10 Boxers Who Hate Floyd Mayweather (And 10 Who Could Knock Him Out)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in sports. He’s loud, brash, some would say arrogant, and over the top with his antics. His nickname, “Money Mayweather” just about says it all.

Floyd’s been massively successful building a brand for himself. Love him or hate him, he’s a marketing genius. According to Forbes, it’s a ploy that lead to him being the wealthiest athlete in the world. But it would have been tough to build himself up to such an extent if he didn’t have the record to match. Floyd had the skills to pay the bills and more. His impeccable record in the ring of 50 wins and no losses puts him right up there as one of the best of all time. It’s little wonder he’s sitting pretty on his pedestal, looking down with contempt at the rest of boxing’s mere mortals.

Understandably, such a record and personality have brought with it plenty of animosities, bur there’s no love lost between himself and a lot of other boxers in the business. Here are 10 boxers who hate Mayweather and 10, who if given the opportunity, could knock him out and ruin his perfect record.

20 HATE: Amir Khan

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Having suffered a string of losses in recent years, Amir Khan’s career is waning. He’s starting to think about life after boxing, putting things in place to ensure he and his family are set. But he’s made no secret about wanting one big final payday before he bows out. Khan vs Mayweather would certainly bring the big bucks.

Khan’s accused Mayweather of ducking him for years. Mayweather just won’t give him the fight. Khan’s now trying to goad him out of retirement, and consequently, a lot of things have been said.

19 KNOCK HIM OUT: Danny Garcia

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Much like Mayweather, Garcia has held multiple titles in different weight classes. It wasn’t long ago that he was rated as one of the best in the welterweight division. A super-fight with Pacquiao seems to be on the cards. But he’s told TMZ he wants a piece of Mayweather and is “100% sure” he can beat him. Many experts would agree.

18 HATE: Manny Pacquiao

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Their fight in 2015 was one of the most anticipated in history. It was a fight for greatness, and Mayweather emerged victorious.

It’s very rare that we see Pacquiao flustered in the lead up to a fight. But even Pacquiao allowed himself to be drawn into the exchanges. Some of the pre-fight antics got rather heated.

17 KNOCK HIM OUT: Gilberto Ramirez

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Mexican boxers are renowned for their fast hands and Gilberto is no exception. He controls his speed and his aggression and is known for his technical ability, schooled in the sweet science, just like Mayweather.

Ramirez’s record is a perfect 40 wins and no losses. It won’t be long before he’s closing in on Mayweather’s record.

16 HATE: Juan Manuel Marquez

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Juan Manuel Marquez retired from the ring with an illustrious record. But he’s still rather bitter about his missed opportunities, namely his fight against Mayweather in 2009. He’s commented about his dislike for Mayweather, what he brings to the sport. He does, however, acknowledge that Mayweather was one of the greatest boxers around.

15 KNOCK HIM OUT: Sugar Ray Leonard

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It’s interesting looking back through the boxing ranks and seeing who’d be able to defeat Mayweather. Many boxing aficionados would salivate at the prospect of seeing Sugar Ray Leonard and Mayweather go toe to toe in ring. Due to his fast hands and solid defence, it’d be a close match up, possibly resulting in Leonard emerging victorious.

14 HATE: Miguel Cotto

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There’s always plenty of trash talk in the lead up to fights, and Cotto-Mayweather in 2012 was no exception. Miguel Cotto amped it up pre-fight in an attempt to get under Mayweather’s skin. But Mayweather’s Teflon and it had no effect, only served to get his juices flowing for fight night.

13 KNOCK HIM OUT: Timothy Bradley

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Timothy Bradley may not have had the power, may not have possessed any great deal of speed. But he had the skills to combat many different styles and techniques and was an awkward fighter, resulting in many championship wins. He’s a warrior and can combat difficult fighters like Mayweather, tying them up and nullifying their techniques.

12 HATE: Conor McGregor

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When it comes to trash talk, Mayweather met his match in the form of Conor McGregor.

McGregor did enough to bring Mayweather out of retirement, but not enough to make any sort of impact against the more experienced boxer. His words made an impact though, and a lot of what he said was used against him when he tasted defeat.

11 KNOCK HIM OUT: Sergio Martinez

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The former Argentine boxer is rated as being one of the greatest of all time. In his heyday he was a fast and athletic fighter, so fast in fact, that if a showdown would’ve occurred between himself and Mayweather in their prime, he may have had enough speed, athletic prowess and tactical nous to break down Mayweather’s seemingly impenetrable defence.

10 HATE: Adrien Broner

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Adrien Broner used to have the utmost respect for Mayweather, the man he called his mentor. How things have changed. Today, the boxing world is filled with their war of words. The once-close friendship has drastically deteriorated with Broner coming out, calling Mayweather’s promotion “Hateweather Promotions” and a lot worse.

9 KNOCK HIM OUT: Bernard Hopkins

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B-Hop has a ridiculously impressive career, both in the amateur and professional ranks. He was known for his speed, counterpunches, defensive, and for mastering all aspects of the sweet science. Master the basics and then blossom. That’s a motto which he stood by, which resulted in him being the oldest boxer to win a title.

8 HATE: Oscar De La Hoya

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There were plenty of words exchanged in the run-up to their fight in 2007. There was no love lost between the two. But almost a decade later, Mayweather reignited the war of words by posting catty comments on social media. Oscar De La Hoya retorted, and the two are now embroiled in a bitter social media battle.

7 KNOCK HIM OUT: Roy Jones Jr.

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Roy Jones Jr. had power, size and many other physical attributes. He also had the swag. The swag-off between himself and Mayweather would be interesting enough if they ever fought, but their different styles would make for a compelling contest. Jones has told Boxing Scene he would’ve beaten Mayweather due to their antagonizing styles.

6 HATE: Lennox Lewis

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Lennox Lewis and Mayweather never crossed paths when they were active. Now that Lennox is retired, people seek his opinion on all-things boxing and the great man isn’t afraid to speak out. He’s branded Mayweather, his antics and some of his fights, “ridiculous,” and isn’t fond of what the man’s all about, what he’s brought to the sport.

5 KNOCK HIM OUT: Keith Thurman

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Thurman is considered to be the best amongst the current crop in the welterweight division. His marketability and smugness are right up there with the likes of Mayweather, and in terms of his in-ring talents, he can certainly pack a punch. Thurman is known for his one-punch knockout power and is one of the hardest punchers in the division. If he were to breach Mayweather’s defence, it’d be lights out.

4 HATE: Deontay Wilder

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Before Wilder fought Tyson Fury, everything was roses between Wilder and Mayweather. But after the bout, the biggest in recent years, animosity started brewing. Mayweather took to social media to voice some choice words. Wilder told TMZ that Mayweather disliked the fight because “he wants all the attention on him, and it's sad that it's like that."

3 KNOCK HIM OUT: Terence Crawford

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Terence Crawford is young, hungry, fast and powerful – the perfect combination for a champion fighter. He’s technically seamless too and can switch styles mid-fight, something that’ll no-doubt prove to be problematic for even the best fighters. Terence has an impeccable record of 35 wins and zero losses. A showdown between him and Mayweather would certainly be one to watch.

2 HATE: Mike Tyson

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Mayweather is known for his outlandish comments and these occasionally rub people up the wrong way. When Mayweather came out and said he was better than Muhammad Ali and Tyson, was the greatest ever, this sparked animosity between himself and Tyson. Tyson weighed in with a few comments of his own and the hatred has reached boiling point since.

1 KNOCK HIM OUT: Canelo Alvarez

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Ok, so Alvarez has already faced Mayweather and has tasted defeat. But that was in 2013. Alvarez has matured significantly as a fighter since then and has amassed a brilliant record of only that solitary defeat from 56 fights. He’s 29 now and has come on leaps and bounds since that defeat. Second time around it could very well be a different story.

Sources: Forbes, TMZ, Boxing Scene

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