10 Disney Characters We Respect (And 10 Who Are The Worst)

Over the years, Disney has introduced so many memorable characters to fans. There are pretty princesses and silly sidekicks. There are masculine men and adorable animals. And there are, of course, vicious villains that people love to hate.

While not everyone may agree on who is the best Disney character of all of them and of all time, there are those top ones that many people seem to really respect… as well as those select few who are just the worst ! Yes, there are the faves… along with the characters who do mean things, who mess things up and who get on fans’ nerves. And all of these are going to be discussed, right here and right now.

On one hand, there are smart, attractive, inspiring and memorable characters, and fans admire them, have crushes on them, learn from them and enjoy them. On the other hand, there are annoying, not-so-smart, selfish and irritating characters, and fans get so frustrated with their parts in these classic tales. However, their parts are necessary, as they create conflict and lead to the success of stars! That being said, it is time to go over some really great people from this magical brand, as well as some not-so-great ones, too. 

20 Respect: Belle

Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, is one of the most brilliant and beautiful princesses out there. She enjoys reading, she took her father’s place as The Beast’s prisoner, she stood up for what was right, and she showed everyone the gentle side of her true love.

19 Worst: Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell is a supporting character from Peter Pan, and while she is certainly a cutie, she has her issues. She is very jealous, which made her act out against Wendy. She is sort of selfish, as she puts her own desires over everyone else’s time after time.

18 Respect: Tiana

Another wonderful princess is The Princess and the Frog’s Tiana. She has all the traits of a great royal leader, but she is also down to earth, hardworking and motivating. She always wanted to open a restaurant, and she didn’t let anything stand in the way of serving up her delicious foods to people!

17 Worst: Peter Pan

Speaking of Peter Pan… His whole thing was that he had not grown up, but even a child should not act like he did. He laughed when mermaids tried to drown Wendy, he made fun of people, and instead of being a gracious host to the Darling children, he sometimes talked down to them instead.

16 Respect: Mickey Mouse

When it comes to respectable Disney characters, Mickey Mouse is at the top of the list. He is the guy who started it all, and he brings joy to so many people. Whether he is at a park or in a film, he is this lovable and wondrous presence that is impossible to not like.

15 Worst: Donald Duck

One of Mickey’s friends is Donald Duck, and he is another classic character that has been seen in so many forms for so many years. However, for being someone who is associated with such a magical brand, he sure can be a sourpuss!

14 Respect: Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket served as Pinocchio’s conscience, meaning he brought wisdom and leadership. He taught this character, as well as viewers, how to do the right thing, and he stayed strong, fair, smart and friendly while teaching these lessons. Everyone could use a Jiminy in real life.

13 Worst: Pinocchio

And then there was Pinocchio. No, he was not a real boy. Yes, he had never been out in the world before. But he had Geppetto and Jiminy Cricket to guide him, so why did he continue to make bad decision after bad decision, ignoring everything that the two taught him?

12 Respect: Fauna, Flora & Merryweather

Some more guiding lights from this magical universe would be Fauna, Flora and Merryweather; they are Princess Aurora’s fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty. No matter what life throws their way, they stay positive, which is so cute and inspiring! Plus, they make clothes and cakes, which is always nice, too.

11 Worst: Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland could have served as a guide, as well, but instead, he chose to make everything as complicated and as confusing as possible. This is an upside-down world where everything is opposite, but think about how frustrating that would be...

10 Respect: King Triton

One of the most respected parents from Disney would be King Triton. At first, he may seem like he is too hard on his kids, but he just wants what is best for them and would do anything to keep them safe. That being said, he ended up accepting Ariel’s true destiny.

9 Worst: Queen Elinor

Queen Elinor may want what is best for her kiddos (Merida, Harris, Hubert and Hamish), too, but in the movie Brave, she turned into a bear. Sure, there was more to the story, but for that reason alone, she has ended up on the “worst” list of Disney characters!

8 Respect: Grandmother Willow

Grandmother Willow deserves some of the utmost respect; in Pocahontas, she was there to give advice whenever it was needed. She has been around forever. She always knows what to say. She is full of positive traits like dignity, wisdom and kindness. She is just so great.

7 Worst: Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Fix-It Felix, Jr. is a character from Wreck-It Ralph, and as his name suggests, his job is to fix things. Since Ralph was there to wreck things, Felix was not so nice to Ralph at first. And since Felix is the main character in his game, everyone else followed Felix’s lead. He eventually came around, but still...

6 Respect: Moana

Moana is another female protagonist to love. Even at such a young age, she talks and sings of chasing dreams, doing what is right, standing up against injustices, following the heart… Yes, she is certainly one to respect out of all of the characters who exist within this brand.

5 Worst: Elsa

As everyone knows, Elsa has icy powers, and she has come a long way in her journey. Still, she has ended up on this side of the list! She could have been using her gift long ago, and she did not have to shut everyone out, especially not her own sister.

4 Respect: Miguel

The children in Disney films are sometimes the most respected; just look at Miguel from Coco! He has a curiosity that led to an amazing adventure. He has a love that brought everyone together. And he has a sweetness that made his movie one of the best.

3 Worst: Kuzco

For a lesson on how not to lead, just look at the beginning of The Emperor's New Groove; thankfully, Kuzco became a changed man/llama, but at first, he only cared about himself, he was egotistical, and he did not treat anyone in a nice way.

2 Respect: Mufasa

For a lesson on how to lead successfully, just look at Mufasa from The Lion King. This is one of the most celebrated films of all time, and the way this character lived and loved and led was perfect. Unfortunately, he lost his life, but his legacy lives on, for sure!

1 Worst: Widow Tweed

It is hard to put non-villains on a “worst” list, but if one more had to be named, it would be Widow Tweed. Was she doing what was best? Did she have good intentions? It does not matter! Her driving away created one of the saddest scenes that has ever been made.

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