10 Guinness-Infused Recipes To Try This St. Patrick's Day

Whether you’re Irish or not, drinking Guinness is simply a must on St. Patrick’s Day. And if you’re a Guinness-lover then why not incorporate the famed stout into all your meals this St. Patty’s? But if you’re like me, stout beers may not be your thing, which is why I’ve searched long and hard for recipes that incorporate Guinness. And believe me, Guinness tastes delicious mixed in with a hearty beef stew or a triple chocolate cupcake. Check out the top Guinness-infused recipes below.

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10 Guinness Floats

via: gimmesomeoven.com

Sweet, simple, and oh so Irish. Indulge in a post (or pre) dinner treat with this Guinness float. Grab some ice cream of your choice, one full can of Guinness, and some chocolate sauce, and behold: a fizzy and frothy ice cream dream. Get the full recipe here.

9 Guinness-Infused Corned Beef Sandwich

via: mouthfromthesouth.com

This is hands down the most Irish sandwich I’ve ever seen. Guinness? Check. Potatoes? Check. Green bun? Check. Four Leaf Clover? Check. Go big or go home! Now, corned beef is yummy, but it’s the bread that is the real showstopper in this sandwich. First of all, the bread has been dyed green and cut into the shape of a four leaf clover. Second, the bread is made with potatoes, cheddar cheese, AND Guinness. Hearty and carb-filled, would you expect anything less of the Irish? Get the recipe here.

8 Guinness Beef Stew

via: delish.com

This traditional beef stew is the perfect comfort food, made even better with the addition of Guinness. Beef, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, rutabaga, and 2 cups of the sweet, sweet taste of home: Guinness. Plus, you can make the stew in a slow cooker, allowing you to go off and enjoy the St. Patty’s festivities without thinking about dinner! Check out the full recipe here.

7 Chocolate Guinness Cake Truffles

via: blog.candiquik.com

These cake truffles are a mix between your traditional chocolate truffle and your cake pop. And guess what? They are FILLED with Guinness. From the dark chocolate cake to the rich and creamy frosting, Guinness is a key ingredient every step of the way. Plus, the recipe is simple and includes a boxed cake mix! Get the recipe here.

6 Guinness Chili

via: tablespoon.com

This flavourful chili filled with a mix of spices, beans, and veggies would have had my attention regardless, but learning that also includes two full bottles of Guinness? That’s just the icing on the cake. With a pinch of brown sugar at the end, this chili balances out the sweet and savoury perfectly. Get the recipe here.

5 Guinness Poutine

via: foodformyfamily.com

Two words. Guinness gravy. If you have yet to try poutine, then seriously, you are missing out. While I would recommend you start off with a basic poutine, this recipe is just too good to resist. Whether you’re a newcomer to the poutine game or you’re a poutine addict, this Guinness poutine is a unique and welcome addition to the poutine world. Get the full recipe here.

4 Aged Cheddar and Guinness Fondue

via: steamykitchen.com

This aged cheddar fondue is the classiest way I have ever seen Guinness incorporated into a meal. Paired with 1 pound of mature cheddar alongside apple juice, mustard, garlic, and Worcestershire sauce, this cheese fondue is sure to be rich and delectable. Pair with anything you like (after reading this list, I bet you won’t be able to think of much that doesn’t go with Guinness). I recommend apple slices, a fresh baguette, or some kielbasa! Check out the recipe here.

3 Guinness Chocolate Pie

via: sprinklebakes.com

This is not your traditional chocolate pie. In fact, I like to think of this pie as a twisted, Guinness-filled version of a S’more. This pie features a sweet and salty crushed pretzel-base, a Guinness-infused chocolate pudding, and a Guinness marshmallow meringue (yes, you heard me correctly). Insider tip: Put the marshmallow meringue under the broiler to get that “toasted” look. Get the recipe here.

2 Guinness-Braised Turkey Tacos

via: foodandwine.com

I have made a slight amendment to this recipe. While it calls for a dark beer,why not make it a Guinness? At least on St. Patrick’s Day. These lean, protein-filled turkey thighs become insanely tender once braised with a dark beer. Add a few onions, some garlic, a tortilla, and maybe a jalapeno, and there you have it: the perfect beer-braised taco. Check out the full recipe here.

1 Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey’s Frosting

via: cincyshopper.com

A simple chocolate cake recipe made even more amazing by the addition of Guinness and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Both the cake and icing recipes are simple, so if this is one of your first baking endeavours, fear not! If you’re a baking veteran, I would suggest adding a little bit of extra Bailey’s frosting in the centre of the cupcake (just to make sure it really oozes). Check out the recipe here.

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