10 Current WWE Rumors Vince McMahon Doesn't Want Us To Know (And 8 He Does)

The current landscape of WWE has a new feel after the huge changes. Paul Heyman now runs the Raw brand giving it a different creative mind at the top. Smackdown airs on the FOX Network every Friday night with the potential for a far bigger audience. Even NXT has made huge strides forward now airing on USA Network every Wednesday competing against AEW on TNT.

Despite all the changes for the better, there are still rumors circulating that Vince McMahon is unhappy. They paint the WWE in a poor light since the rumors usually feature unhappy talents or general bad news. However, there are a few positive stories floating around as well. We will look at both sides of the rumor mill when it comes to the WWE reaction. These are ten rumors that Vince does NOT want us to know about along with eight that he does.

18 Does not: Wrestlers want to leave for AEW

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The emergence of AEW has the rumor mill indicating that many WWE stars want to leave the promotion. Jon Moxley is already happier and delivering better work in AEW. Talents like The Revival, Sin Cara, and Luke Harper have reportedly requested their releases with none being granted. The threat of AEW has many wrestlers considering leaving.

17 Does: Ronda Rousey wants to come back

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Triple H recently claimed that Ronda Rousey has discussed the potential of coming back to WWE soon. Rousey had a great first year in the wrestling industry. WWE would be thrilled if she returns to finally have a singles match with Becky Lynch. Either way, Vince McMahon is content fans at least believe Rousey wants to return.

16 Does not: Eric Bischoff was hired to be a scapegoat

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Eric Bischoff was fired from his role as a leader of the Smackdown creative team just a few months after getting the job. The shocking news came with Bischoff reportedly being used as a scapegoat for issues that FOX found with the presentation of Smackdown. Many believe Bischoff was just hired to get the blame in the early stage as an expendable employee.

15 Does: Chad Gable happy about Shorty G name change

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Chad Gable’s name change to Shorty G upset many fans viewing it as a ridiculous name. Vince McMahon was called out for being out of touch with this as the latest example. Gable, however, revealed in an interview that he loves the name change. This makes McMahon look like less of a villain for such a peculiar idea.

14 Does not: Only top stars flew back with Vince from Saudi Arabia

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The controversy surrounding WWE wrestlers having to stay behind in Saudi Arabia due to a plane error saw reports of Vince McMahon leaving them behind. McMahon apparently left on a private charter with the bigger names attempting to get back to the United States for Smackdown. A few wrestlers posted on social media calling out the “top 20” that left with Vince.

13 Does: Alexa Bliss returning soon

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The injury history of Alexa Bliss has seen her missing time quite often in recent years. Bliss has been off television for a few months now after losing the Women’s Tag Team Championship with Nikki Cross. Reports have come out that the injury is minor and one of the top female stars of Vince McMahon will be back on the Smackdown brand soon.

12 Does not: Finn Balor asked to leave main roster for NXT

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The move from Finn Balor leaving the main roster to return to NXT was shocking. This was the first instance of a major performer making such a change with NXT now on the USA Network. Balor reportedly asking for this would make Vince and the entire main roster setup look horrible since he’s likely losing some money with such a move.

11 Does not: Rusev/Lashley/Lana segments doing poor ratings

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The love triangle storyline between Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley has been heavily criticized by wrestling fans. Raw’s segments with the three also have shown failure in the ratings. WWE does angles like this with the belief it will attract the casual viewer, but Raw’s ratings just tank with them getting television time.

10 Does: Rob Gronkowski hopes to join WWE

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Former NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski retired from the NFL at a young age to maintain his health. The friendship with WWE star Mojo Rawley has seen Gronk appear on WWE television in the past. Rumors of Gronk wanting to wrestle for WWE likely has Vince ecstatic that a big name is the one seeking WWE.

9 Does not: FOX upset with Backstage ratings

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FOX has high hopes for WWE given the massive figures they spent securing the WWE television rights. Smackdown has been hit or miss, but the secondary show Backstage is off to a horrible start. Rumors are floating around that FOX is upset that the official premiere episode only drew 49,000 viewers.

8 Does: John Cena wants to return

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The acting career of John Cena has taken off as he is officially a part-timer for WWE at best. Cena wrestled a few times in January of 2019, but he has yet to have another match. Reports indicate Cena wants back soon for WrestleMania season which would put the biggest smile on Vince’s face to improve ratings.

7 Does not: Seth Rollins wants to turn heel

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Seth Rollins has struggled immensely in the role as the top star on Raw. Fans started turning on Rollins during his feud with Bray Wyatt’s Fiend alter ego. There is a belief that Rollins is unhappy with his status and wants to turn heel. Vince never wants to hear that from someone considered the face of a brand.

6 Does: Liv Morgan returning with Bayley

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One of the newer rumors about WWE features the potential return of Liv Morgan. Following a loss to Charlotte Flair, Morgan claimed she would be real when she returned, but she has yet to appear. Rumors of Liv returning to team with Bayley and Sasha Banks would please Vince if fans believe he has long-term plans for the lower card names.

5 Does not: Randy Orton fooled WWE into giving him big contract extension

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Randy Orton has no filter on social media and loves joking about controversial topics. The recent slew of jokes has featured him teasing the potential of joining AEW. WWE coincidentally offered Orton a huge contract extension with the timing implying his jokes inspired them to pay him the big bucks for a new deal.

4 Does: Paul Heyman wants Goldberg back

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One of the major rumors regarding Paul Heyman’s vision for Raw is his desire to bring Goldberg back a few times per year. Heyman wants Goldberg to become an attraction for WWE like Bruno Sammartino in the old days. Vince is the one called out for the legends taking over, so Heyman having this thought is a rumor he likely wants out there.

3 Does not: Roman Reigns not returning to Saudi Arabia shows

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Quite a few wrestlers were upset about how the Saudi Arabia situation was handled. Talents like Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens have already refused to work the shows. Roman Reigns is reportedly one of the names now also wanting to avoid those shows after the recent Crown Jewel disaster.

2 Does: Becky Lynch is the biggest draw

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The success of Becky Lynch has made her the face of the women’s division and possibly the entire WWE. Lynch is reportedly one of the most valuable assets with both USA and FOX wanting her on their shows. Vince likely wants the world to know about this rumor since it shows how much the women’s evolution has thrived.

1 Does not: Brock tells Vince what to do

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Brock Lesnar’s dominance on WWE television recently saw him squash Kofi Kingston in 10 seconds to end Kofi’s WWE Championship reign in humiliating fashion. A report broke that Lesnar is the one that decides his match length and outcomes as he tells Vince what to do instead of vice versa. It is a horrible look for WWE if this is true.

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