10 Easy AM Tricks That Will Turn Every Morning Hater Into A Morning Person

Let’s face it: most of us just can’t understand how anyone can smile within the first few hours of waking up. We can't even understand the definition of  "morning person." Luckily, there are some tricks for us lazy, grumpy people to get started easier during the morning. I did my research, listened to my friends’s advice and tried out everything (except for morning workouts, because I’m not a masochist) to make my mornings less terrifying. The results were actually surprising for me as I was always the type of person who woke up and was already on the road in her pyjamas, with a coffee in one, and hand a toothbrush in the other, late for work.

Here are my top 10 tips, based on long weeks of experimenting:

10 Coffee Break

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Instead of quickly drinking your black coffee like it's a shot of tequila, sit down and sip your coffee patiently. Use that time to read your favourite blogs, message your friends, play with your pets or just look out of the window. Enjoy doing nothing. This way, not only will you feel more relaxed and refreshed, but you will be able to avoid morning sickness as well.

9 Set Your Alarm 15 Minutes Earlier

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Yes, I know. You are probably asking yourself, "who in the right mind would wake up even a minute earlier?!", but trust me, spending that extra bit of time during the morning can be a true life-saver. Besides, not stressing about running late, setting your alarm (and actually waking up instead of hitting snooze), and giving yourself time to get ready for the day will instantly turn you into a less depressed and grumpy human being.

8 Get Excited

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Having a project presentation? Going out tonight? Meeting one of your friends who you haven’t seen for a long time? Find something that will get you excited for the day, even if it is a small thing such as trying out a new recipe, or buying that lipstick you have been dreaming of.

7 Morning Yoga

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I never enjoyed any type of sport until my friend dragged me to a yoga class, and since then, morning yoga has been the instant remedy if my body feels exhausted after waking up. Lots of people say there is nothing better than a morning workout. I don’t really have experience with serious workouts unless it’s trying to reach the chocolate on the top shelf, but if you are feeling motivated (and a bit crazy), try out a morning run as well!

6 Evening Meditation

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This is my favourite trick. Spending 5-10 minutes meditating and relaxing before going to sleep will help you fall asleep easier. It will allow you to have a calm, long night if sleep, and will even help you organise your thoughts for the next morning. The key to meditation is to find your perfect routine and experiment with meditating with music or outside on your balcony, breathing in the fresh air.

5 Morning Shower

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For everyone still secretly wishing to become a mermaid, a quick morning shower can be a great option for a happier start. Especially if the time spent in the shower is combined with loud karaoke, refreshingly scented shower gel and philosophizing about the important issues of lie.

4 Grab Your Microphone

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Create a fun playlist with all those perfect morning songs that are way too mainstream and way too popular for you to admit you actually like them, and let the concert begin! Turn up the volume and don’t be afraid to dance while brushing your teeth and getting dressed – your favourite songs will quickly wake you up and get you in the happy zone.

3 Socialize

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Call or message one of your friends and start planning your next rendez-vous! While giving you the motivation to survive the day, socializing with your loved ones will also get you ready for the endless socializing you will have to do all day.

2 Breakfast

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Breakfasts are amazing. Just the thought of waking up, knowing that I can eat pancakes, toast, nutella, strawberries, waffles, and eggs makes me want to go back in time to 7AM, and there is probably nothing else that could make me feel as passionate about mornings as maple syrup and pancakes. Not to mention, breakfast will also give you that extra energy, so it is a win-win situation.

1 Let Your Body Breathe

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It’s almost summer – open the windows and let in the fresh air and the sunshine! Although there is nothing better than a warm and soft blanket after showering, this is one of the best ways to keep your body awake. Another option is to have your coffee and breakfast on your balcony, in your garden or at your local café.

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