10 Celebs Who Could've Been A Better Captain Marvel Than Brie Larson (10 Who Had No Chance)

Casting a favorite character can be tricky, if only because we all have different ideas of what the movie version should look like. For many of us, superheroes come into the world out of their comic books. This means that most of us already have a visual. It’s casting’s job to thus find an actor or actress who accurately portrays these superhero standards.

Captain Marvel is no different from other superheroes, though she certainly shows us a unique blend of an everyday person and world-saving powers. Finding an actress who can encompass both is tricky, and casting eventually decided on Brie Larson. Was she the strongest Captain Marvel? Some people don’t think so, which is why we decided to put it to the old comparison test.

20 Katheryn Winnick


This actress totally fits in with the Captain Marvel image, but did she have the experience to back up the look? In our opinion, yes! IMDb tells us her starring role on Vikings was one of the big reasons people started whispering her name in conjunction with Captain Marvel. She’s tough and intelligent, while still looking as sweet as pie!

19 No Chance: Olivia Wilde


We firmly believe that once upon a time Olivia Wilde would have made a fantastic Captain Marvel. Not only does she have the image, but she also has the acting chops; not to mention her own real life superpower, comedic timing! However, we don’t believe that she would have been the best fit for playing Captain. She’s just too lovely!

18 Evan Rachel Wood


Sensitive, but without compromising her confidence and pride, Evan Rachel Wood is a bit of an underrated actor. IMDb reminds us that she played an incredibly interesting android-like character on the TV show Westworld, which was our first clue that she’d be a great Captain Marvel. A great actor and someone with that girl-next-door Marvel look? We’re sold!

17 No Chance: Kristen Stewart


Oh, Kristen Stewart. There’s really no stopping her, especially with the Charlie’s Angels reboot on the way. While we firmly believe anyone who could play one of Charlie’s Angels could play Captain Marvel, it’s looking like that’s not going to be the case for Stewart. She just doesn’t quite fit that apple pie vibe, even if she could pull off the action no problem.

16 Emily Blunt


Emily Blunt has come more into our collective consciousness thanks to the starring roles she’s been getting over the last few years. While she’s often considered for sweet and funny movies, we just want to remind folks that she was in Edge of Tomorrow, according to IMDb. If she can do that, she could totally rock an action movie.

15 No Chance: Emma Stone


We personally really love Emma Stone. Admittedly we don’t know anyone who doesn’t love her. From Easy A to La La Land to Maniac, Emma Stone has a variety of roles under her belt. Could she add a superhero to the list, though? We don’t believe so, but only because we want to keep her in that quirky and unique movie realm.

14 Charlize Theron


After Mad Max, Charlize Theron can do literally anything and we’ll watch it. A superstar in her own right, Theron has utilized her acting skills for some very interesting characters. Is it so wrong of us that we want to watch her tear up the Earth as Captain Marvel? We don’t think so, and know that she’d do a fantastic job.

13 No Chance: Emilia Clarke


The Mother of Dragons might know how to command an army, but we’re not sure she’d know how to wield a magic shield. Her smile is so big and bright, and even though she’s played a gritty character before, we just can’t picture her as a superhero. Sorry, Emilia! We still love her as an actress, though!

12 Natalie Dormer


Continuing on the Game of Thrones train, Natalie Dormer is someone who would absolutely be able to pull off the Captain Marvel mantel. While her character wasn’t the nicest in the show, in a way that almost helps us imagine her in those more ruthless Captain Marvel moments. We also love her sass, which would have been a nice touch to the Captain.

11 No Chance: Shailene Woodley


Shailene Woodley just isn’t a superhero. Despite her stunning role in The Descendents, there’s just some actors out there that we can’t picture as picking up and wearing the Captain Marvel outfit. Woodley is one of them, though it’s certainly not a comment on her acting ability. The real issue we have? She’s so easy-going and sweet!

10 Sophie Turner


Another Game of Thrones actress, Sophie Turner is in the process of proving her superhero acting skills already by starring in the upcoming Dark Phoenix. Maybe it goes without saying, but we think she could have just as easily jumped in to the Captain Marvel role. Oh well! We’re excited to see her work in this other super character.

9 No Chance: Angelina Jolie


Thanks, but no thanks, Angelina. While we don’t have anything against her as a person, we just don’t feel that she’d be the right fit for the role of Captain Marvel. For example, we’re not sure she’s got the fighting talents that the Marvel universe often requires. She could definitely learn them, but still; can anyone picture Jolie as Captain Marvel?

8 Ronda Rousey


Believe it or not, Ronda Rousey was actually in discussion about Captain Marvel. Time mentions that during a Reddit question and answer session she revealed that she would love to play Captain Marvel. Cue most of the world rallying around her to get her into the audition room. While it didn’t work out (obviously), we kind of wish it had!

7 No Chance: Kaley Cuoco


Kaley Cuoco has the look of Captain Marvel for sure. Blonde hair, strong, and a lengthy resume in the form of The Big Bang Theory. Okay, maybe the last one isn’t that conducive to a superhero franchise. We’d be interested in seeing what she does with the character, but this comedy actress wouldn’t be our first choice for the role.

6 Dakota Fanning


Dakota Fanning would be such an interesting Captain Marvel, in our opinion. While she doesn’t read as “tough” right away, we think that there’s something in her that would be really intriguing to see. This sweet and subtle girl next door could really dig deep and make a fascinating transformation, in our opinion.

5 No Chance: Blake Lively


Can anyone imagine Captain Marvel wearing a super suit that looks like the one Blake Lively has on? We understand the fact that actors play characters that are outside of their range all the time, but in this case we think that Blake Lively is just a little too quirky and home-oriented to pull off a musing fighter role like Captain Marvel.

4 Jennifer Lawrence


It is a point blank fact (in our opinion) that Jennifer Lawrence could play any role that she was given. Yes, superhero movies are a very specific style of acting. After watching Lawrence in The Hunger Games, however, we believe that she wouldn’t struggle with the heroic demands of the Captain Marvel role.

3 No Chance: Kate McKinnon


This SNL actress has skyrocketed over the last few years, but mainly in that realm of comedy acting. We haven’t seen her do much outside of the funny roles, but that’s not a bad thing. It does mean that, despite her Captain Marvel look, we wouldn’t be plucking her out of a resume pile to audition her.

2 Emma Roberts


This one might be out of the blue, but we believe that Emma Roberts would actually be a fantastic Captain Marvel. She’s got that gritty side, but she’s also got enough of the everyday person attitude that her transformation into truly becoming the Captain would be compelling to watch. Not to mention the fact that she seems so incredibly nice!

1 No Chance: Amy Schumer


Yes, there are many people out there who feel that Amy Schumer can do any role she puts her mind to. Does that mean she could play Captain Marvel? Honestly, we’re not sure. We like the idea, but the fact stands that this comedy actor might not know what to do with the magic shield. Let’s let her stick to the funny stuff.

Sources: imdb.com, time.com

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