Adorable Reasons Why a Pygmy Goat Should Be Your Next Pet

Miniature Goat in Green Grass

Are you or your family looking for a new pet? Have you already gone through the more traditional options? What about a dog? We already have two! What about a cat? I’m allergic! What about a fish? Not enough action. Fortunately, pet parenthood is not limited to the above.

Have you ever considered what it would be like to have a tiny adorable goat running around your home? Yes, believe it or not, there are such things as pygmy goats. These tiny goats make fantastic pets. Read on to find out why you should consider these adorable creatures next time you are getting pet fever!

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10 Pygmy Goats Play Well With Others

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You can add your goat to just about any mix: children, dogs, chickens, and pigs – they get along with just about anything or anyone. These friendly little animals are a great addition to just about any family.

9 You Can Dress Them Up in Cute Sweaters

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Your little goat pal can get chilly at night and in cold weather, so, head to the store and buy a goat-sized sweater. If you’re crafty break out those knitting needles and make one! Of course, dressing your goat isn’t limited to sweaters alone – maybe yours is better suited for a Hawaiian shirt?

8 You Won’t Have to Mow the Lawn

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Goats love to eat, so they can be a big help in keeping your yard trimmed. Just don’t leave them alone without supervision for too long – you may come out to a big patch of dirt where your yard once was!

7 They Can Carry a Tune

Goats can make a wide variety of funny noises – anyone who has ever watched a YouTube video of goats screaming knows this. When it comes to adorable, this little fella takes the cake. Click on the video above to watch him sing his tune!

6 They Enjoy Taking Naps

Baby Goat Sleeping

Most people love to nap – and, no surprise, goats do too. The only thing that would make your afternoon nap better? A sweet little goat partner to curl up with, of course!

5 They Love to Play

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Goats are naturally playful and love to climb and explore just about anything within their reach. They enjoy frolicking on playgrounds and have even been known to jump on a trampoline! A pygmy goat on a trampoline – are you sold yet?

4 They Make Excellent Cuddle Buddies

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Bad day at work? Not feeling well? Goats are sweet and affectionate creatures who love to cuddle. It’s safe to say, the world would be a much happier place if everyone had a pygmy goat to cheer them up.

3 They Are Curious And Hilariously Mischievous


Goats are curious creatures and will keep you entertained with all the cute and silly situations they get themselves into! With that said, be sure not to let your furry friend out of your sight for too long – or the next time you go to put on your boots, you may find your fur baby has taken up residence.

2 You Can Train Them


You can train your goat to walk alongside you on a leash – just like you would train a dog. If you are feeling like taking training a step further, you can even teach your new pet to do tricks or even run obstacle courses!

1 Last But Not Least: They Are Absolutely Adorable

Little Girl Goat with Bow

And this picture of course is pretty self explanatory!

It’s easy to see why having a pygmy goat as your next pet would be amazing. If you are interested in finding out more about these critters and what it means to actually have one as a pet, click here.

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