10 Clever DIY Ways To Organize Your Bobby Pins

The ultimate struggle: it's 7 a.m., you're in a hurry, and your hair looks like something that someone pulled out of a hotel shower drain. When even your go-to messy bun needs some serious TLC, you turn to your trusty bobby pins for help—only, you swear you bought some just last week, but now there aren't any to be found.

The bobby pin is an endlessly elusive object, the most lose-able of all hair accessories. They're tiny, they're cheap, and they're constantly everywhere but where you need them. Is there any way to keep these things organized? Don't lose hope—here are our top ten ideas.

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10 Dress up an empty pill bottle

via: alittlecraftinyourday.com

Don't toss those empty prescription bottles out just yet! A Little Craft in Your Day has this to-die-for tutorial to design and repaint an empty pill bottle to store all your little things.

9 Upcycle an empty Tic Tac container

via: boreidesign.com

That empty Tic Tac container that's been rattling around your purse is the perfect size for your loose bobby pins. With some fabric, ribbon and a little Mod Podge, you can personalize it to fit your own style. Wanna see how? Borei Design has a tutorial for that here!

8 Pretty as a picture

via: fabulesslyfrugal.com

An old picture frame plus some ribbon makes for a gorgeous storage piece for all of your hair accessories—there are even hooks for your hair ties. But when it comes to quick, painless bobby pin storage, the ribbons across this DIY project from Fabulessly Frugal is perfect for your pins.

7 Freshen up an Altoid tin

via: happyasabee.wordpress.com

The same tin that you've been popping Altoids from is an easy-access bobby pin container for your car or purse. Happy as a Bee has the fastest tutorial to pretty up these containers on the web!

6 Crochet away

via: kidspot.com

Crocheting isn't just for your granny anymore. This simple crochet pattern from Kidspot can be done in yarn that matches your bathroom or vanity. Just keep it on the counter to toss pins in as you finish with them.

5 Junk drawer treasures

via: pinterest.com

Score! You probably already have everything you need for this project laying around your house. A thumbtack and a safety pin might make an unlikely pairing, but they're a quick organization fix for loose pins.

4 Contain away

via: sincerelypeachy.blogspot.com

Those extra large gum containers happen to be a heavenly size for your pin collection. Repaint, cover in fabric, or wrap it up with ribbon for a style that's perfectly you.

3 Compartmentalize

via: thecouponproject.com

Bobby pin storage doesn't have to be a complicated matter. Just cut a strip of white poster board to size and wedge it into a drawer. The drawer will keep it stood on end and you can slip your pins over the board, no problem.

2 DIY bird's nest magnetized holder

via: youtube.com

For the truly crafty, Youtube's CrafDIY Kate has a tutorial for this classy ornamental container! The container is magnetized to keep all of your pins in one place.

1 Strip up, strip down!

via: sprwmn.blogspot.co.id

Keep your pins in line with this ultra-simple magnet tutorial. Just run a magnetic strip across the inside of a cupboard door and you're golden!

Managing your bobby pin stash can be a total mess sometimes, but with a little elbow grease (and some flair), your hair accessories can be just as fabulous as your hair looks!

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