20 Little Revealing Facts About Adele's Private Life

Adele's break-up ballads are like a warm hug for those who are going through the break-up blues; they are three and a half minutes of relatable advice from someone who has been through this universally painful transition we've all felt at one point or another.

Sadly, Adele announced her divorce from her longtime beau for nearly a decade, Simon Konecki, and the internet seemed to share a collective gasp. Her relationship with Simon was unique in its incredibly private nature. For someone who is known to never shy away from expressing herself completely and candidly within her songwriting, Adele was rather tight-lipped when it came to discussing her marriage publicly!

The news of Adele and Simon's split can come as a surprise, knowing what we know about their relationship. Adele was so shy about her relationship with Simon, she only let the public into her personal life for the milestones. Understandably Adele is most concerned about the smallest member of the Konecki family's privacy during this monumental transition. Let us send our love to happier times!

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20 Adele Will Be Amicable In The Divorce

via Pure People

Adele's music is known to make her fans grab the tissues, and let's face it, many of her fans were surprised to hear the news of her seemingly sudden divorce from Simon Konecki, as Cosmopolitan reports.

Adele's relationship with Simon is tight enough for their friends to exhale. According to E!, via an article from Elle, Adele and Simon's friends say the pair "plan to keep this amicable. It's highly unlikely this is going to get [mean]."

19 Simon Actually Understood The Spotlight

via People

Having a partner who knows how to make us smile after showing their supportive side is high on our "dream dude" checklist! When guys seem to get us and understand what makes us tick, relationships feel sweet and solid!

Adele and Simon thrived because of Simon's unwavering support of Adele's busy and fast-paced career.

18 Adele And Jennifer Lawrence's Relationship

via Harper's Bazaar

Having a girls' night out with the squad is always a good time, but wrangling the gals together after one member of your squad goes through a break-up is especially healing!

Jennifer Lawrence knows the benefit of having the girls together. Entertainment outlets were especially excited when the actress was spotted hanging out with her pal Adele!

Adele and J-Law have been friends for years, and the pair was spotted dancing the night away in New York back in March, as Us reports.

17 Keeping Things On The DL

via Us Weekly

Growing up and finding ourselves while navigating the world around us is a universal experience, and discovering the person we're meant to be is a vital, and often extremely intricate, stage of our lives! Learning how to feel comfortable in our own skin is a life lesson capable of bringing clarity to ourselves and the world around us, and let's be real, confidence can be quite an admirable trait to the opposite sex!

Adele was attracted to her husband's self-confidence! She revealed to Vanity Fair, via an article in People, "He's confident. He's perfect."

16 The Pair Grew Apart

via Graze Australia

When observing a relationship from the outside, especially if we're sneaking a peek into a celebrity couple's relationship, we're never quite given the completely honest picture.

Whether we're keeping up with a friend's relationship on social media, or we're keeping tabs on our favorite celebs, looks can sometimes be deceiving. Adele and Simon, unfortunately, have experienced an element of relationships that is surprisingly totally normal. The couple "grew apart," according to E!

15 She Didn't Always Wear Her Wedding Ring

via PopSugar

Before Adele publicly announced the end of her marriage, super observant and keen gossip sleuths were on high alert when the songstress stepped out and was photographed without a key accessory on her fourth finger: she had no wedding ring!

As it turns out, the symbol for eternity wasn't to be for Adele and Simon, sadly. According to E!, Adele was spotted going to work at the recording studio without her ring.

14 The Duo Lost Their Romantic Roots

via TheNewsSlate

Sure, romantic relationships are beautiful, but they are grounded in reality. When we choose to be in a serious or long-term relationship, we grow and live our experiences alongside our partner, and no matter how many happy moments we share or positive experiences we have with our partners, sometimes a relationship crumbles as a result of it naturally running its course.

It looks as if Adele and Simon's relationship ran its course.

13 Adele Adored Simon's Daughter

via The Sun

There's no question that Adele's lyrics are extremely empowering to many young women around the globe, but there's one girl who gets Adele's attention beyond private concerts or a pair of headphones: Simon Konecki's daughter!

Simon has a daughter from his previous marriage. According to Nicki Swift, Adele spoke in an interview with Vanity Fair and said that although she wanted to have many kids at one point, she didn't want to be pregnant again after having her son. So, she said of her stepdaughter, "She's my get-out-of-jail-free card."

Imagine the advice Adele would give to Simon's daughter!

12 Humor Is Adele's Medicine

via Instagram

Divorce is heavy for everyone involved, so it's understandable if bringing laughter into the equation takes a bit of time!

It didn't take Adele a very long amount of time after publicly announcing her divorce from Simon Konecki for her to crack a joke about the not-so-funny reality of post-breakup feelings.

11 B-L-O-G Spells Love

via The Economic Times

Back in the day, us celebrity and pop culture consumers had to wait for several hot minutes (actually several extremely long days) to hear the news of our favorite celebs' brand new bundles of joy!

Many times we had to make an actual effort to go out and buy physical copies of our fave gossip mags, but in the days of instantaneous internet goodness we're able to receive up-to-the-minute breaking news tidbits straight from the source: the vivacious typing fingers of our favorite celebrities!

During her marriage, Adele would sometimes take to her personal blog to share news with fans, such as when she informed the world of her pregnancy.

10 Adele Sang Simon's Praises

via Bustle

After Adele fans excitedly absorbed the "Chasing Pavements" singer's baby bliss news, the world wanted more! Baby made three, and the public began to wonder when the couple would be walking down the aisle into wedded bliss!

The news of Adele and Simon's relationship was pretty fresh when she announced her pregnancy, and her marriage announcement was just as mum, but delivered in the most Adele fashion possible: she revealed to her biggest fans she was a Mrs. during one of her concerts!

9 Hello From The Grammy Stage

via Vox

For those who weren't in attendance at Adele's famous Brisbane, Australia gig where she told her fans she was "married now," the news was broken much more publicly and to a wider audience when she received the Grammy award for Album of the Year at the 2017 ceremony!

If any rumors still remained, Adele's acceptance speech for her Grammy put it all to rest. She ended the speech with a shout-out to her "husband and son," as Hollywood Reporter states, addressing them with the sweet message, "You're the only reason I do it."

8 Family Comes First

via Mirror

A family unit can go through a series of twists and turns, but at the core of its existence lies a support system that will always be present no matter what happens! Adele and Simon have adopted this idea of the eternal support system in the wake of their divorce because their blended family still deserves bliss!

When the news of their divorce broke, the public wondered what would happen to their six-year-old son and Simon's daughter from a previous marriage. Fans need not worry. According to People, "Their priority is their son, and Adele loves being a mother..."

7 Simon Loved Adele's Lyrics

via Metro.co.uk

We love the idea of having a partner who is constantly supportive of our art! Having a partner who is encouraging of our day jobs can strengthen our relationship when we come home at the end of the day.

Being a songwriter can present some unique situations, especially if you're penning songs inspired by people from your past. When a new partner comes into the mix, listening to those songs can feel a bit awkward, but there was no awkwardness between Adele and Simon.

6 Time Waits For No One

via Bustle

In the wake of Adele's divorce, she's also had to continue going to work and for this famous balladeer, work involves having to confront some sad feelings while in the recording studio!

Singing her new songs could be healing for Adele. People described Adele's look as being "incognito" while entering the studio, which only enhances the mystery behind Adele's new music and upcoming record. Since the divorce news broke, fans have been ready to start decoding her every move in studio.

5 The Koneckis Were Vacation Pros

via Instagram

Going on vacation and having fun can spice up any relationship regardless of your level of fame. When you're an extremely famous celebrity, finding time to enjoy yourself and kick back can be few and far between! When Adele and Simon were married, the couple seized the opportunity to go on vacation and enjoy each other's company every time the opportunity presented itself!

On a melancholy note, one of the couple's last outings together was an Elton John concert. People added the show was "the last time the couple was photographed together."

4 Fans Are Sad About Her Divorce

via Instagram

Almost immediately after the news of Adele and Simon's divorce broke, her devoted fans seemingly began to chatter on the internet about the content of her upcoming album! Not that the public didn't sympathize with Adele's big change, but the idea of brand-new Adele music for us all to belt into our hairbrushes or to turn to when we need some comfort sounds so desirable!

Cosmopolitan gave us a taste of social media commentary by reporting on fans who have been rapidly attempting to decode the material within Adele's upcoming lyrics - and they've been doing this for such a long time already, unable to wait for her new music to be released.

3 Simon's A Fan Of Grand Gestures

via FarmWeek

Grand romantic gestures seem to live in the corner of our brains which are occupied by the memory of many romantic comedies we've consumed over the years. Witnessing a grand romantic gesture in real life is so swoon-worthy, with the power to ignite the belief grand romantic love still exists! Never mind, we'll find someone like Simon Konecki!

2 Adele's Letting Go Of Her Ghosts

via Times Now

Adele is on the mend after the divorce from Simon. Pop Crush hinted at the idea she's in the process of meeting someone new, and according to PageSix, the singer was "spotted locking lips with a mystery man." Whether the romance blossoms or if it slows down, seeing evidence of the healing process is always goal-worthy!

The article went on to stress Adele "is by no means looking for anything serious" right now.

1 They Kept Their Wedding On The DL

via Perez Hilton

Considering Adele's history of romantic lyrics and how happy she and Simon seemed to be in pictures together, wouldn't it have been great to have seen beautiful and glossy photo spreads of their wedding?

Unfortunately, uncovering Adele and Simon's wedding photos would be merely a fantasy. Considering how notoriously private the couple kept their relationship, it makes sense the Koneckis would choose not to broadcast mementos from their big day.

Adele and Simon tied the knot at the end of 2016, and the public only caught wind when the pair were photographed wearing wedding bands, which is such a big display of how private they were.

Sources: Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Elle, People, Us, E! News

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