10 Delicious Meals You Didn’t Know You Could Make With Roti Or Naan Bread

Many of you might have tried your hand at rolling out flatbreads such as the roti or naan. A staple in southern Asia as well as many parts of the Middle East and Africa, the flatbread, if made of whole wheat, is a great addition to any diet. And it can be used in multitudinous ways, other than just being a substitute to bread. Here are some awesome uses of the roti (or naan), especially if you have some leftover ones at hand.

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10 A Thin-Crust Pizza

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A roti or naan makes for a great pizza base. If the roti is slightly thick, then one would be good. If not, simply layer two rotis atop each other with shredded mozzarella in between and use this as a sumptuous and rather healthy pizza base. Naan also works well.

9 Roti Wraps

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It's as good as it looks. Simply grab all the leftover salad and meat from dinner into the wrap, spread mayo or a yummy garlic sauce and serve cold or heated with some of your favorite dips.

8 Chapati Noodles

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Whenever you need dinner in a pinch, a roti can be cut into long strips and used as a great noodle substitute with even less cooking time. Simply add the roti strips into your pan after you’ve fried a selection of vegetables and added a yummy sauce.

7 Chapati Crisps

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Think chips and potatoes go hand in hand? Well, so does roti. Cut the rotis into the shapes of your choice and sprinkle them with sea salt and pepper. Bake for 8-10 minutes or until the roti chips are golden brown and crisp. The perfect crunch, minus the calories…

6 Bread Pudding? Think Naan

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If leftover naans are getting to be a sky high, try this awesomely sweet and worth-the-effort bread pudding that uses naans effectively for a delicious dessert.

5 Chinese Spring Rolls

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Once you’ve got the basic filling of the spring roll ready, be it chicken, prawns, or just veggies doused in soy sauce, fill up your roti the way you would a rice paper. Fold up and if you feel the roll is slightly unsteady, tie it with some cotton thread. Deep fry and then cut diagonal cross sections to serve with sweet chili dip.

4 Roti Tacos

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Fold the roti into half, layering them inside out (the way tacos come in boxes) and then zap them in the microwave for 3-5 minutes, so that they harden to a crispy texture. Use them as you would a taco and enjoy the difference in the taste and flavor.

3 Breakfast, Sunny Side Up

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Bored about breakfast? Roti can liven it up—sprinkle shredded mozzarella on the roti, shake in a little pepper, and crack open an egg onto it. Bake for about 8-10 minutes and you have a crisp, cheesy, and sunny breakfast.

2 Open-Faced Sandwiches

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Lighten your carb intake by zapping a roti or naan in the microwave for 2-3 minutes to harden it. Spread your favorite mayo and then layer it with meats and veggies of your choice. Wash down with a glass of cool milk or hot chocolate for the ultimate comfort food meal.

1 Leftover Roti Cutlets

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Blend leftover roti in the food processor with a little water to make a coarse paste. Now chop and add in your choice of vegetables and even some cooked chicken. Make little balls and flatten them out into round, thick discs. You can choose to cook them as you like by pan roasting, shallow fry or even baking.

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