10 Fast Cars That Never Get Speeding Tickets (And 10 That Are Cop Magnets)

Police officers can be the bane of many drivers. Even though they’re just doing their jobs, more than one driver has been very aggravated by how the police can crack down on them for speeding. It’s one thing if they were going massively over the limit and a danger but another when it was just a couple of miles yet get a ticket. Studies have proven that certain colors of cars do attract the attention of police officers more than others. That goes for certain types of cars as well.

It may sound odd but many police officers appear to be conditioned to view some cars as automatically more likely to speed than others. This means some cars that go just a bit over the limit will be pulled over fast while others that can be faster are ignored. It may seem confusing but various studies prove it’s true. Here are 10 fast cars that somehow never get pulled over by the cops and 10 that are ticket magnets as a warning the next time one is on the road.

20 NEVER: Ford Taurus Sho


The half-joke is that the reason this car is ticketed so rarely is that cops take a look at its curves, its high-power due to hybrid engine and its often dark colors and just assume it’s an unmarked police car. In seriousness, the Sho’s 365 horsepower gives it some serious kick and its throwback bodywork makes it look like a muscle car. Yet somehow, it avoids being pulled over a lot to make it a steal for those wanting a classic fast ride.

19 TICKETED: Jetta

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Its ranking may shift over the years but one thing that has not changed is how the Jetta is among the most ticketed cars out there. At its last study, its rating was 30.8% and that might even increase over the years. Something about the Jetta just attracts cops which is bizarre given cars with much more powerful engines and higher horsepower skate by without trouble. For a car that doesn’t test the limits too much, the Jetta sure hits them in terms of tickets.

18 NEVER: Acura ILX


It’s bizarre that the 3.0/CL is among the most ticketed cars out there yet Acura also has one of the least ticketed as well. The ILX is very affordable with $30,000 for a 2018 version yet there are very few models out there. That might be playing a part in its low place on the ticket list yet still remarkable a fast and speedy Acura just slips by the cop’s radars more than others of the line.

17 TICKETED: Nissan 350Z


Many of Nissans 35 class can count for this but the 350Z is the most notable of the bunch. One look just screams “ticket magnet” with its flashy exterior, wild colors and frame that looks like it came off a race track. It backs it up with an engine that can go over 300 hp in some areas. It’s as if the company went out of its way to make a car that would get a policeman’s attention and the very high percentage of owners with tickets prove they did that job well.

16 NEVER: Chevrolet Regal GS


Chevy owners do love to boast on how cops just seem to ignore them over other car owners. The Regal GS is a good example as from another manufacturer, this lush luxury sedan would get attention. Because it’s a Buick, cops just let it go by, perhaps unaware of its 270 horsepower and 295 torque. It’s astounding a Buick sedan can hit such high speeds to make this a major addition to any owner’s garage that avoids tickets a lot.

15 TICKETED: Scion FR-15

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According to the latest reports, the Scion is in the top three of the cars most likely to get ticketed by the cops. It’s not hard to see why as they’re very common thanks to the cheap price for such a terrific performance. According to many reports, up to 33% of Scion owners are likely to be ticketed. Needless to say, this has increased the insurance premiums so Scion buyers tempted by the cheap price may end having to pay more down the road.

14 NEVER: Porsche Panamera GTS


One would think a Porsche would be an easy mark for tickets with its cool lines and sleek frame. Because Porches are known for speed and the GTS can get to 100 km in 3.2 seconds, it seems natural this would be targeted. yet it's low on the lists of tickets. What helps is that it’s not a pure sports car but a hatchback and thus its frame may not make it as notable for the cops. This is one case of a Porsche the cops don’t pay much attention to.


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Subarus are always likely to get tickets thanks to a combination of the fast speeds and the infamously poor behavior of their drivers. Yet even by Subaru standards the WRX is very high as in a survey, 33% of just 500,000 owners got tickets. This stat seems to be affecting sales as the WRX is now lagging behind the XV and Crosstrek. It indicates that folks want to avoid this ticket magnet no matter its speed.

12 NEVER: Lexus IS 350


This is another case of a car one might imagine gets ticketed a lot as a high-class luxury sedan. The fact the IS 350 has a V6 engine with 306 horsepower, excellent interior and fantastic handling and it seems likely cops are always ready to start tracking it. Instead, an astoundingly low 3.4% of owners have been pulled over. It helps that owners treat the car with such care that they don’t want to speed at all and thus avoid gaining tickets.

11 TICKETED: Pontiac GTO

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While it’s not as high as it used to be, the fact remains that the GTO is among the highest-ticketed cars out there. As it’s the latest in a classic line of muscle cars, that should be no shock as owners just love cutting loose with its amazing 400 plus horsepower. There's also how it's very popular in customization which gets further attention.  This of course means a cop is very likely to spot it speeding down the road and race to catch it. Muscle car fans may love it but the GTO does tend to rank high among a cop’s favorite to pull over.

10 NEVER: Audi A3


Perhaps this is a case where the lack of serious features means drivers don’t go as wild on the road with it. Barely ten percent of A3 owners are ticketed despite a car with good performance and excellent fuel efficiency. It does have a great luxury interior and some nice gadgets to help it stand out from the pack. It’s been called “the best luxury small car for the money” and that the money doesn’t include ticket costs adds to its appeal.

9 TICKETED: Acura Integra

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This is another example of a car that’s common because of its low price which may contribute to its high place among the most ticketed cars out there. It’s more telling due to how the ILX is among the least ticketed cars to show it’s not the Acura name but rather this particular model that catches the cops’ eyes. It’s another case of a car whose affordability is balanced by how much it can cost an owner in police fines.



The BMW 3 series is notable for its great luxury, wonderful performance for its size and ranks high on lists of the best luxury small cars. Where it doesn’t rank high is in high ticket numbers. Just under ten percent of 320L drivers get pulled over, which is half the number of other 3 series owners. The luxury probably helps  as owners are careful with how they handle it so not gunning it at huge speeds. Thus, a prospective BMW buyer would find the 320L the best bet to avoid ticket hassles.

7 TICKETED: Lexus ES 300

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Three generations of this vehicle have been sold, all notable for their fantastic mix of luxury sedan and some good performance. The ES300 may not be as fast but does boast a great V6 engine and notable for its roomy interior and rather cheap price. It’s also notable for 33% of owners getting ticketed as this fancy car gets the attention of cops and thus an easy ticket magnet on the road.

6 NEVER: Chevrolet SS


Chevys just have a good reputation for not getting ticketed too often. Something about these classic cars just helps them blend in on the road so the cops don’t care too much about them. The SS is a good example as it looks like a typical sedan but its v8 engine packs an insane 415 horsepower. Of course, it can be attributed to a very high price of at least $50,000 which means not as many of them on the road. However, the SS still manages to avoid the cops better than other high-powered cars.

5 TICKETED: Scion tC


The “Touring Coupe” is notable for its amazing performance thanks to its 200 horsepower making it very powerful for its size. Thus, it’s easy for cops to target this roaring down the road and track it down fast. 28.9% of owners have been ticketed and it helps that the price (often under $20,000) means it’s quite common on the road. It may be one of the better coupes to drive in but be warned how the cops make it a favorite as well.

4 NEVER: Jaguar XJ


Yes, strange as it sounds, a Jaguar is one of the least ticketed cars out there. Some might assume a car famous for its high speed performance and elegance would be a cop magnet. But the XJ seems to skirt by on its large shape and lacking the flashiness of other Jaguars. Cops might not even realize it’s a Jaguar but rather a slow car, missing its V8 engine which gets 400 hp. It may cost a lot but the XJ does save drivers money on ticket fines.

3 TICKETED: Monte Carlo

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Given it’s named after a place known for its massive luxury and high-end living, it may be no shock the Monte Carlo attracts the attention of cops a lot. Over thirty percent of its owners get pulled over and no doubt it's because of how flashy the car is and the huge speeds it gets. Monte Carlo owners just love to drive like they’re in the city itself so even if they’re not as common as other cars on this list, the Monte Carlo is a serious ticket magnet.

2 NEVER: Cadillac ATS

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This has the classic Cadillac luxury touches of a lush interior, gorgeous design and good performance. It’s not as high-powered as other cars from the developer, boasting a V-6 3.6-liter engine that gets 335 horsepower. That's why it’s low on the list with just 6.4% of owners getting a ticket. It lags in sales which also lowers its presence so while the ATS has the great looks of a Caddy, it doesn’t get the same level of attention from the cops.

1 TICKETED: Mercedes-Benz C300


The entire Mercedes-Benz S Class is cited among the most ticketed cars around. It’s no surprise given these tend to be very flashy cars capable of getting some major speeds and looking great. The C300 isn’t far behind with almost 30% of owners getting ticketed. The car boasts some true elegant touches as well as a turbocharged engine with 275 horsepower. It’s already expensive but getting so many tickets just adds to the costs.

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