10 Easter Cupcake Inspirations

While Easter is famous for its Easter eggs and chocolate, you definitely can’t forget about cake. Seriously, there is never a bad time for cake. Cupcakes go well with pretty much any occasion, but there are some particularly cute decorations for Easter. Think pastels, spring flowers, and adorable baby animals like bunnies and chicks.

Check out these 10 pretty and unique ways to decorate Easter cupcakes below!

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10 Garden Carrot Cupcakes

via: yourcupofcake.com

These Easter cupcakes are simply adorable, and the variety of flavours and fun colours make them perfect for kids. Chocolate icing, Oreo cookie crumbs, orange food colouring, and some green sour straws are all you need to get this look. The recipe calls for an orange boxed cake mix, but really any cake flavour will do. Insider tip: pipe some orange frosting into the centre of the cupcake so it really looks like a carrot growing in the ground. Check out the recipe here.

9 Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

via: gotchocolate.com

First of all, these are super cute. And second, they are easy to make – they're basically foolproof. All you need are some jelly beans or chocolate eggs, green food colouring, and ramen noodles. Yes, you read that correctly! To get that authentic “bird’s nest” look, you’ll need to coat a small handful of ramen noodles in chocolate, then let it set in the fridge. The recipe calls for pre-made icing and boxed cake mix (switch them out for your favourite recipes if you like, but if you’re in a pinch, this recipe is perfect). Get the full recipe here.

8 Peeps Surprise Cupcakes

via: bettycrocker.com

These cupcakes are perfect for kids—fun, colourful, and full of sugar (but hey, it’s a holiday, right?). Peeps make up most of the decoration on top of the cupcake, but it’s the centre of this cupcake that really shines. Each one has a small chocolate egg and some festive Easter sprinkles inside, making every bite a party. The recipe comes from Betty Crocker so it is packed full of Betty Crocker products; however, you can easily substitute your own vanilla or golden cake for a boxed cake mix (same goes for the icing). Get the full recipe here.

7 Easy Bunny Cupcakes

via: yourcupofcake.com

These are probably my favourite cupcakes on this list because they serve three purposes: they're so simple, yet so festive and pretty. Any cake recipe will do, though the lemon cake suggested provides a certain freshness and moisture, and pairs extremely well with the cream cheese icing. To make the ears, all you need are some marshmallows and pink sprinkles. Get the full recipe here.

6 Vanilla Pastel Cupcakes

via: tumblr.com

These Vanilla Pastel cupcakes are simple and elegant, perfect for a grown up Easter party. If you’re good with a piping bag, then this is the perfect recipe for you. Just be sure not to go too heavy with the food colouring as you don’t want the colours to be too dark. Insider tip: if you’d like to jazz them up a bit, add some Easter sprinkles or edible pearl sprinkles on top. Check out the full recipe here.

5 Easter Basket Cupcakes

via: skiptomylou.org

With this cupcake, think arts and crafts. From the DIY cupcake liner, to the pipe cleaner & ribbon handle, to the actual cupcake and its icing, this is an Easter project for the entire family. The cupcake itself isn’t hard to make — it’s the assembly that will be the tricky part. Get the full recipe here (and be sure to download the printable Easter basket cupcake liner).

4 Bunny Butt Cupcakes

via: spendwithpennies.com

Cute and hilarious, this cupcake is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Rather than using a ton of fondant, this cupcake uses cookie crumbs, marshmallows, shredded coconut, and pink and white candy melts to achieve the bunny look. Get the full recipe here.

3 Sheep Cupcakes

via: repeatcrafterme.com

I love these cupcakes! Once again, no fondant is used. Just a ton of mini marshmallows, some icing, and tootsie rolls. While your cupcakes are in the oven, take the time to mold your tootsie rolls into little sheep faces (microwave the tootsie rolls for about 15 seconds first to soften them up and make them more pliable). Check out the full recipe here.

2 Caramel Bird’s Nest Cupcakes

via: hotpolkadot.com

This cupcake is caramel overload (in a good way)! Caramel cake, caramel buttercream, and spun sugar all work to create this beautifully delicate and elegant cupcake. Sugar work can take a bit of time to master, but if you’ve been looking for an excuse to test it out then this is a great option! Plus, the nest allows you to be as messy as can be. This cupcake is delicious for all ages, but may require an adult to actually make them. Check out the recipe here.

1 Ultimate Easter Cupcake

via: autumnedington.com

I figured I would finish this list with the Ultimate Easter Cupcake. For many of us, Easter means Cadbury Creme Eggs, and this recipe uses lots of creme eggs! These cupcakes feature a rich buttercream icing, a dark chocolate drizzle, and the best part: a full creme egg in the centre of each and every cupcake. Yum. Get the full recipe here.

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