17 Grossest Things People Have Found In Food

Maybe you're coming home from a long day at work, or just waking up looking forward to breakfast... and there it is – something you weren't quiet expecting. Something that makes your tummy rumble, and NOT in a good way.

Here are 17 of the nastiest things that people have discovered in their food. Make sure you have an empty stomach! You might feel a bit queasy.

17 Some people can't go through the day without visiting their favorite coffee shop first thing in the morning. They look at the selection, pick out their favorite doughnut and...what is that? Oh, a rat – NBD!

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Can I get a muffin, hold the rat droppings, please?

16 Speaking of coffee, who knew it was like cereal, where you find a prize at the bottom of the box?

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This lucky fella found a mouse at the bottom of his coffee cup. They just don't make prizes like they used to!

15 It's always fun to add a little spice to your meal.

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14 Hi, can I send this back? I asked for crackers in my soup, not flies. Thanks!

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13 Hey, fruit snacks! Healthy AND delicious - except when you find a wood chip in the mix. I wonder how many calories that is?

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12 Healthy sandwiches can be super yummy, if you pick the right ingredients. Sometimes, you don't even realize how nutritious your meal is until you look inside. ALWAYS LOOK INSIDE. There could be a surprise nose ring - you're a winner! Maybe?

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11 Bananas are said to have many health benefits, however, I'm not sure medical journals included scorpions during their research!

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10 Hey, want a sandwich? Let me go ahead and open up the loaf - OH DEAR GOD! WHAT IS THAT? Yes, it's a mouse baked into bread.

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9 Tuna – a classic meal for most, until it stares back at you.

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WHY is my food staring back at me?

8 Who doesn't love pizza? With its crispy, cheesy goodness, and the toppings... Oh the toppings, you know, like a band-aid?

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7 Apparently, band-aids are common additions to food. I'll take mine blood-free, thanks!

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6 Potatoes, french fries, hashbrowns – all full of yummy... roaches? At least you'll get some protein!

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5 Be careful opening up a can of... well, anything! You never know what's lingering in there, like the climax of a horror movie!

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4 Vegetables are so good for you!

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Except when they come with a surprise – like a frog. You know the saying "I have a frog in my throat." Well, this company took it LITERALLY!

3 Mmmm, sometimes you just need a nice warm stew.

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Just make sure you look at what you're scooping up first, or you could be adding maggots to your diet!

2 Cakes, pastries, and... bug infested cookies?

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Try it! You might like it – or not.

1 I cannot confirm if this one is true or a hoax, however this list would not be complete without the chicken head.

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The image alone will turn even the most ambitious meat lovers into vegetarians!

Bon Appétit!

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