10 Gifts For The Animal-Lover In Your Life

Many of us love animals. We may have our favorite little critters (like kitty cats), or we could be obsessed with all furry creatures. Either way, we could all use some more animal items in our lives. Therefore, we have rounded up 10 gifts for the animal-lover in your life. If your sister likes llamas and her birthday is coming up, we have you covered. If your boyfriend is into sharks and your anniversary is around the corner, look no further. Down below are 10 of the coolest and cutest animal-themed products out there, ready for you to buy them!

10 Owl Lamp

Via: Kirkland's

A lamp is a cool way to incorporate your love of animals into your home. It is not a product that is totally all up in your face, it is a product that is useful for all. Plus, it does honor these wise and majestic creatures in a great way.

9 Cat Earrings

Via: Amazon

Pierced ears are popular, as are cats. These earrings are the way to go when buying jewelry for a cat-loving fashionista! They are not funky looking or too flashy. They still look cute and elegant, with the pearls and the diamonds and can be paired with any outfit. Plus, they are just super fun and quirky, too.

8 Tail Magnets

Via: Petagadget

These magnets would be good for an office party, a stocking stuffer or a “just because” gift. They are sort of goofy, but we all can relate to needing to hang up to-do lists, announcements, invites, and grocery lists. With these cute little magnets, we can do so in style!

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7 Elephant Figurine

Via: Target

Figurines are great gifts because they come in all shapes and sizes and work for any age and any gender. This one here is gold and is geometric which is super neat. It also shows appreciation towards elephants, which are some of the coolest animals on the planet. Give this little figurine to your elephant-loving friends, they're bound to love it.

6 Dog Bookends

Via: Wayfair

If anyone you know has a dachshund, please just go ahead and buy these! Books need to be held up and dogs need to surround us in as many ways as possible. These bookends help with all of that and more. Plus, they are just so stinkin’ cool and cute.

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5 Shark Tote

Via: Look Human

Totes bag are good gifts for one and all since we all have tons of stuff to carry at any given time. Tote bags with animals on them make for even better gifts– especially for those special people in all our lives who like, let’s say, sharks. This gift may be a jaw dropper for your shark loving friends.

4 Critter Cups

Via: World Market

Name any kitchen item and you can find one that is animal-themed– like these measuring cups that look like different woodland critters. Not only are these useful, but they are way more pleasing to look at than some old boring measuring cups. Just look at that little fox face, how adorable!

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3 Bear Jar

Via: West Elm

Another fun item for the kitchen that would make for another fun gift for another fun friend is this cookie jar. It is shaped like a bear, which is great. It is monochromatic as well as modern, meaning it works as a sort of piece of art, too.

2 Llama Pillow

Via: World Market

We pile pillows on our couches, bed, and chairs, so we should definitely throw some animal-shaped ones into the mix while we’re at it. This one is shaped like a llama and has some colorful accents on it, so we highly suggest buying it for your adventurous and eclectic pals!

1 Animal Earbuds

Via: Amazon

Last but not least, we think these earbuds are just purrrfect. Everyone is always losing their headphones, getting them all tangled up or loaning them to other people. These are special and may just stay around furrrever! That being said, this is another great gift option for any animal-lover out there.

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