10 Marvel Stars Nobody Wants To Work With (And 5 Who Are Sweethearts)

The MCU has had its share of popular stars since the inception of it back in 2009 with Iron Man. Whether there are renditions of classic superheroes or fresh takes on some obscure characters from the comics, there is no shortage of star power in the MCU and some of them are the most widely respected and loved actors in the world.

Then there are some that are not exactly the most liked when it comes to off-screen things like being on set, how they respond during interviews or how they interact with fans. This can make it a bit confusing for fans that see some disdain for some actors and praise for others, so this list will be a simplified tally of both worlds.

For the record, we are not saying that these are people to dislike, but rather that they're actors with tendencies to have a negative impact on surrounding co-stars and fans. The sweethearts, however, are just cuddly teddy bears of amazingness that deserve to be praised for their off-set warmth and compassion.

15 Difficult To Work With - Brie Larson


This is a controversial start to the list, as a lot of MCU fans have been quick to defend Brie's cold demeanor towards media personalities and fans, but there is no excuse. Brie Larson has been difficult with interviews, dismissive with fans and her lackluster performance and role in Avengers: Endgame might be a testament to her backstage position.

14 Difficult To Work With - Edward Norton


Edward Norton has no shortage of fabulous film credits. The Incredible Hulk is a strange case, as it is one of the more abysmal entries into the MCU and one of the earliest. This means that Norton had the credit of being one of the first cast, but being one of the first to be recasted is an example of how difficult Norton has been said to be behind the scenes. He should stick to fight clubs while he can.

13 Sweetheart - Paul Rudd


It was a very polarizing option for Marvel to cast Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, but it was the perfect addition to the cast. Rudd is known for his comedic timing and improvisation talents, and his sense of humor seems to be something that is infectious. Just about everyone who has worked with Rudd says he is a delight, and can anyone say no to a smile like his?

12 Difficult To Work With - Terrance Howard


Hollywood is a tricky place, and the business aspect usually takes the forefront in all obligations. The case with Terrance Howard was no different, as the actor picked up wind of the MCU's future emergence and asked for a steep pay-raise akin to Robert Downey Jr's contract.

This discrepancy did not go well with producers, and he was recast with Don Cheadle in future War Machine appearances after Iron Man.

11 Difficult To Work With - Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth Paltrow is a controversial figure to say the least. Her actions outside of acting and artistry have been littered with bold claims and somewhat unsound advice, and it may seem premature to judge her character on this, but it might be a safe bet this time.

Paltrow has been known to be stiff behind the scenes, and generally a bit of a sour sport when it comes to improvising, and this is something that reflects on her lack of screen time despite a large role in the MCU.

10 Sweetheart - Michael Douglas


Michael Douglas might not seem like a sweetheart at first glance with his cold on-screen demeanor and gravitation towards playing mostly jerks (like Wall Street and Ant-Man). By most accounts, however, Douglas is a bit of a guiding hand and veteran presence that has no problem helping his co-stars with their parts. A true leader.

9 Difficult To Work With - Tommy Lee Jones


On the other hand, there is Tommy Lee Jones. Jones has characteristically been known to be a bit of a sourpuss when it comes to playing roles in comic book movies. Infamously, he was allegedly difficult to deal with on the set of Batman Forever and while he was apparently smoother on the set for Captain America: First Avenger, he tends to shy away from his appearance in the movie.

8 Difficult To Work With - Bradley Cooper

YouTube: Marvel Entertainment

Labeled as a bit of a bad boy in Hollywood, Bradley Cooper is heralded for his comedic timing and genius delivery in films like Guardians of the Galaxy, The Hangover and  Silver Lining Playbook. However, he has a bit of a history with dating and dumping his female co-stars and allegedly thinking highly of himself to the point of being above every other actor.

7 Sweetheart - Chris Evans


Arguably the second biggest icon of the MCU, Chris Evans is one of the biggest sweethearts of the entire cast and one of the nicest people on the entire planet. Outside of his warm demeanor and patience with everyone on set, he has made many appearances at hospitals in costume to support and inspire youngsters all around the world.

A true class act, Mr. Evans is.

6 Difficult To Work With - Jude Law


Jude Law is known as a character actor that likes to stick to tough roles. Despite this, he has deflected a lot of speculation to this and thinks of himself as above the roles that have made him famous. He said in an interview with IrishTimes.com that he is also very selective with what roles he takes. With a bit of a slowdown in his career, it is clear that his selectiveness is starting to affect his career.

5 Difficult To Work With - Post Malone


Post Malone might not be a "star" in the MCU in the sense that he is a comic-book hero or villain, but his music in Spiderman: Enter The Spider-Verse is considered canon with the universe and his presence must be considered. The self-proclaimed "non-rapper" might be popular with the charts, but he has made it clear with songs like "I am difficult to deal with" that he prefers his distant lifestyle.

With this known, he may not be returning to do more music for the MCU.

4 Sweetheart - Robert Downey Jr.


In a way, Robert Downey Jr. represents what the MCU is all about. This has nothing to do with him being in the first official MCU film in Iron Man, and more to do with his background and portrayal of the character. His Tony Stark has been both faithful to the comics and fresh to the silver screen, and his antics behind the scenes make it clear that he has embodied the character off the screen.

He provides a mentor-like stance to Tom Holland and constantly encourages his co-stars to be themselves. He is Iron Man, and very nice too.

3 Difficult To Work With - Guy Pearce


It might seem a bit strange to put Guy Pearce on this list, but being quiet and dismissive is just about as toxic as being openly ignorant. While Pearce may be the former, his time as Adrian Killian in Iron Man 3 was short and underwhelming.

From a professional standpoint, Pearce has made it clear that he thinks his career is nothing short of astounding, and while he might be right, his overall attitude towards other cast members is not.

2 Difficult To Work With - Vin Diesel


There is no shortage of stories about Vin Diesel. The star has been accused of hitting on interviewers and stirring feuds with co-stars, and while Groot might be one of the most unifying characters in the MCU, the actor portraying him might be the exact opposite.

Luckily for Diesel (which isn't even his real name), he does not have to be physically present for his shoots. Otherwise, he might have been re-casted already.

1 Sweetheart - Tom Holland


The sweethearts of sweethearts, Tom Holland is the very definition of a likable person. Outside of his acting chops, Holland was a long-way from being Spider-Man when he was selected for Civil War, and just so happened to fit the character over other actors with star power. On top of this, his relatability goes even further when you see how he has spoiled the plot of some his movies on accident, showing an imperfect side that shows how perfectly sweet he really is.

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