10 Colorful Plants That Will Pop In Your Garden

What exactly is the point of having a garden if you don’t at least have a couple of colorful flowers, right? If you want to make your garden more appealing to the eye, you can go about it in a few different ways. First, you could invest, or DIY some interesting and cool-looking pots. You can do this with some old or new pots, or you can just completely transform a different container into a pot. Just take whatever container you have, paint it in a bold color, and put a plant in it! It’s that simple.

Or, you could just add some colorful plants that are going to make the entire place look a lot more refreshed. If you’d like, you can just focus on adding some flowers, or if you’d prefer to have color throughout the entire year, you can also add some shrubs or foliage. Whatever you prefer, we have some suggestions for you!

10 Bromeliad

The Bromeliad is going to bring a lot of colors and an exotic touch to your garden. Don’t worry about how intimidating the Bromeliad appears to be. This flower is also really easy to look after, which makes it a great addition to anyone’s garden. There’s no need for special tools or any different fertilizers for it. When it comes to watering, all you need is fill the cup at its base and clean it once per week. Don’t worry when the original withers away, as they will leave you offsets for new plants!

9 Hibiscus

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The Hibiscus is another way that you can add an exotic touch and a pop of color to the garden. Make sure that the flower has plenty of sunlight and put it in a smaller pot. This is a summer plant, so you should bring it indoors when the weather gets cold outside. They also need a lot of water during the summer, and a lot less in the winter. You’ll need a fertilizer that’s high in potassium but releases it slowly.

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8 Hanging Fuchsias

This is a two-tone colored flower with a very unusual shape, which makes it a great hanging plant. You can just put them in a basket that’s either hanging on your patio or from a sturdy tree, and it’ll look amazing. You’ll need to be extremely careful with insects and the amount of sunlight it gets. These flowers like the sunlight, but not too much. The same thing goes with water. You’ll need to add fertilizer about every two weeks during the summer, and then slow down the process to get the flower ready for the winter.

7 Marigolds

The Marigold is incredibly easy to grow and you can have a lot of fun with it if you give it to your child as its first plant. They don’t need to be fertilized a lot, as that may make them a lot weaker. They need an average amount of sunlight and water to really thrive. You can remove any spent flowers so that you will encourage further growth and you need to be careful of any spider mites.

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6 Classic Hydrangeas

These are called classics because they have a great old-fashioned charm. The Hydrangeas are also a shrub which is incredibly easy to look after. The best thing about them is that they come in just about every color of the rainbow, so you can plant multiple shrubs for more colors.  You can even play around with the PH levels of the soil to get the flowers to change their color! As this is a shrub, it needs plenty of room around it, and you should also water it thoroughly.

5 Bougainvillea

This is a beautiful vine that needs a lot of sunlight. In fact, the more sunlight the flowers get, the more colorful they will be! Additionally, there’s no need to water them very often. You can also prune it and train the vine to grow in containers if you’d like. They grow really fast, so you really need to keep an eye on them when it comes to pruning. Be careful when planting them near walls, as they can grow into any cracks they find and become destructive.

4 Burning Bush

This is a great reddish-colored shrub and its color really pops during the colder months. You can have it grow in any kind of condition and it will be perfectly fine. Don’t worry if this shrub looks really boring in the summer months because it’s time to shine is when it’s cold and every other plant has either withered away or started hibernating. It’s really easy to take care of it, as it only needs a slightly moist soil, but with excellent drainage.

3 Ajuga

This is an excellent ground cover plant which can fill up any empty area that you have in your garden. This plant is also a great addition to any garden that has issues with weeds or with erosion. You can find it in a few different colors and choose the best one for your garden. If you want to have an easier time controlling this plant, make sure that you put it in the shade so it has a harder time to grow. There’s also no need for fertilizer and very little need for water.

2 Barberry

This is another great shrub to have in any garden. It grows a lot and fills up a lot of space. It’s also a great thing to have in your cupboard, whenever you want more color to a dish. This is a tough plant and can withstand different conditions. Make sure that you get the variety that grows smaller than usual because it requires a lot less pruning. You may need to check with your authorities before you set out to add this plant to the garden, as it’s sometimes deemed invasive.

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1 Sweet Autumn Clematis

This is a beautiful plant that mainly grows at the end of the summer. It has a beautiful scent, which makes it great as a final pop at the end of a long and colorful summer. This type of Clematis is great if you want to cover a shed or fence with it, and it blooms beautifully on any new wood. You’ll need to put some extra effort with it though, as it requires fertilizer that’s low in nitrogen and it’s really susceptible to fungi. Not to mention the regular pruning.

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