10 Drool-Worthy Cadbury Creme Egg Recipes Just In Time For Easter

There’s an ongoing debate about whether Cadbury Creme Eggs are delicious or disgusting. For those of you that are in the “delicious” camp, these Easter recipes are for you! What are you waiting for? Feast your eyes on the mouth-watering Cadbury Creme Egg recipes below (and run to the grocery store to grab as many Cadbury Creme Eggs as you can before they're gone!).

10 Cadbury Creme Egg Tarts

via: sweetsofstyle.com

These Creme Egg Tarts are essentially a shortbread biscuit base filled with melted Cadbury Creme Eggs and then topped with Creme Egg "yolk". Delectable. Get the recipe here.

9 Creme Egg Hot Chocolate

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Is the weather still not quite as warm as you would like? Warm up with this rich and Creme Egg-filled hot chocolate. Tip: This recipe tends to be pretty gooey (especially with the addition of the fresh whipped cream), so prepare for a mess! Find the recipe here.

8 Cadbury Creme Egg Macarons

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The classiest and most scrumptious Easter treat I can imagine. These dainty chocolate macarons are sandwiched between a vanilla egg yolk filling (be sure to have some yellow food colouring on hand!). Get the recipe here.

7 Creme Egg-Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I never thought it would be possible to make a classic chocolate chip cookie even more delicious, but you know what, the addition of a mini Creme Egg inside each cookie does the trick! Get the recipe here.

6 Cadbury Creme Egg Cheesecake

via: netmums.com

This melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake is stuffed with mini Creme Eggs and topped with melted chocolate and more Cadbury Creme Eggs (you can always put fewer Creme Eggs in the cake if you want to reduce the sweetness). Check out the recipe here.

5 Creme Egg Rocky Road

via: tamingtwins.com

Already a fan of the goodness that is marshmallows, cookies, and chocolate? Then this recipe is perfect for you. With Creme Eggs blended into the mixture and placed on top, you can’t go wrong. Get the recipe here.

4 Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate Caramel Shortbread

via: kerrycooks.com

Another delicious spin on a classic, these Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate Caramel Shortbread cookies (wow what a mouthful!) contain a devilishly light shortbread, a thick layer of homemade caramel (I promise it's really not that hard to make from scratch!), another layer of smooth milk chocolate, and crushed Creme Eggs to top it off. Find the recipe here.

3 Cadbury Creme Egg Brownies

via: hillsandhotchocolate.wordpress.com

These look divine! With half of a full-sized Creme Egg in each brownie, these rich and decadent brownies are taken to the next level. Find the recipe here.

2 Creme Egg Chocolate Drizzle Cake

via: greatbritishchefs.com

The ultimate Easter cake! This cake is made of two layers of deliciously moist chocolate sponge, with a layer of creamy chocolate frosting, and topped with none other than whole Cadbury Creme Eggs, chocolate chips, and a chocolate drizzle. Check out the recipe here.

1 Creme Egg Donuts

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These miniature donuts are indiv


idually stuffed with a whole Creme Egg before being deep fried and tossed in sugar. These may not be the healthiest option, but hey, it's a holiday after all! Check out the recipe here.

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