10 Best Theme Parks To Visit During Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and there is nothing better during this time than a good scare. Thankfully, many theme parks have realized the benefits of transforming their parks into a playground for those who love horror and darkness. There are a number of parks around the world that cater to giving people a good scare or even providing some family-friendly scares that everyone can enjoy. Some of them take Halloween so seriously that their park ends up looking like a completely new place. We all know that things look different in the night than in the day but some of these parks are on a whole new level. Here are just a handful of parks that everyone who loves a good scare should visit at least once in their life.

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10 Canada’s Wonderland

No one really associates Canada with spook and scare. But Canada’s Wonderland is debunking that myth. Every year the park hosts Halloween Haunt where they scare people so bad that they run out of the park. This year they have a zombie parade, a devil’s circus, vampire disco, and a sinner lounge. The possibilities are endless. You can even ride some of the rides in the dark which makes them even scarier. One of their biggest attractions this year is a 4D zombie ride that is sure to mess with a lot of people’s heads. But beware, the lineups for the haunted houses and mazes can be long a FastPass is available for a little more money.

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9 Universal Studios

The Halloween horror nights are all the rage at this Florida theme park. It has taken place for the last 28 years and always has a TV/movie tie-in. One year it was Happy Death Day, another it was Halloween 4 and Poltergeist. The park has endless opportunities and a big budget to roll out the black carpet every Halloween. The 2018 highlights will include a Stranger Things haunted house (yes, just like Will's house and the Upside Down in the Netflix show). Also, a The First Purge-themed house. If you plan on taking part this year then make sure you purchase tickets in advance and maybe even a fast pass. The park gets full and no one likes waiting in line, right?

8 Six Flags

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Fright Night is among us. Six Flags Fright Night (or Fright Fest) is located at Six Flags Magic Mountain, in Valencia, California. Not only will you be sweltering hot, but you are also going to be beyond scared. Apparently, Magic Mountain is one of the scariest attractions there because of how darkly decorated it is. Scary characters fly out at you and basically risk you having a heart attack. The park even added some new attractions this year like the Sewer of Souls maze, an open house at a haunted house and a witch's lair. Ah, a witch's lair? Yes, please.

7 Legoland

Brick-or-Treat everybody. No, for real, Brick-or-Treat is the name of the event that has been taking place at Legoland California and Florida essentially since the parks opened. One of the best things about the event is that it’s family friendly so everyone can be involved. Parents can feel comfortable bringing their small children knowing that it won’t be overly scary. You can have a meet and greet with Lego Frankenstein and of course several other popular Halloween figures. There is a pumpkin lego building contest, fireworks and to top it off, your children can actually trick-or-treat there so you don’t have to walk the streets on actual Halloween night.

6 SeaWorld: San Antonio

Howl-O-Scream is supposedly one of the scariest events to take place at SeaWorld (we happen to think it’s the sea animals all caged up with nowhere to go). The Texas park goes crazy between September 28 and October 28th. Zombies are chasing people, haunted houses are scaring the literal life out of people, there is even a London-themed Ripper Row if you are brave enough. You can enter the wooded area and hopefully not run into the Ripper himself. If you aren't into being scared to the point where you pee your pants, you can watch one of the stage shows, go to the vampire bar or the zombie watering hole and wait it out.

5 Kennywood

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Kennywood is a little gem of a place in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. Every year they host what is called Phantom Fright Nights. For the last 17 years every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through October 29th at dusk, the park is transformed into one big haunted house. You can check out things like "Mortem Manor," and "Gory Park" which is infested with zombies so watch out. Plus the park has nine other scary AF attractions. So, if you’re into being beyond scared this park may be worth a try. Word on the street is, it is one of the scariest attractions in town.

4 Cedar Point

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Cedar Point is normally known for their roller coasters, but when Halloween rolls around, they are known for scaring the absolute life out of people with their festival Halloweekends. Haunted houses and freaking corn mazes. Nothing is scarier than a corn maze especially one that has a scarecrow hanging in it. Every year the park has a theme and this year the theme is: haunting. Sounds pretty basic, right? But it’s not they are using old world horrors like New Orleans voodoo-inspired "Blood on the Bayou," and a "Zombie High School.". If you hate being scared, you can participate in the annual Great Pumpkin Fest which is held during the day and offers fun for the whole family.

3 Kings Dominion

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In Richmond Virginia, Halloween Haunt at Kings Dominion is the number one Halloween event. It’s the go-to if you want to really get a good scare. So, what makes it so scary? They too have a “Zombie High School” but that’s just the beginning. They also have 6 scary mazes, the haunted, farm-themed "Cornstalkers.". They have scare zones based on how scared you want to be like "Necropolis" cemetery and the "Cleaver Brothers Carnival" attraction (it’s a hunted fair inside of a theme park). It actually sounds like a killer time and the scare zone thing is a great idea. You actually get to choose how much you want to be scared.

2 Carowinds

If you are a horror fan then this might be one of the best horror experiences that you can have. SCarowinds is held at Carowinds theme park in Charlotte North Carolina. They too have scare zones and mazes and parts of the park are turned into specific themes like “Fleet Street”. Yes, that Fleet Street in London the one that Sweeney Todd haunted the heck out of. No matter what, old-timey London will always be scary. Their cobblestoned streets and dark corners are made for scaring. There is a “dark harvest” maze that has scarecrows that pop up out of nowhere and scare the bejesus out of you.

1 Nickelodeon Universe

Inside the Mall of America is Nickelodeon Universe, where Halloween Havoc is held every year. This seven-acre theme park celebrates Halloween in style with their light show. The light show is said to take the customers through a “spooky” journey accompanied by music. As an added bonus on Saturdays, they play a crowd-friendly version of Double Dare where players get slimed just like the show. You can sign up if you are willing to get slimed. We also have to admit that it’s kind of brilliant to have all the festivities indoors. You won’t freeze your tush off while being scared witless.

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