10 Colorful Kitchen Products To Brighten Up Your Cooking Space

When you’re designing your kitchen, the task goes beyond just picking out the tiles and the appliances. If you’d like to add more color or just more vibrancy to your kitchen, you’ll need a lot more than just the basics. With these products, anyone who comes through your kitchen doors is going to be quite impressed with your style, as well as your creativity. Various tools for the kitchen are always a great investment, whether that’s just for your home, or as a housewarming gift for a friend. After all, everyone needs to eat!

Even for the people who don’t really enjoy whipping up an entire meal, spending time in a colorful kitchen is always fun. But it’s even better if you have all of the things that you need to make the entire cooking process more fun and more enjoyable. That’s why we created this list of things that you can get for your kitchen, and add a splash of color and functionality!

10 All-In-One Breakfast Station

Having a breakfast station, like this one, means that you can easily transform into a brilliant multitasker, which leaves you with a lot more time to check your emails or take a few extra minutes in the shower. With this station, you can easily make several cups of coffee while making some toast. As a bonus, it even has a griddle where you can whip up some eggs or even some bacon. There’s no need to heat up your kitchen at all!

9 The Cutest Teapot

Whether you enjoy drinking the classic Earl Grey brew or you’re a fan of some sun tea, getting a cute teapot will be a great addition to your kitchen. You can get something more traditional, like a ceramic with pastel flowers, or you could get a modern stainless steel with an infuser. Whatever your choice is, you’re bound to have a great cup of tea.

8 Colorful Plate Holder

Have you ever put your plate of food in the microwave, and when it was warmed up, burned your fingers on the hot plate? Well, this is a great and a colorful solution to that problem. Having a silicone hot plate holder is going to save the skin on your fingers and it’ll also add a cute pop of color to your kitchen. You can get holders like these in any shape, color or size, which makes them perfect for any kitchen.

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7 Cute Cutting Mats

Colorful cutting mats can not only add a splash of color to your kitchen, they can also make it more fun to cook overall. They’re especially great if you have little kids in your home, as you can give them some dough to knead or cut up with a plastic knife. These types of cutting mats come in all shapes and sizes, and you can also get several different ones that you can use them when cutting different things. That way, you can easily prevent cross-contamination.

6 Stylish Kitchen Set

This is another product that looks great in any kitchen, and it’s also a necessity. So why not combine the two into a cute set. You could go for a set of matching kitchen towels, oven mitts and pot holders, or you can combine them with different colors. But one thing you should note when buying a set like this is the color. Because it’s the kitchen in question, things can get dirty, so think about whether you want to wash these often, or get them in a darker color so stains won’t show up as much.

5 Ice Cube Mold

Are you tired of the boring, old, everyday ice cubes? With an ice cube mold, you won't need your boring old ice cube tray. You can get an ice cube mold of literally anything these days. You could go for something cool like shark fins, or the Titanic, or something completely different like dentures or a brain. The choice is yours. The best part is that you can surprise all of your guests with your choice.

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4 Tea Bag Holder

This is a similar product to our last one with the ice cubes. In fact, you could combine the two when you’re making your own iced tea! These are tea bag holders, that hold up the string and the label of your teabag so that they don’t get lost in your tea. Now, there’s no need to fish around in your tea with your fingers, potentially burning yourself with the hot beverage. These little holders are adorable and can fit on any of your mugs.

3 Pasta Measurer

Everyone has been in a situation where they’ve had to cook some spaghetti for a certain number of people, but didn't know how much to put in the pot. Although there are different tools that you can get to measure out the spaghetti, and some come in a stainless steel form, we thought that this one, in particular, is the best-looking one. Especially since you can keep making the ‘as hungry as a horse’ pun if you’re cooking for several people.

2 Coffee Maker

This is a must-have staple item in every kitchen, whether you’re a coffee lover or not. There’s no need to fuss around the stove and to spend any extra time in the kitchen when you have a professional barista like this. There are thousands of versions that you can pick, from ones like this classy item to minimalistic black ones, to colorful brewers, and even stylish drip coffee makers that fit well into any minimalistic kitchen. Then, you can just look up different coffee recipes and have fun!

1 Pasta Strainer

Of course, you can always just get a colander that you’ll use to strain all the pasta in your pot, but where’s the fun in that? With a set like this, you can easily add an extra pop of color to your kitchen. You can even use this set separately, as a colander and as a mixing bowl, whenever you need either one. Finally, there’s no need to use a set like this just for pasta, as you can wash and rinse anything you need with this!

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