Heidi Klum & 9 Other Celebs Whose Costumes Killed It This Halloween

Bring out the Christmas decorations because Halloween is officially over! We spent the entire month of October planning a costume, shopping for candy, and watching all the new horror movies and TV shows on Netflix. Of course we're talking about The Haunting Of Hill House.

Now that Halloween has come and gone, we're left with the memories, photographs, empty candy wrappers... and one question on our minds: who had the best costume of 2018? Who stole the show this year? If there's one thing we can always count on, it's celebrities going all out with hair, makeup, and special effects. We'll let you decide who should be crowned the king or queen of Halloween!

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10 Heidi Klum As Princess Fiona

Bow down to the Halloween queen -- none other than Heidi Klum! In the past, she's fully transformed her face and body to become Jessica Rabbit, the werewolf from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" music video, and an elderly woman walking with a cane. Clearly, she goes all out and did not disappoint this year either. She dressed up as Princess Fiona with boyfriend Tom Kaulitz playing the role of Shrek. The German supermodel even shared a behind-the-scenes video on social media showing just how long it took them to get ready. Their makeup and special effects crew looked to be over 100 people!

9 Kendall Jenner As A Fembot

Kendall Jenner certainly has an eye for detail and throwback costumes. For the 2018 Casamigos Halloween bash at Catch Las Vegas, the model embodied one of the fembots from the Austin Powers trilogy. A fembot is essentially a female robot design to kill with her good looks and "boob guns." Kendall nailed the costume to a 'T' with her sky-high blonde wig, a pink see-through slip dress with fuzzy decorations, and matching slip-on shoes. She posted pictures to Instagram with the captions, "Do I make you randy?" and "Shall we shag now or shag later?" Classic lines from Mr. Powers.

8 Rita Ora As Post Malone

While some women choose to highlight their feminine features on Halloween, Rita Ora went in the opposite direction. No, literally. She dressed up as a man. Rapper Post Malone, to be exact. The British singer went all out with fake tattoos on her face, a wig, facial hair, a gold grill, a denim vest, and a flannel shirt underneath. She looked pretty unrecognizable, to be honest. Rita posed on the red carpet of a Halloween bash holding a cigarette and Bud Light beer bottle. Reports say a half-drunk beer bottle is Malone's favorite accessory to carry around events. Safe to say Rita did her research!

7 Joe Jonas As Sansa Stark

Rita Ora wasn't the only celebrity who gender-swapped for Halloween. If Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner aren't couple goals right now, then we're at a loss for words. Although the engaged cuties didn't match, Joe paid tribute to Sophie's character on Game Of Thrones, Sansa Stark. Sophie kept it comfy and casual in an elephant suit. Joe may not have been as pretty as the real Sansa, but we give him major points for rocking fake boobs, a red wig, and a blue robe with gold accents. Winterfell is lucky to have him. Ugh, now we're craving the next season of Game Of Thrones more than ever!

6 Kylie Jenner As A Storm

2018 was Kylie Jenner's first Halloween as a mom. Last year, when the pregnant reality star was in hiding, she didn't get a big enough chance to rock a Halloween costume. Some photos of her dressed as an angel emerged online, but that's nothing compared to what she did this year. Kylie rocked not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE different costumes: a butterfly, a skeleton, a Fanta girl, a Victoria's Secret Angel, and a storm. We think her storm outfit was the clear winner as it alluded to her daughter's name, Stormi. As for Stormi's costume, she was the cutest little lightning bolt dressed in metallic gold.

5 The Weeknd As Beetlejuice

Say his name three times and he'll appear! Bella Hadid and The Weeknd proved their relationship is stronger than ever (after a momentary split during which he dated Selena Gomez) by dressed up as Beetlejuice and his bride Lydia Deetz. Are we the only ones drooling over Bella's red dress? We'd actually wear that ensemble in real life. As for Bella's diamond snake ring, that bad boy reportedly cost a whopping $7,200. Um, excuse me? These spooky characters were originally played by Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder in Tim Burton’s 1988 film, which went on to be a massive success.

4 Ciara As Nakia

If you had to take a second to Google who Nakia is, don't worry, we did the same thing. We're slightly embarrassed to admit that we didn't immediately recognize Nakia from Marvel's Black Panther movie. She's basically his right-hand woman and a symbol for female empowerment. But let's talk about Ciara for a second. Not only did she singer dress up, but her entire family took inspiration from Black Panther's costume design. Naturally, her husband, NFL quarterback Russell Wilson snagged the role of King T'Challa. Their two children, Sienna and Future, were mini versions of Nakia and Black Panther.

3 G-Eazy As Two-Face

Well, this is interesting. Both Halsey and G-Eazy dressed up as villains from the Batman universe. Here's the kicker though, they weren't together at the time. The "Bad At Love" singer hosted a Halloween party that G-Eazy didn't attend, but for some reason, their costumes were still a perfect pair. Halsey showed off her figure in a barely-there Poison Ivy costume with leaves and green body paint. G-Eazy also put his villainous foot forward as Two-Face, also known as Harvey Dent -- Gotham City's young District Attorney -- before "the crisis" that disfigures his face. Maybe it was too last minute for either Halsey or G-Eazy to change their costume.

2 Harry Styles As Elton John

Millennials may not recognize Harry Styles's Halloween costume right away. To the untrained eye, it looks like a sparkly Los Angeles Dodgers uniform -- but it's so much more than that. It's a direct replica of Elton John's 1975 performance at the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. Harry paired the sequinned ensemble with square pink glasses, a baseball cap, and sneakers. This actually isn't the first time the former One Direction singer has channeled Elton John. Back in July, at the end of Harry's tour, he brought out the huge pink sunglasses for the first time. Don't they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

1 Kim Kardashian As Pamela Anderson

Leave it to Kim Kardashian to cause a stir on Halloween. For starters, her Pamela Anderson costume got a positive reaction out of the former Baywatch star. “So funny.... @kimkardashian as me for #halloween @mtv awards (what was I thinking?) ha," she posted on Instagram. But it was something unrelated to Kim's outfit that made headlines that night. The reality star was blasted for using the R-word in a social media video. When friends and family at her party didn't know who she was dressed as, Kim said, "Nobody knows who I am... (insert R-word)." Time for damage control! The mother-of-three quickly released an apology statement.

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