10 Former WWE Employees Who Quietly Joined AEW (And 5 Who Might Be Next)

Slowly but surely, AEW is building quite the company both in terms of talent and behind the scenes employees. One way they’re doing so is by invading past WWE employees. Heck, even most recently at the Fyter Fest event, former WWE announcer Dasha Fuentes was spotted.

It extends even further to Dasha, AEW even recently signed a former WWE Senior Director of Marketing (we’ll have more on him in the article). The company also made some other significant backstage signings which we’ll discuss throughout the article.

In addition, we’ll speculate on which wrestling stars might be next. Some are currently employed by WWE while others are working the indie scene. Let’s get started folks. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend.

15 Joined AEW - Rafael Morffi

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This is a quiet but significant signing that has to do with the product behind the scenes. AEW recently signed former WWE employee Rafael Morffi, according to Wrestling Inc.

He worked with WWE as the Senior Director of Live Event Marketing. He is expected to take on a similar position with AEW.

14 Joined AEW - Earl Hebner

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At the age of 70, Hebner continues on in the wrestling business. He has stated in the past that he would be interested in rejoining WWE, though given the way he was released and the controversy attached, that’s less likely to take place.

AEW pounced on his resume and credibility as a referee most recently, inking the legendary ref to a deal.

13 Might Be Next - Jack Swagger

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Swagger has confirmed talks with AEW, though at the moment it appears as though nothing is really set in stone.

Swagger continues to enhance his value with a run in the world of MMA. It can be a big signing for the company especially with Swagger motivated given the way his in-ring days ended with WWE.

12 Joined AEW - Justin Roberts

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Most fans know by now, Justin’s WWE run was a major disappointment, at least given his own personal assessment. To his credit, he wasn’t afraid to talk about it, even detailing the moments in a tell-all book.

Rhodes and AEW gave him another opportunity; Roberts seems to be the new ring announcer for the company. Surely, that got WWE’s blood boiling just a little bit.

11 Joined AEW - Hugo Savinovich

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Like WWE, a big part of the puzzle for AEW is to create worldwide success in various markets, including areas outside of Canada and the US.

They took a good step in the right direction by adding former WWE Spanish commentator, Hugo Savinovich. He instantly gives the demographic legitimacy given his past in the industry.

10 Might Be Next - Rusev

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At the moment, we’re really not sure what the future holds for Rusev. Time and time again, it seems like he’s about to get a big push only to see it fall flat.

He’s currently enjoying time off but the troubling aspect is that his deal is set to expire really soon. He might be AEW bound, looking for a fresh new start.

9 Joined AEW – Jim Ross

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This one had to be a punch to Vince’s gut given the working history between these two.

Jim Ross admitted that he was honest with McMahon about joining AEW; Vince claimed he just couldn’t match the big money offer made by AEW – Ross called it the biggest contract of his career.

8 Joined AEW - Jerry Lynn

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The behind the scenes might be as important as the roster. Slowly but surely, AEW is filling this out. They made a huge signing most recently, inking Jerry Lynn to a behind the scenes deal. Lynn worked as a trainer at the PC for a hefty amount of time.

Given all of his knowledge, this is a big signing especially for the younger crop of talent. We can also see Lynn as an agent helping to set up matches.

7 Might Be Next - AJ Lee

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Lee left the business at a younger age and as we’ve seen in the past, more times than not, that can lead to a return.

AJ has discussed a willingness to return in the past. Given her history with WWE and the fact that AEW needs a legitimate face to run the division, Lee can be the perfect signing.

6 Joined AEW - Dean Malenko

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AEW landed one of the most respected men in the entire industry. Just a month ago, it was revealed that Malenko joined the company in a backstage capacity. He’ll be the Senior Producer and a coach for AEW.

AEW wasted no time picking up the legend once his WWE contract expired – a wise move by Khan and company, to say the least.

5 Joined AEW - Awesome Kong

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This was a stunning debut and one few wrestling fans could have predicted. Kong appeared at the recent AEW PPV, it would lead to some huge buzz online.

Again, AEW needs credible and established faces in the women’s division. Kong surely fits the bill. She’ll be motivated given the way her WWE run faltered. This is a shot at redemption for the veteran.

4 Might Be Next - Renee Young

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With Ambrose out of the equation, some believe Renee might make the jump next. However, WWE won’t be too keen, it is said that Renee is also set as the host for WWE’s new FS1 studio program.

Who knows what’ll happen but when Renee’s deal comes to an end, she’ll have a big decision to make.

3 Joined AEW – Billy Gunn

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Given his interview with Wrestling Inc, Gunn is set to play a major role in the development of the wrestlers within the company;

“They call me a head coach, we don’t use producer. My job will be to help the younger talent as we get going and I look forward to it. It. We have a lot of new, younger talent that needs to be developed and I’m going help them find their way.”

2 Joined AEW – Tye Dillinger

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This was a low key signing till he made his debut at the recent Fyter Fest event. Dillinger had more fans talking with one chair shot to Cody than anything he had done with WWE prior.

What looked like a quiet deal can turn into a major one for AEW.

1 Might Be Next – CM Punk

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At the moment, CM Punk continues to circle around the wrestling business. His most recent sports involvement came with NASCAR in a recent promo.

Lots of dirt sheets speculate that he’ll eventually return to wrestling, this time under the AEW banner. We expect this story to intensify once AEW makes their network debut.

Sources – Wrestling Inc, Cagesideseats & Forbes

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