10 Drinks You Need To Try Inspired By Your Favorite TV Shows And Movies

Ordering the same drink, time and time again, can get BORING! I love ordering my usual (whiskey and ginger) but often times, I want to try something different. Something I have never heard of before. Something that ignites love at first taste. I drive the local bartender crazy with my indecisiveness. Flipping through the pages of his recipe book, unsatisfied and singing, "I can't get no satisfaction." 

Well lucky for you, I decided to do a little online research, mixing my two favorite things: movies and booze. And here are some amazing drinks I found that were actually inspired by some of our favorite TV shows and movies! And each of them tastes a little bit like heaven...

10 "Old School" - You'r My Boy Blue!

I have recently added the NYC, Stay Classy Bar to my bucketlist. An entire bar themed around Will Ferrell and his movies and character?! I'm in! This drink, inspired by Old School tastes like a beach dream. Make your own by adding gin, blue curacao, sweet & sour, and pineapple juice.

9 "Black Swan"

Via: pinterest.com

If you liked the film with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, then I promise you are going to LOVE this drink. Three ingredients, super easy, and SUPER delicious! All you need is 1.5 oz of vodka, lemonade, and 4 raspberries. Now, if you start to have hallucinations, that's all on you.

8 "Harry Potter" - Butterbeer

I know I can't be the only adult woman with dreams of going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando! Although, I have yet to go, I have been dying to try the butterbeer. Lucky for you, I found the recipe online and even took it up a notch. All you need is vanilla ice cream (butter cream works best), butterscotch syrup, cream soda, and a shot of whipped cream vodka. YUM! Best dessert drink ever!

7 "Psycho" - Psycho Juice

Via: people.com

A wonderful Halloween-themed drink; Hitchcock's Psycho Juice is DELICIOUS! All you need is 2 oz of your favorite Riesling, 1 oz of Run, and pineapple juice. We advise you to not drink it in the shower.

6 "Breaking Bad" - Breaking Bad Blue Margarita

If you're not following the Tipsy Bartender on Instagram then shame, shame on you!

5 "The Revenant" Cocktail

Via: observer.com

A wonderful recipe that is perfect for everyone, although I think the guys will love this one more. The drink itself has a very earthy/manly taste, but the gummy bears just make up for it. Super creative and yummy!

4 "The Perfect Storm"

Another awesome drink from the Tipsy Bartender! Perfect for a girls night out or outdoor summer party! This was by far one of my favorites.

3 "Mad Max" 

Via: observer.com

This drink is perfect for a night-in when the weather's cold outside and you are just wanting to snuggle up on the couch, watching movies. The recipe is super easy, too; all you need is cask, milk and honey. Yum!

2 "Sex in the City" - The Flirtini

Via: pinterest.com

How could we have a list and not add Sex in the City to it?! This show revolutionized cocktails and inspired so many different drinks. The Flirtini just happens to be one of those, and it is soooo good! All you need is 1.5 oz of vodka, 3 oz pineapple juice, and champagne to be transported to brunch heaven!

1 "50 Shades of Grey"

Via: pinterest.com

Looks yummy, right?! Well it is! The recipe is super easy, but we recommend watching the video to watch how you put it all together. All you need is vanilla ice cream, vodka ( I recommend whipped cream vodka or even amaretto) and strawberries. Seriously, it's so good that it's almost bad for you.

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