10 BOO-tiful DIY Projects For Halloween

It is finally here...the time we have all been waiting for...fall! The air is cooler and crisper, the aisles at stores are filled with candy and decorations, and scary movie marathons begin playing on TV. And in order to fully prepare for this time of the year, we must decorate our homes for Halloween, of course! For us true fans of this holiday, that is one of the best parts. In fact, many of us may leave up haunting little decorations all year, since we just can’t get enough of witches, bats, skeletons and black cats.

Halloween decorations range from cute fall motifs to heart-stopping setups that depict scenes straight out of our nightmares. Whether you are looking for something that is pretty or something will scare trick-or-treaters, this list has something for you; below, we have listed out 10 DIY projects. While almost every store out there has a great section of Halloween decorations (sections we have probably all already hit up!), the point here is the DIY part; anyone can create these products, and we all probably have many of these materials already lying around. And if not, we can get them for cheap. They are all themed for Halloween, they can all add a flair to our homes, and they are all BOO-tiful!

10 A Halloween Countdown

Via: Pinterest

First up, in order to equip ourselves for October 31st, we need a countdown, and this one can be made by anyone! Just take some wood, write a creepy little message on it, and a chalkboard, which is where the actual countdown will take place. This would look great as a mini version, hanging somewhere central in your house, such as fridge, or as a larger version, like this one, which can keep the entire neighbor prepared. With this sign, your house will definitely be known as Halloween Central (And isn’t that the goal here?).

9 Halloween Mason Jars

Via: Woo Home

With any decorating, ambiance is key, and nothing sets the mood quite like lighting. Since Halloween is a creepy time of the year, you are going to want to be sure to add some lights like these to your decor. Many people have extra mason jars lying around, and with a little paint and a little fun, they can be transformed into goblins, monsters, and ghouls. Plus, they can light up the path that leads dressed-up celebrators to your door for candy (or scare them away...either one works!).

8 Book Page Pumpkins

Via: Saved By Love Creations

As mentioned, some people opt for prettier decorations when fall arrives, and that is where these pumpkins come in. If you come across any books that are pretty much done for, you can repurpose them into decor! With a little coloring, some little stems and a couple of green leaves, these look like the coolest pumpkins around - perfect for lovers of literature.

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7 Jack-O-Lantern Drinking Glasses

Via: Blue Is Style Blog

Some people throw a party during Halloween. Others spend the whole month on the couch and watching scary flicks. Either way, a drink is in order, and it must be enjoyed out of a cool, themed glass. That is a rule during this time of the year. And thankfully, decoupaging is a simple way to add elements onto flat surfaces, like glass, and voila - jack-o-lantern drinking glasses that are perfect for parties and/or movie marathons!

6 Halloween Mummy Door

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The outside of your house may be covered in Halloween decorations. The inside could look like a real-life haunted mansion. But what about the in-between part? The door to your house can be covered in white to look like a mummy! Just wrap it up, add some eyes, and you are good to go. This, once again, helps with letting everyone know how much you love this holiday.

5 Skeleton Door Wreath

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Another option for doors is a wreath, and this one involves taking parts of a skeleton and attaching them to a simple wreath. You may have bones lying around, if your Halloween decorating options are super fab, or you could pick up a skeleton at the store and deconstruct him; that could be fun! Whichever option works for you can result in one unique wreath.

4 Homemade Garden Ghosts

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Big Halloween stores are known for their animatronic creatures that actually move, talk and scare people. Those can get pretty pricey, though. In order to create the mood in your yard and on a budget, paint some blocks white, add some black dots, and you have a garden full of ghosts! These would look cute scattered around your entire home or all centralized around one point (like the garden).

3 Haunted Halloween Village

Via: Vintage Paint And More

Villages are usually associated with Christmas, as these miniature buildings and scenes depict families buying green trees, couples skating on ice and children having snowball fights. But what about a Halloween village?! They sell expensive and ornate ones...or you could buy some mini buildings, paint them black, and create your own haunted town! And the options for what comes next are endless: a mini-cemetery, a little Beetlejuice, a Hogwarts castle...We love this idea.

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2 Outdoor Witch Silhouette

Via: Cute DIY Projects

Our final two DIY projects are meant for the outdoors since that is what most people will see. Every good house needs a witch around during this time of the year, and this one is a simple silhouette. She even has a black cat to go with her, but the cherry on top is the cauldron: Throw in some dry ice, and people will be dying to visit your house on October 31st!

1 Chicken Wire Figures

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For a more ghostly idea, use chicken wire (that is painted white) to form body shapes. Stick them around your yard. Make people think there are actually ghosts wandering around your home. These are easy. They are subtle. But they can have a truly scary - and a truly BOO-tiful! - effect.

We hope you enjoyed this list. We hope your projects turn out BOO-tiful. And we hope you all have a happy Halloween!

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