10 Car TV Shows That Should Be Cancelled (10 That Need To Make A Comeback)

Nowadays, car television shows are a great way for car enthusiasts to check out the latest in the car world without having to leave their couch. Even better, there is a perfect type of car show for just about anyone. For starters, there are shows that delve a bit further into the racing culture. On the other hand, there are also shows that offer you a peek into custom shops where they transform old cars into awesome rides. Meanwhile, there are also car shows that talk about certain car models and later on, take them out for a spin.

Indeed, it seems that there is a perfect car show for anybody. And while this may be the case, we must say that not all car shows are perfect for watching. In fact, there are car shows that are better off canceled. On the other hand, there are also car shows that should make a return to television in the near future. Check out our list:

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20 Need to Return: Driving Force

via usatoday.com

“Driving Force” was a reality television show that focuses on the lives of the Force family as they continue competing in the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). In each episode, “Driving Force” showed what life was like off the track for Johnny Force and his daughters, Ashley, Courtney, Brittany, and Adria. Unfortunately, A&E had already pulled out the show from its line-up.

19 Need to Return: Prototype This!

via nemogould.com

“Prototype This!” was a show that used to air on the Discovery Channel. It was certainly unique from other shows because it featured the combined work of engineers, electronics specialists, professors and even, special effects guys. Throughout the episode, they would work together to build unique prototypes including a mind-controlled car and a six-legged all terrain ride.

18 Need to Return: Rides

via youtube.com, JonDurham Channel

“Rides” was a show that used to air on the TLC Network. It was presented by Jason Priestly who also starred in the hit television series “Beverly Hills 90210.”

In “Rides,” Priestly would go around the country to look for incredibly extraordinary cars. In fact, he would even talk to collectors and restoration fanatics who were more than happy to show off their own cars or car projects.

17 Need to Return: Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales

via justwatch.com

As the name suggests, “Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales” was a television show based on the ‘Cars’ animated franchise. Here, viewers get to catch up with Lightning McQueen, Sally, Mater, Luigi, Guido and the rest of the gang.

This may be an animated series, but it is certainly entertaining, and we wish it would make a return.

16 Need to Return: Lords of the Car Hoards

via vimeo.com

“Lords of the Car Hoards” was a show that aired on Discovery Channel. It starred hot rod expert Rick Dore and WWE superstore Chuck Palumbo. According to Discovery Channel, Palumbo and Dore were always on the hunt for a car hoarder. And when they found one, they would make them a deal. That is, “pick one dream car from their overcrowded car collection to rebuild while covering the costs of the remake by parting with and selling other cars and car parts from their massive hoard.”

15 Need to Return: World’s Most Dangerous Roads

via bbc.co.uk

“World’s Most Dangerous Roads” was a show that had aired from 2011 to 2013 on BBC Two. The show was narrated by actor Adrian Dunbar. And with each episode, there is a pair of guest stars who would drive through some of the most challenging roads to see how far their car would go. Previous episodes included a Nissan Safari being driven to Oymyakon in Siberia, the coldest town in the world.

14 Need to Return: Xtreme 4x4

via flickr.com

As the name suggests, “Xtreme 4x4” was a show that heavily focused on off-roading vehicles. In each episode, viewers were readily shown how they could build their very own 4x4 off-roading masterpiece. It didn’t matter if you were looking to build on for recreation, sports, and daily driving. “Xtreme 4x4 starred Jessi Combs and Ian Johnson.

13 Need to Return: Pimp My Ride

via imdb.com

Even today, no one can forget how amusing the show “Pimp My Ride” was. “Pimp My Ride” aired on the MTV network from 2004 to 2007. Hosted by rapper Xzibit, the show would always look for the worst cars on the road and turn them into a true automotive masterpiece. And in case a person’s car turns out to be unsafe or unfixable, the crew would give him or her a new, tricked out ride instead.

12 Need to Return: James May's Cars of the People

via sky.com

“James May’s Cars of the People” was a car tv show that aired from 2014 to 2015 on BBC 2. Presented by “Top Gear” star James May, the show discussed automotive history in a most interesting way as it explored how cars became a normal part of everyone’s lives. In fact, the show talked about the beginnings of 4x4 cars, the rise of German and Japanese automotive companies and much more.

11 Need to Return: Deals on Wheels

via justinm.gq

Even today, the used car market continues to grow as more and more car buyers look to get a great car at a good price. This is precisely why it would be great if the show “Deals on Wheels" could make a return. Presented by Mike Brewer and Richard Sutton, the show would offer advice when it comes to making used vehicle purchases. More importantly, they would also give information regarding possible problems you may encounter with a used unit.

10 Need to Go: Street Outlaws

via discovery.com

“Street Outlaws” is a show that currently airs on the Discovery Channel. In each episode, you get an in-depth look at the world of street racing. You get to see what goes on behind the scenes as well as the action on the track.

However, with street racing being usually illegal, we can’t help but wonder if this show is encouraging many to get into trouble.

9 Need to Go: Bitchin’ Rides

via amazon.com

“Bitchin’ Rides” is a car show that currently airs on the Motor Trend network and Velocity. In each episode, custom carmaker Dave Kindig would work on building or restoring a car, depending on what the client would prefer. And while the whole work challenge seems exciting, we can’t help but think that this kind of concept has already been presented so many times.

8 Need to Go: Graveyard Carz

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“Graveyard Carz” is a show on Motor Trend that lives by one code, “it’s mopar or no car.” Here, restoration jobs are always led by Mark Worman. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like everyone is happy with his work attitude. As user welch-162-146601 stated on IMDB, “It's a shame that Mark Worman is disgracing his apparently thorough knowledge of MOPAR vehicles (which I'm not a huge fan of in the first place) by behaving like a three year old [sic] on this show.”

7 Need to Go: Overhaulin’

via motortrendondemand.com

Just like a lot of other car tv shows nowadays, “Overhaulin’” also focuses on restoration jobs. Here, auto legend Chip Foose leads a team of designers and mechanics as they work together to transform rundown autos into incredible rides. Moreover, the car transformations are often a surprise to the owners as they thought that their cars were towed or taken away. The problem is the reasons for taking a car away usually feels fake.

6 Need to Go: Caffeine and Octane

via blog.fullermoto.com

“Caffeine and Octane” is a car tv show that airs on the NBC Sports Network. According to Drive Tribe, this has the honor of being the “world’s worst car tv show." As writer Matt Christensen had explained, “The show is so poor because it is trying to be something bigger. It is trying to replicate The Grand Tour or Top Gear by forcing comedy and a fake relationship between the hosts. Stop trying to copy other shows.” Ouch.

5 Need to Go: Counting Cars

via history.com

“Counting Cars” is a show that has been airing on the History Channel for quite some time now. The series centers on Danny “The Count” Kokers who likes to make “bets with cars.” According to History Channel, “Danny and his team restore, customize and sell cars in a hurry, scrambling to keep their Las Vegas shop in the black.”

The problem? There are so many shows now with a similar premise.

4 Need to Go: Dallas Car Sharks

via yiqunxy.com

“Dallas Car Sharks” is an intense car television show that takes the viewer to the auto auction scene in Texas. In each episode, you watch four car dealers as they try to outbid each other on a car. Once someone wins, the person would proceed to restore the car then sell it off for profits.

The show is interesting at first but after a few episodes, it becomes rather boring.

3 Need to Go: Restoration Garage

via janson.com

“Restoration Garage” is another show that focuses on transforming pieces of automotive junk into a sweet ride. However, unlike shows with the same concept, “Restoration Garage” seems to show more scenes of the guys talking than doing actual work on the car. As the website Foreign Policy puts it, “It would be better if “Restoration Garage” was a radio talk show.”

2 Need to Go: Misfit Garage

via discovery.com

As you may know, “Misfit Garage” is like a spinoff of the Discovery Channel series “Fast N’ Loud.” In fact, the guys at “Misfit Garage” are former employees of Richard Rawlings’ Gas Monkey Garage. And while Jordan Butler and Tom Smith are acting like they’re trying to rival their former boss, it all feels fake considering that Rawlings has reportedly made several paid appearances on the show already.

1 Need to Go: Fast N’ Loud

via gasmonkeygarage.com

Today, “Fast N’ Loud” is one of the most watched car television shows. Starring Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage, the show mainly focuses on various projects that his team gets from supposed walk-in clients. However, everyone knows that this is not the case. Moreover, a lot of viewers are complaining that the show feels too scripted nowadays.

Reference: Discovery Channel; BBC; IMDB

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