10 Animals You Didn't Know Could Be Pets

Unique pets seems to popping up all over the place. Many pet lovers are looking for something more exotic than the standard cat, dog or goldfish, instead turning to some cute, cuddly, and downright creepy animals that might be unfamiliar to some.

Gone are the days of wild animals being reserved for the zoo; today’s animal lover is more adventurous than ever, attempting to tame even the craziest critters to keep as pets. Some of the pets making the list might seem strange, while other are so adorable it’s unbearable. Here is a list of ten animals you didn’t know could be pets.

10 Bearded Dragon

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This reptile is making a strong comeback in the pet world due to their low maintenance care and relaxed demeanor. With a lifespan of five to eight years, the Bearded Dragon would make a great pet for busy individuals looking for some companionship in their life.

9 Capybara

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As the largest rodent in the world, the Capybara might turn off some, but this little cutie loves to swim and be social. In the wild, they live in groups of up to 100 and are very friendly, making the Capybara a great addition to any home with dogs or cars. This pet would be best for someone who has time to play, with lots of attention to offer.

8 Sugar Glider

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These nocturnal marsupials are as social as they come and bond very quickly with humans. If considering this pet, it is best to get two, ensuring the Sugar Gliders remain entertained. When deprived of social interaction, these tiny little guys will get so lonely and depressed that they’ll die.

7 Fennec Fox

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Living up to 14 years, the Fennec Fox is a tiny, nocturnal animal that is closely-related to a dog, but with the personality of a cat. These unique animals are the perfect combination of loyal and laid back, making it a great pet for anyone looking for something a little different.

6 Emperor Scorpion

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Looking for something a little more sharp and pointy? Look no further than the Emperor Scorpion. The venomous stinger and claws might deter some, but this creepy crawler is actually known for being very docile. This pet would be best for someone who isn’t looking for a nightly cuddle buddy.

5 Chinchilla

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Silky soft and extra fluffy, Chinchillas can be a great addition to any family. These little guys aren’t much bigger than squirrels, and are most active during dawn and dusk. Known for being clean, quiet and shy, chinchillas would make a great pet for adults and older people looking for a new companion.

4 Skunk

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Don’t worry about this guy stinking up a house, domesticated skunks have their foul-smelling scent glands removed just four weeks after birth. They are also very smart and known for having unique, individual personalities. Skunks love attention and being cuddled; the more they’re played with while young, the more friendly they become as adults. Ensure extra playtime if considering this pet.

3 Teacup Pig

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Teacup Pigs can be great pets for so many reasons. They are super intelligent, hypoallergenic, can be litter box trained, and keep themselves very clean. Fully grown, these guys can weigh between 75 and 150 pounds, the size of a large dog, but are much smaller than the common 700-pound farm pig.

2 Otter

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Much like a ferret, otters are high energy and love to be active. They need to swim and have access to a body of water - an important point to consider before purchasing one. Otters also eat fish and oysters, which can get pretty expensive. When deciding on an otter as a pet, be sure the proper care and attention is readily available.

1 Kinkajou

Related to the raccoon, kinkajous are as fun as they are cute, and can live for upwards of 30 years! When they’re not being over-the-top playful and affectionate, they like things calm and quiet. Sudden movement, loud noises, or forcing them awake can lead to aggression. Kinkajous will let out a high-pitched scream when agitated, and have been known to claw and bite. This pet would best be kept in a relaxing, child-free home.

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