10 Lies That Are More Believable By Text (And 10 He’ll See Right Through)

On a TV show or in a movie, lies make for interesting, dramatic storylines, such as on the super popular show Pretty Little Liars or, more recently, on the HBO series Big Little Lies.

In relationships, no one wants to lie to their partner, but it's true that sometimes, a little white lie seems like the only possible way to handle a situation. We all lie about small stuff because we don't want to hurt our boyfriend's feelings. Sure, he might actually appreciate us being honest, but we just don't want to go there.

It can be tough and awkward to lie to our BF's face, even if it's a little white lie. We would much rather lie via text message.

Here are 10 lies that are more believable by text... and 10 he'll totally see right through.

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20 More Believable: You Beg Off For Lack Of Sleep (But Really You Have Cramps)

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Sometimes you can grin and bear it when it's that time of the month... and then you get the worst cramps we've ever had. When you can't imagine going out with our boyfriend as we'd planned, you want to tell him a little white lie.

If you text him that you're tired and haven't been sleeping much lately, he'll totally believe it.

19 See Right Through: You Pretend To Have A Cold

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If you text him that you have a cold and can't go out, he's definitely going to see right through it. It's not exactly the most original excuse in the book, and it's going to sound like you don't want to hang out with him.

You don't want to say that you're sick when you're not because what about when you really do get a cold?

18 More Believable: You Don't Mind That He Didn't Get You Flowers For Your Anniversary/Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day rolls around and you don't get flowers from your boyfriend. It would have been really nice if he'd gotten even a small bouquet, but maybe he thought you wouldn't want any.

If you text him that you don't mind that he forgot the flowers and it's all good, he'll believe you. He figures you'd be honest—and more vocal—if you were actually upset.

17 See Right Through: You Don't Want To Do Anything For Valentine's Day

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Chances are, no matter how romantic you are, you want to do something for February 14th. If you text your boyfriend that you don't want to make any plans, he's going to see right through it.

It's much better to be straightforward with him and say what you really want. He'll appreciate the tip!

16 More Believable: You Love His Friends, You Just Would Rather Stay In Tonight

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You don't always love your boyfriend's pals. He doesn't always love your friends, either. It's okay. It's not ideal but it's real life.

It's cool to tell a little white lie and say that while you would love to hang out with his friend group tonight, you would rather stay in. You can definitely text him this and it'll be fine.

15 See Right Through: You're Too Tired To Go Out

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He'll totally see right through your lie that you're too tired to go out, especially if you're a social person who literally never says that. He also might call your bluff and ask you if you like his friends, and that might get awkward and even lead to a fight.

It's a good idea to forget the lie about being exhausted and focus on something else.

14 More Believable: His Mom's Comment On Your Social Media Post Was Adorable

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Of course, you actually thought that his mom's comment on your social media post was passive-aggressive or just not that nice. But you're not going to tell him that, right?

Instead, you can tell a small lie via text message and say that you thought it was adorable. He'll believe you because he wants you and his mom to like each other and get along.

13 See Right Through: You Want To Visit His Mom Every Weekend

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If you don't have the best relationship with his mom (at least not yet), he might not believe that you want to see her every weekend. Even if you do get along well, he wouldn't necessarily believe this, either, since everyone needs some space from their family.

If you text him this, he will see right through the lie, so it's definitely best not to.

12 More Believable: You Want A Chill Night In For Your Birthday

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It's your birthday and you want your boyfriend to plan something amazing. You're not asking for a helicopter ride and fancy dinner... but you wouldn't say no to that, either.

You want to play it cool and not seem like you're insisting on a big b-day celebration. So you text him and say that you're cool with a chill night in. He'll believe it for sure.

11 See Right Through: You Could Totally Ignore It This Year

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Even the most low-key people like to celebrate their birthday in some way. Their favorite food, dessert, or even just seeing a movie can be a nice way to mark the occasion.

Texting your boyfriend that you can totally skip your birthday this year won't work. He'll see through it because he won't believe that you want to do nothing.

10 More Believable: You Can Talk About How You Feel Later, Not Now

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Every relationship has difficult moments, and when you're upset and want to talk to your partner, it's not always the best time. You pretend that it's okay and text him that you can talk about it later.

This may be a little white lie, but he'll believe it, and that's important since maybe you're both at work or you just can't get into it right now.

9 See Right Through: You're Not Mad, It's Fine

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Should you text your boyfriend that you're not mad and it's totally fine? Definitely not. Guys don't believe this because they hear it so often and it's become a cliche at this point.

It's best to avoid this altogether and if he asks, be honest and say that you love him but you're a bit upset right now. Mature conversation is ideal here!

8 More Believable: You'll Go Out With Your Girls So It's Fine He Didn't Invite You To A Concert

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Your boyfriend made plans without you and he's going to a concert a few Saturday nights from now. You wish that he would have checked in with you and asked if you wanted to go.

You don't want to seem upset, though, and you don't want to whine or complain. It's okay to say you're glad to have the chance to see your girlfriends anyway.

7 See Right Through: You Would Have Loved To See That Band

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Texting him that you would have loved to see that band, though, might not be the best thing to do. He knows that you don't like their music so you wouldn't have any fun, and he'll probably say that to you.

This is another lie that he'll see right through.

6 More Believable: You Wish You Could Go Camping, But You Have To Work

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There are people who love to camp... and there are people who really just can't even.

It's cool if you fall into the second category. If your boyfriend wants you to go camping with him, you might wonder how to get out of it. He'll believe you if you text him saying that you wish you could go but you have to work.

5 See Right Through: You Love Camping And Would Love To Go This Weekend

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On the other hand, if you pretend that you would absolutely love to go camping, he's probably not going to believe that. He'll see right through this lie because if he knows you well, he knows you don't like the great outdoors all that much.

Think of it this way: admitting that camping's not for you will make things much less awkward. At least he won't keep asking, right?!

4 More Believable: You Love The Gift He Got You (Even Though You Looked Disappointed)

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Not everyone is the best gift giver ever, even someone who loves you and knows you well. If your boyfriend gets you a present that you're not into, you don't exactly what to tell him that.

Even though you looked a bit disappointed, if you text him that you loved what he got you, he'll totally believe you...

3 See Right Through: You Don't Need Gifts, It's The Thought That Counts

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Would your boyfriend believe that you don't need any gifts (not for Christmas or birthdays or anything) because it's the thought that counts? Probably not. Okay, definitely not.

If you text him this, he might ask if you're joking. He's just not going to believe it. You wouldn't believe him if he said this, would you?!

2 More Believable: It'll Be So Nice To Get Away And Relax This Winter Holiday

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Going home with your boyfriend for the holidays sounds great... but the reality can be a lot different (and a lot more stressful).

Instead of pretending that everything is going to be great when you know it might be a little chaotic, it's cool to text him and say it'll be nice to get away and relax this winter holiday.

1 See Right Through: You're Excited To Spend Christmas With His Family

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If his family can be a little dramatic at times or family dinners are often full of chaos, your boyfriend might not believe you if you say that you're excited about the upcoming Christmas holiday.

He'll see right through this text message, so it's better not to go there. Instead, stay positive and tell him you love him and it's nice to spend another Christmas together.

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