10 Animals That Have Figured Out The Public Transportation System

Man oh man, the lines between person and animal are starting to blur, people. With humans encroaching on the territories of their winged and four-legged friends, it seems that there is minimal difference these days between what is a person's space and which spaces belong to our furry and feathered friends - and it's not just people getting into animal spaces!

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These ten animals are done with traditional methods of gettings around town. Flying is for the birds it seems. They are all about the planes, subways, and busses. Next time you hop onto the subway, you might end up asking a pigeon to scoot over.

10. Sky Rats Become Subway Rats

While New York citizens are completely accustomed to seeing pigeons soar across the open skies, they aren't always prepared to see them traveling underneath the ground. This city pigeon is done navigating the New York skyline. He has figured out that by riding the subway, he can rest his tired wings, warm up and steer clear of the elements, all while grabbing a floor snack while he moves from point A to point B. We knew that pigeons were intelligent birds, but learning to ride the public transport system? Well, we had no idea that they were THIS brilliant.

9. Snakes On A Plane

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Some unfortunate passengers on a favorite Mexican airline found themselves face to face with a reptile who also wanted to fly the friendly skies in style. Imagine opening your luggage compartment to grab your headphones and having this giant snake tumble out into your lap — all the nopes here, people. Thankfully for the people on this particular flight, airline workers secured the snake, and the pilots were given priority landing privileges. Snakes riding on planes is a terrifying film for a reason — snakes like this need to stay on the jungle floor.

8. Bus Riding Pup

Meet Eclipse the bus loving canine. Every day this sweet-natured lab gets up and leaves her home for the bus stop. She then takes the public bus all the way downtown to the local dog park where she spends the day. Eclipse even has a bus pass attached to her collar. Her owner often meets her at the park for some quality time. I'm seriously considering moving to Seattle just so that I can ride the bus next to her. This good girl is basically raising herself. If only my kids could learn to do this, I would have it made.

7. Um, You Don't Fit

Unsuspecting folks riding the bus in Kataragama, Sri Lanka almost had to make serious room for an elephant that wanted in on the action. A dog on a bus is one thing, but an elephant trying to squeeze through a vehicle window is on a whole other level. It turns out this fellow was not about to let the bus move along until he got a bunch of bananas. The passengers released the fruit, and the elephant seemed okay taking off with his prize. Thank goodness the bananas were in the front of the bus and not in the back though!

6. Cutest Airplane Passengers Ever

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These Aussie animals found themselves suddenly living the high life, quite literally, when they took to Qantas Airways, embarking on a flight from their native Australia to Singapore. Four koala bears, named Paddle, Pellita, Chan, and Idalia were sent to Singapore to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the nation's independence. (I wish someone would send me a baby Koala bear as a gift.) These spoiled creatures were served eucalyptus and other refreshments before returning to their specialty climate controlled containers for the long haul. First class all the way baby!

5. That's One Tired Coyote

Back in 2002, a rogue coyote found his way onto the MAX Light Rail at Portland International Airport. After passengers witnessed the wild animal wandering around the airport runways, he eventually boarded a bus headed towards the city center. Witnesses described the animal as pretty calm and relaxed. I get it. After roaming the earth for the last few years, a bus ride has to feel pretty darn good on your legs. It seems a wild concept to think about spotting a coyote on public transportation while moving around the city, but considering how humans continue to encroach on animal territory, it isn't all that surprising that territorial lines become crossed.

4. Dodger Loves The City Life

Dodger here is a cat who isn't all that into sitting in window sills and sleeping the day away. He would much rather take to the streets and see all that there is too see outside of the four walls of his home. The 15-year-old cat so often rides the local bus that the drivers occasionally bring small tins of food for him. He makes himself right at home by sitting on passengers laps as the bus moves through the city. After his little trip, the drivers know exactly where to deposit Dodger so that he can find his way home.

3. First Class Swine

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Virgin Islands resident, Megan Peabody, brought an unusual companion on her 2016 American Airlines flight. This here is Hamlet, Peabody's devoted and loving support pig. Yes, we said support pig, not dog. Dogs aren't the only furry friends who lend a helping paw to their humans and Hamlet is a perfect example of this. The faithful piggy accompanies her owner most everywhere she goes due to her high levels of anxiety. He provides her a nice distraction from her negative emotions and thoughts and likely brings plenty of entertainment to other travelers.

2. Mary Had A Little... Goat?

We have heard of Mary and her little lamb who followed her to school one day, but a goat catching the school bus? This must be a first. Little Nanny the Goat used to accompany her BFF Jordan right onto the school bus. The kids got quite a laugh when Nanny would run up and down the aisles looking for an open seat to sit on. The school administration even got a kick out of this school bus loving goat, joking that they should go on ahead and make Nanny an official student in the district through open enrollment.

1. Public Primate

Pedestrians that travel in New Delhi, India might end up sitting next to an unusual passenger when they decide to take the public train around town. In this part of the world, the occasional primate finds its way onto public vehicles more often than you might think. Look at him just sitting there! He might have better travel behavior than about 90% of the children that I know. All is well here, so long as no poo gets flung across the train's cabin. Primates are known for fecal warfare.

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