10 Celebs Brad Pitt Surprisingly Dated (10 Who Rejected Him)

Brad Pitt is one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. He starred in a long line of classic movies. Of course, his career is in the shadow of his personal life. Indeed, Pitt has dated an even longer list of famous and beautiful women. His own life and relationships often appear in headlines all around the world. There have been many women, but only two very high profile relationships. The first was with Jennifer Aniston, which many consider his perfect match. Well, until he left her to be with Angelina Jolie. Both long term relationships were huge news and often overshadowed his other accomplishments. It's also easy to forget he's dated many other famous women.

Brad Pitt dated several famous women, not named Aniston or Jolie. Indeed, he's even found himself in some tough situations. Some of the women he's dated might come as a bit of a surprise. We would assume that most women would jump at the chance to be with Brad Pitt, but it turns out that's not the case. There's a long list of women that have rejected him or flat out deny being in a relationship with him. It's time to take a closer look at Brad and his ladies. Here are 10 Female Celebs Brad Pitt Surprisingly Dated (10 Who Rejected Him).

20 Robin Givens – Surprise

via People

Brad Pitt dating Robin Givens is surprising for a few reasons. At the time, they both were still on the rise in Hollywood. It was short-lived as they dated from 1986 to 1987. What makes this so surprising is Givens's marriage was coming to an end. However, she didn't have just any husband. Indeed, Givens was married to boxer Mike Tyson. Tyson was in the prime of his career when he saw Pitt at his wife's home.

19 Jennifer Lawrence – Rejected

via Hello Magazine

Technically, Jennifer Lawerence didn't reject Brad Pitt, but it came pretty close. In 2017, rumors began swirling that that two were an item. Indeed, Pitt's been linked to several women since he became single again. However, Lawerence publicly denied the rumor and noted she only met him once in 2013. Of course, Lawerence also took her time debunking the story as she didn't mind people thinking they were an item.

18 Thandie Newton – Surprise

via Time

In 1994, Brad Pitt had one of his early breaks. He co-starred in Interview with The Vampire, along with Tom Cruise. The film had a star-studded cast, which includes Thandie Newton. Rumors suggest that Pitt and Newton had a fling while working on the movie. Neither one has denied or confirmed the story.

17 Christina Applegate – Rejected

via Entertainment Tonight

In the mid-90s, Brad Pitt became one of the most desirable men in the world. However, in the late 80s, that wasn't the case. Indeed, he still wasn't the star he'd become. In 1989, he briefly dated Christina Applegate, but she rejected him hard. She might have agreed to a date, but that's not how the night ended. She took Pitt has her date to the 1989 MTV Awards but allegedly ditched him for another guy. It would have been better if she just said no.

16 Gwyneth Paltrow – Surprise

via Vanity Fair

From 1994 to 1997, Brad Pitt was in a high profile relationship with actress Gwyneth Paltrow. It's not a surprise since they worked together on several occasions. Indeed, it's easy to forget they dated. That's because he dated Jennifer Aniston right after Paltrow. Their relationship overshadowed all of his previous relationships at the time.

15 Sat Hari Khalsa - Rejected

via Los Angeles Magazine

In 2016, Angelina Jolie shocked the world when she divorced Brad Pitt. It was the one marriage that many thought would last forever. Pitt has struggled with being single again but is still associated with all the beautiful women. The most recent is the owner of Amrit Jewelry, Sat Hari Khalsa. Of course, she denied the relationship, and pretty much turned him down even before he asked.

14 Sinitta – Surprise

via Irish Mirror

Sinitta is best known for dating American Idol judge Simon Cowell. However, she's been dating famous men for years. Well, she dated Brad Pitt before his fame. Indeed, she was one of his first famous girlfriends. They dated from 1984 to 1986 with Sinitta calling Pitt young, fun, and sweet.

13 Amy Adams – Rejected

via USA Today

Amy Adams can lay claim to many titles in Hollywood. However, she goes down in history as the first woman ever to reject a hug from Brad Pitt. Indeed, many women have sold their houses to touch him. Okay, that might not be true, but there's a good chance it is. Regardless, Adams had an excellent reason to reject Pitt. At the time, she was on set filming Vice, which Pitt's company produced. However, Adams had pink eye and rebuffed Pitt when he went in for a hug.

12 E.G. Daily – Surprise

via Yahoo

E.G. Daily is a name that most people might not recognize at first. She gained most of her fame for providing her voice to children's shows such as Rugrats. However, fans of the TV series Friends know her as Phoebe's former singing partner. In 1989, she found time to date Brad Pitt in between his many other girlfriends. The surprising part is Daily appeared on Friends at the time Pitt was dating Jennifer Aniston.

11 Neri Oxman – Rejected

via Surface Magazine

Brad Pitt decided that maybe he needed to go for some non-actresses. He's often dating other famous faces and possibly needs something more down to earth. In 2018, rumors spread that he was dating M.I.T. Professor Neri Oxman. Indeed, she is called a "rockstar" and is world-famous for her discoveries. The stories started because they had a professional relationship. The rumors ended when news broke she's still with her boyfriend.

10 Claire Forlani – Surprise

via IMDB

It's tough for a Hollywood couple to know when things are starting to get serious. One of those signs is walking the red carpet. In 1998, Brad Pitt and Claire Forlani had everyone talking when they walked the red carpet together. They were briefly an item after meeting on the set of Meet Joe Black. Of course, they walked the red carpet at the Writer's Guild Of America Awards, so it wasn't that serious.

9 Shania Twain – Rejected

via Sunday Post

In the 90s, Brad Pitt is considered one of the best looking men in Hollywood. He was on top of the world. Of course, now things are drastically different for him. In 2018, Shania Twain returned to touring after years for the first time. She revealed the truth about a lyric she wrote concerning Pitt. She explained that she wasn't impressed with Pitt after seeing nude pictures that had leaked. She doesn't get what the big deal about him is and feels he's a bit overrated.

8 Juliette Lewis  – Surprise

via Huffington Post

From 1989 to 1993, Brad Pitt dated Juliette Lewis is what is his longest relationship after his two most famous. Indeed, Pitt was 27 at the time he dated then 17-year-old Lewis. It was a deep and passionate relationship that came to an end right before Pitt became massively famous.

7 Charlize Theron – Rejected

via Today Show

Brad Pitt has struggled since becoming single again. He was once a master at it but lost his touch. Now, when he's linked with another actress, they immediately deny it. In 2019, the world nearly imploded with the rumor of Pitt dating Charlize Theron. However, Theron wasted no time in dismissing the story. Indeed, they were never seen together in public ever.

6 Demi Moore – Surprise

via Evening Standard

In the late 90s, Brad Pitt and Demi Moore were two of the biggest stars in the world. Indeed, their personal lives often generated bigger headlines than their careers. Stories suggest the two were once an item. In 1998, they briefly dated according to the rumor. If it's true, they're lucky it never got out.

5 Tiffany Haddish – Rejected

via W Magazine

Brad Pitt faces a lot of rejection on a few occasions. However, this one had to sting a bit because it was so public. In 2018, Tiffany Hadish had a run-in with Pitt in an elevator. She later joked that they made a pact to get together in a year. When everyone took it seriously, she had to turn him down publicly. She noted he has a lot of baggage and needs to be number one in a man's life.

4 Sienna Miller – Surprise

via Marie Claire

Recently, rumors suggest Brad Pitt is dating Sienna Miller. Indeed, there have been rumors swirling about the two for months. They've been seen together in public and at events. Miller somewhat denied the stories earlier in the year, but there is still a possibility. The two could end up as the next power couple. Regardless, there is no confirmation they were in a relationship.

3 Coffee-Shop Girl – Rejected

via People

Dating life has not been kind to Brad Pitt. He can't seem to catch a break and was on a string of bad luck. For instance, his charm doesn't even work on random people at coffee shops. Indeed, he hit on a Coffee Shopgirl and was shot down. He did use the name William instead of Brad but still. Indeed, Coffee Shop girl even noted that he looked like Brad Pitt.

2 Geena Davis – Surprise

via Reddit

In 1992, Brad Pitt had another breakout performance in the movie Thelma & Louise. Pitt played Geena Davis' love interest in the film. Rumors suggest it wasn't just an on-screen romance. According to Pitt's then-roommate Jason Priestley, Pitt and Davis dated off-screen as well. Neither Pitt nor Davis confirmed or denied the claim.

1 Emilia Clarke – Rejected

via Time

Brad Pitt got tired of trying to be the nice guy. He decided it was time to take a risk and go for what he wants. Pitt also knew it was time to be blunt and clear. That's when he bid $120,000 to watch an episode of Game of Thrones with Emilia Clarke. She was flattered but not impressed. Pitt got outbid, and Clarke never pursued him.

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