10 Facts About Ximena From 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

For those of you who follow the reality train-wreck of a television show 90 Day Fiance, the names Ricky and Ximena will surely ring a bell. While the show has had its fair share of messy couples, Ximena and Ricky might take the cake.

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Really, anyone and Ricky will take the cake because he is about the shadiest character that reality television has ever seen. Poor Ximena got caught up in Ricky's web of lies and shade, and no one could help feeling sorry for the Colombian-born beauty. Here are ten facts fans of the show need to know about Ximena from 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days.

 She Is A Student

It seems that Ximena has picked up the pieces of her life post-lying-heartless-icky-Ricky quite nicely. The Colombian-born stunner is supposedly living in Miami on a student Visa and studying her English at Brewster Technical College. If her scant social media accounts are any indication of a revived love life, then we can also assume Ximena has a new man standing by her side. Photos have surfaced of Ximena and a dark, handsome someone getting pretty close. Way to get your groove and your learn on Ximena.

Ximena Is No Stranger To Dating Websites

While we all feel genuinely sorry for what Ximena had to put up with when she caught the eye of potential suitor Ricky, she isn't completely absolved of responsibility for that massive relationship crash and kaputz. They DID meet through a Colombian dating website, and with that kind of thing, you are bound to go through a couple of studs and a couple of duds. Internet dating is a roll of the dice. Sure it works out for some lucky couples, but for other people looking for love...well they land a Ricky. Live and learn there Ximena.

Ximena May Have Used Ricky For Money

Rumors began swirling that sweet, innocent Ximena was anything but when Ricky made public claims that she was using him for his money! She went on the defense saying she did nothing of the sort and that any cash Ricky sent to her was never requested, and wasn't anywhere near the amount that he was claiming. Here we have a classic case of two bitter exes playing the "he said, she said" game. It's hard to know who to side with here.

She Was Determined To Get A US Visa

This Colombia-born beauty seems mild and meek, but she has goals, people. According to reports, Ximena had spent time in the states before the show and was wanting to get back here. Was Ricky the ticket she was looking for? Her marriage to him would have guaranteed her residence to the North of her native Colombia, after all. When things didn't pan out between the doomed pair (because Ricky is truly the bottom of the barrel), Ximena secured a student VISA for her travels, but that will only ensure temporary residence in the U.S.A.

She Isn't A Fan Of Social Media

You would think that these reality stars would be all about their social media profiles. If they are willing to put their love lives on camera for the world to see, then they can't be all that private, right? Ximena isn't your average reality star, it seems. There is very little personal information floating around out there letting us know their most private details about Ximena. She does have scant social media, which gives us a little to go by, but other than that she is a bit of an internet ghost. Now that she is a hard-working student in the states, maybe she will get with the techy times and build her Snapchat and Twitter profiles.

She Got Duped By Married Ricky

Soooooo, Ricky stinks for several reasons, but the big one is that he was apparently married when he came searching for love in Colombia! His entire 90 Day Fiance appearance was to gain fame and notoriety, not love and companionship, it seems. His legal wife knew all about his aspirations but made it clear she wanted nothing to do with the show. Since news of his marriage broke, she has disabled all of her social media accounts and remains adamant that this fiasco had nothing to do with her. The pair may or may not be still married, but are likely living at different residences.

 Ximena is now thousands of miles away from Ricky

As far as we know, Ximena is loving life down in sunny Florida, and Ricky is living thousands of miles away. Now that single dad Ricky is living apart from his ex-wife, he is said to be residing in Austin, Texas where he can at least focus on fatherhood and be closer to where his children live. Ximena would do well to stay far away from Ricky and his mass quantities of lies and baggage. She seems to be on a much better track to a happier life now that Ricky is history.

She never even got her own engagement ring!

When Ricky had the nerve to propose to Ximena on the heels of Melissa's shunning, he showed his true colors and attempted to give Ximena the same ring that he was planning on giving Melissa, his number one, all along! We guess Ricky was just going to keep getting down on his knees, presenting the same ring until one of the Colombian beauties said yes for good. Seriously, who does that? Way to make a lady feel special Ricky? No one is going to take you up on your second-round ring, even with the guarantee of a Green Card.

Ximena has been in contact with Ricky's ex-wife

Ohhhh, there is not much worse than getting a random call from your man's ex-wife. Sadly, Ximena received precisely that when the phone rang, and Ricky's ex-wife was on the other end of the lone. Yikes. Whatever transpired between the two women resulted in Ximena ending her short-lived engagement with Ricky. Did Ricky's ex-spouse tell her that she was still married to him? Still in love with him? Who knows.

Ximena was a ploy in Ricky and his wife's plans

Was Ricky ever even interested in either Colombian beauty that he flew down to court? Perhaps not. According to one production source, Ricky and his wife planned the entire plot for fame and money to help propel their joint film and photography company, Crown Productions. Ricky and his "maybe ex-wife" had hoped that Ricky's presence on the show would bring him social media attention and in turn bring the couple more business. We think it is safe to say that their plans grossly backfired.

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