10 Easy Easter Crochet Patterns That Are Perfect For Beginners

Nothing's better for Easter than a good DIY project, and crocheting definitely falls under the list of the least labor-intensive projects you can embark on, especially if you already have some experience. But lots of the fancier patterns can be complete disasters for beginners.

To ensure that you don't end up ripping your hair out from frustration, here are ten simple Easter themed items you can crochet even if you're just starting out. All you really need to know is how to hold your crochet hook and how to read a pattern! They make great gifts for your friends and family members, fun toys for kids or pets, or just awesome decorations for your house or apartment.

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10 Simplest Easter Egg

via: greedyforcolour.blogspot.ca

This is your basic, one-shade Easter egg. It's perfect if you're only just starting out and need to practice on something simple. Get the pattern here. The page also links to an explanation of the abbreviations used in the pattern, and if you know how to switch colors, you can definitely spice this one up and make it stripy.

9 Chevron Striped Easter Egg

via: repeatcrafterme.com

This one's a bit more complex, but the step-by-step picture tutorial really helps get the gist of what's going on. Plus, it's so pretty you'll definitely want to give it a go (don't despair if it takes a few tries, though). Here's the pattern and tutorial.

8 Cute Bunny Applique

via: weaverbirdie.blogspot.ca

If 3D patterns are a bit too complex for you at the moment, try out this cute two-dimensional bunny applique. It's a simple little present to give people as a token of your appreciation, and there's an easy picture tutorial to help deconstruct the steps. Check out the pattern here.

7 Mini Easter Egg Basket

via: helloyellowyarn.com

Everyone loves those little chocolate eggs, and now you can have an adorable basket you can store them in! The pattern also comes with a picture tutorial that will take you through the process. Here's the link.

6 Easter Egg Coasters

via: atty-s.blogspot.ca

Want to mass crochet something simple, quick and useful? Try these Easter Egg Coasters. You can make these cute coasters in bunches and gift them to everyone you know. Everyone needs coasters anyway, right? The pattern includes a video explaining the special stitch used to make them. Find it here.

5 Crocheted Carrot

via: engsidrun.spire.ee

Want to try something a bit more ambitious? This carrot looks really nifty but was designed with novices in mind. The pattern also allows for plenty of customization and even includes a step-by-step picture tutorial so you can churn out loads of these if you so desire (you'll probably have to, as these also incidentally make great cat toys). Here's a link to the pdf page with the instructions.

4 Little Chick Bean Bag

via: petalstopicots.com

These look absolutely adorable but don't require heaps of effort because you're essentially just crocheting a square and folding it into shape afterwards. They're cute both as decorations and presents. Beans not included! Check out the pattern, complete with picture tutorial and modifications if you want to make a bigger bean bag, here.

3 Crochet Easter Egg Covers

via: craftaholicsanonymous.net

Amigurumi are one of the cutest things that can be crocheted, and these egg covers offer a really simple alternative to the otherwise complex and time-consuming art of crocheting stuffed toys. Each Easter Egg Cover follows the same basic pattern and they're an amazing way to spice up your kids' Easter egg hunt. Find the pattern here.

2 Large Easter Basket

via: petalstopicots.com

They say not to put all your eggs in one basket, and considering how many you've probably crocheted so far, you're going to need more than one basket anyway. Here's an easy pattern for a larger basket to fit your crocheted eggs, carrots, amigurumi and more. Just follow this link. Flower decorations are optional.

1 Bunny Baby Hat

via: 365crochet.com

Here's the pièce de résistance – an adorable bunny-eared baby beanie, with adjustable sizes for children of different ages (and even adults). It looks really fancy, but the pattern is actually very simple, and photos walk you through the different steps required to make the ears. Find all the details here.

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