10 Big Bang Theory Stars Nobody Wants To Work With (5 Who Are Total Sweethearts)

Math, science, and history might be what the theme song of this popular show is unravelling, but unravelling the mysteries of The Big Bang Theory’s cast is more what we’re aiming for. With over 200 episodes, The Big Bang Theory has rightfully earned its place as one of the most popular contemporary sitcoms.

Following the adventures of Sheldon and friends (including sweet-but-sassy girl next door, Penny) the show has taught many of us about the importance of having people we can count on through thick and thin. Parents, parenthood, first relationships, and lasting relationships all help to keep these characters on their toes. But what about the actors who bring these characters to life? Are they as lovable as their super smart counterparts? We decided to dive in behind the scenes to see which of them are sweethearts, and which of them are less than lovely.

15 Kaley Cuoco

Cheat Sheet has quite a bit to say about Kaley Cuoco, but let’s be real: Penny is one of our favorite characters on the show. She has to be as fantastic in real life, right? Unfortunately Cuoco isn’t one that people like to work with, though the reason why is unclear. We believe it has to do with casting, as her comedy skills are definitely her strongest.

14 Simon Helberg

IMDb has given Simon Helberg’s career a really illuminating outline. While he’s been on a few red carpets (and has worked with a few big names), he’s not exactly the big star that some of his counterparts are. Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t seem to have much coming up now that the show is ending.

13 Kunal Nayyar

Another actor who hasn’t seen much of the big screen, we really hope that his time as Raj changes that. The other aspect of Nayyar that’s interesting? We couldn’t find anything about what he’s like on set. There’s no way he’s as quiet and calm as his character is, right? Turns out that could just be the way he is, based on the lack of opinions.

12 Sweetheart: Mayim Bialik

Mayim Bialik has had a fairly extensive career on screen before she landed this role on The Big Bang Theory. Originally starting as supporting, side plot cast, Bialik quickly became part of the core ensemble. Her and Bernadette might be “the girlfriends” (and/or wives; no spoilers) but she’s certainly lovable enough to turn into an essential, fully fleshed out character.

11 Kevin Sussman


Unsure who Kevin Sussman is? Time to go back and rewatch some of these episodes! Sussman might not have been core cast, but he was certainly notable. Not notable enough to be in a ton of episodes, but a unique enough character that he sticks in people’s minds. Unfortunately, this is both a blessing and a curse; he’s a very specific character.

10 Sweetheart: Jim Parsons


Jim Parsons is one of the sweetest folks, and everyone seems to be in agreement about that fact. Every article we read about him discussed the fact that he’s a nice person and good to work with. Not to mention how great of an actor he is. The only reason Big Bang Theory “let him go” is because he wanted to move on to other things, according to Cheat Sheet!

9 Wil Wheaton

We’ve all heard the stories about Wil Wheaton. He’s super nerdy, a little awkward, and MLive reminds us that he’s living and working with anxiety and depression. This sometimes-anxious persona might have been part of the reason he’s not cast in things. Then again, it could just be because he’s busy with his blossoming YouTube career.

8 Carol Ann Susi


Get the tissues ready. Carol Ann Susi wasn’t ever seen on Big Bang Theory, but IMDb states that she voiced Howard’s mother. She was one of the sweetest people to have on set, but apparently the reason she doesn’t get work anymore is because she passed away a little while ago.

7 Sweetheart: John Ross Bowie


One of the unsung bit parts on Big Bang Theory, John Ross Bowie has been grinding away in the world of acting for ages now. Maybe this is why he’s so humble, still. His big role on Speechless hasn’t grown his ego too large, which is also going to help him book more roles in the future.

6 Johnny Galecki

We were all waiting for when Leonard would show up on this list. Sure enough, Johnny Galecki is an actor who doesn’t seem to book much. Cheat Sheet believes that this is because he’s so easily cast as the nerd rather than the leading man. However, we think that might change now that he’s proven nerds can be leading men as well.

5 Laura Spencer


She’s been working for a number of years now, but we still can’t seem to place her outside of her Big Bang Theory role. Not only that, but it seems like she’s be stuck doing mostly web series. The lack of notoriety seems to be another hard thing for actors to overcome. They can’t be too character-y, but they also can’t pull a Laura Spencer and be too versatile.

4 Sweetheart: Laurie Metcalf


Anyone who works on Toy Story as well as The Big Bang Theory gets our vote as being one of the sweethearts on set. Not only does she play a mother on the show, but she’s got such a great energy we wouldn’t be surprised if she acts as everyone else’s mother too. In a good, not annoying way, of course.

3 Sweetheart: Melissa Rauch

It’s no wonder that Bernadette made it onto the sweetheart list. In a similar boat to Bialik, Melissa Rauch quickly became one of the most well loved characters on the show. So much so that they had to keep her around, and had to turn her into a full-fledged cast member! While she is sassy, her real life personality is too hilarious and sweet to not have on set.

2 Joshua Malina


One of the most recent actors to pick up a supporting role on The Big Bang Theory, Joshua Malina is one of those guys who seems to be talented at everything. His role as president Siebert was well received, but he never quite turned into a full-on core supporting cast member. Could it have been a bit of an ego?

1 Brian George


Raj’s father is a bit of a demanding man in the show, but the actor who plays him doesn’t seem to have that same streak. In fact, he’s got quite a lot of work under his belt! We didn’t classify him as a sweetheart just because this man knows how to buckle down and get to work; a great asset in life, but it might read as impatience on a film set.

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