10 Male Cat Names That Are Just Purrfect

When it comes to naming your new cat, whether he be a little kitten or an adult, you want to make sure you’re picking a name that’s just the right fit. Every cat is different, so you need to get to know their personality as you figure out the best name to give them. If you have a male cat, there are lots of great names to choose from.

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From cute cat names to human-sounding names to names from movies, there are lots of choices out there. As you start to figure out your new cat and what makes him so great, this list is a great place to start when choosing a name. Here are 10 male cat names that could be the perfect choice for your new best friend.


Tigger is an adorable and perfect name for a ginger cat or orange tabby, or honestly any cat if the name just feels right. Tigger is a popular name for cats, and it’s easy to see why.

Coming from Winnie the Pooh, Tigger is a name that fits a cat with an outgoing and energetic personality. Certain cat breeds are more energetic than others and younger cats tend to have more energy, so if you just got a kitten, this could be the perfect name for him.


Oliver is another name of a famous cat from a movie. The animated classic Oliver and Company features a ginger cat named Oliver who is just the cutest. This makes Oliver a popular name for orange cats as well as all kinds of cats.

Oliver is also a human name, making this name a little bit more sophisticated and elegant than many other cute cat names. If you love naming your cats after famous cats on movies and television, Oliver is a perfect choice.


Another popular movie cat is Milo from the live action Milo and Otis movie. Milo is an adventurous cat who might be a little too adventurous as he gets into a bit of trouble in the movie.

Luckily, his best friend Otis the pug is there to help him along the way. If your cat has a close bond with a dog or other animal species, Milo is the perfect name to bestow upon him. This name is perfect for many different cat breeds and is a sweet but also classy name.


Food names are super perfect to give to cats. There’s just something so cute about a cat that is named after a delicious sweet or yummy fruit.

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While Mango might seem a little more feminine than some of the other names on this list, cats are cats and they don’t need to have a super masculine name even if you have a boy cat. If your cat has orange elements or a super sweet disposition, Mango might be just the right fit.


Harley is another popular name for male cats as it reminds some people of the popular Harley-Davidson brand. Also, it’s become a more popular name in general, even for human boys.

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If your new cat has a little bit of an attitude and loves his freedom, Harley is the perfect name. Harley is the type of name for a cat who has his sweet moments but also like to get in trouble sometimes.


If you like more classic names for your cats or a name that’s a bit of a play on words, Whiskers is a good option to go for. All cats have whiskers that allow them to sense things around them and even see in the dark.

If your cat is a great hunter but also really adorable, Whiskers might be the best choice for him. Cats still have a lot of the hunting instincts of their big feline ancestors, so it’s always fun to be reminded that you have a ferocious little hunter who also likes to snuggle with you.


Another option for a food name that’s perfect for a male cat is Biscuit. If you want to name your cat after food but find names after sweets or fruits a little too saccharine for your tastes, go with a simple carb-based name like Biscuit.

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There’s something so doughy and comfortable about this name making it perfect for a cat that’s fluffy or even a little bit more on the rotund side. No matter the shape, size, or breed of your cat, Biscuit could be a good choice if they have a bit of a hard exterior but a super sweet personality once you get to know them.


While food names and names that are mostly used for pets can be great choices, you can also go a different route for your new boy. Instead of a typical cat name, you can pick a name that’s common with humans.

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Tony is a simple and cute name for a classy black and white cat or a simple tabby. Plus, it could be a great choice for fans of the Avengers since it’s Iron Man’s first name.


Ginger cats are all the rage right now. While ginger cats have always been pretty popular in films and media in general, they are gaining even more popularity currently because of Goose the cat(Flerken) in Captain Marvel.

This alien cat has super abilities and is also an adorable and great pet. If you just know that your cat is more special than all the rest, why not name him after the newest famous kitty? While Goose is a female cat in the movie, this name is perfect for both male and female cats.


You can’t go wrong by naming your cat after arguably the most famous cat in pop culture. Garfield is also an orange cat(we don’t mean to be biased here as all cats are great), but you can name any cat after him. If your cat loves food a lot and loves to be lazy, naming him after Garfield is a great and fitting choice.

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