10 Disney-Inspired Outfits You Need in Your Life

Pink skirts, yellow gowns, black polka dots, red lipstick… attention Disney-lovers, it’s time to channel your favorite Disney princess and start experimenting with colorful, crazy clothing items! To bring back that bittersweet feeling of nostalgia and remind you of all the good times of watching the classic Disney movies, we've created 10 outfits inspired by the ultimate heroes and beauties of our childhoods. Although it is not Halloween, these outfit ideas are perfect for any dress-up occasion or just to make those grey, boring days more fun and magical!

10 Alice

Must-Have Items: Blue dress, black hair tie, poker clutch

For the days when even the madness in Wonderland makes more sense than reality. Or if you would like to have tea and celebrate your non-birthday with the Mad Hatter (AKA Johnny Depp, and who on Earth wouldn’t like to do that?).

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9 Cinderella

Must-Have Items: Crystal heels, and a long, icy blue dress

For the days when you keep wishing for a secret fairy to suddenly appear, transform your closet, find the perfect prince for you and make your life better.

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8 Jasmine

Must-Have Items: Lace-up shoes, turquoise crop top & pants and a clutch that can function as a magic carpet.

For the days when you would just like to fly away on a magic carpet to a warm country, to stare at palm trees and become friends with tigers and monkeys.

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7 Mulan

Must-Have Items: Green and yellow dress, a floral clutch

For the days when you want to show everyone who’s the boss. Also, if you wish to sit around cherry blossom trees philosophizing about life – that’s pretty cool as well.

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6 Ariel

Must-Have Items: Shell top, green skirt and a fork

For the days when you want to skip the work and take an underwater trip to swim with dolphins and discover the long lost treasures of sunken ships.

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5 Belle

Must-Have Items: yellow dress, pink heels and a rose

For the days when you would like to discover the narrow streets, bakeries and libraries of France.

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4 Rapunzel

Must-Have Items: Purple dress and a hipster flower crown

For the days when your hair just won’t behave.

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3 Pocahontas

Must-Have Items: Fringed suede top and skirt, blue necklace

For the days when you are feeling like the goddess of nature, because who wouldn’t like to talk to trees and have such gorgeous, long black hair?

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2 Snow White

Must-Have Items: Blue off shoulder top, yellow skirt and red accessories

For the days when you are waiting for the prince to save you, or would like to to ditch the apples and the healthy lifestyle.

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1 Minnie

Must-Have Items: Polka dots, high-waisted shorts and bows

For the days when you just want to grab and wear everything feminine, such as polka dots, pearls, red lipstick and bows.

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