10 Of The Most Memorable Pets From TV Shows And Movies

There are so many awesome television shows and amazing movies, but the one thing that enhances these forms of entertainment is animals. When a TV family has a cute pet or a family friendly movie focuses on cuddly creatures, it gets a huge thumbs up from us!

While we could go on and on, naming all of our favorites, we have compiled together 10 of the pets we all know and love – all because of TV shows and films!

So get ready to remember some of the most darling dogs, to ooh and ahh over some of the cutest cats, and to celebrate some of the best beasts!

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10 Beethoven

Via: Wikia

Of course, one of the most memorable big-screen pets is Beethoven, that lovable St. Bernard. Fans watched him grow up, get married, and have kids, as the Newton family took him in, saved his life, and loved him as much as any human family member (or maybe even more). Several films featured this big ol’ dog, but the original – the one that introduced the world to Beethoven – was the best, and it made us all want to own this breed; imagine the naps with this big fluffball!

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9 Happy

Via: YouTube

On TV, there was a great dog who was not as large as Beethoven but who was just as loved: Happy from 7th Heaven. In real life, a dog named Happy played this white pup, and on this show – full of family drama and laughable love – this little guy was seen enjoying his role in the Camden family. Many of us grew up feeling like we, too, were part of this family – siblings with Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie, Sam, and David – so that means that we also considered Happy to be part of our families and wished we could really be part of his!

8 Marie

Via: College Fashion

Animated animals provide entertainment, too, and one of the most memorable is Marie from The Aristocats. Yes, this Disney film showed off lots of great animals, but Marie... She is sassy, she can sing, she’s a true lady, and she had so many great lines in that classic movie – so we just had to include this perfect angel! And for those of you who think we should have included a different Disney creature – there are so many fabulous and funny ones out there, – just go rewatch this film. You can thank us later.

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7 Rufus

Via: Deviant Art

Another animated animal from Disney is Rufus. He is definitely the only naked mole rat on this list! In fact, many kids probably learned about naked mole rats thanks to Kim Possible. The adventures and action in the series were great, and Rufus just added some much great comedic relief. He sure was cute for being so strange, and he is probably one of the most famed characters from any Disney Channel TV show – ever!

6 Paul Anka

Via: Us Magazine

Some fans probably also learned about the singer named Paul Anka because of the dog named Paul Anka. Yes, in Gilmore Girls, Lorelai named her dog after the singer, and the name seemed to really fit! She did end up having weird dreams about the singer, but that is beside the point. The point is that this is another cute and memorable doggy from TV, and he helped round out the Gilmore girls!

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5 Marcel

Via: Popsugar

When thinking of non-traditional pets on television and in films, we immediately thought of Marcel from Friends. That group had everything they needed in each other, so they never really had one specific dog or one featured cat, but they did have a monkey. Things got complicated, but both the friends and fans really grew to love that little guy. And, once again, this pet made us all wish that we, too, could own a monkey – How fun!

4 Salem

Via: Interview Magazine

This is Salem, a talking cat that belongs to Sabrina the Teenage Witch. He was wise and witty, he tried to help guide Sabrina through the difficult developmental years. He also left us with a laugh nearly every time he spoke. Plus, a Sabrina reboot is coming, and we hope we get our Salem fix, though, it will be impossible to replace the old one, of course.

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3 Comet

Via: Bustle

Another great pet from ‘90s television was Comet. On Full House, he was there for the good times (like when Joey told jokes and the girls had big moments such as prom and first steps) and for the bad (like when their hearts were broken or the series ended). And, once again, there is a reboot here, too, so we get to enjoy more Tanner-Fuller dogs on Fuller House!

2 Max

Via: Wikia

We've had our animated cat, and now, here is the animated dog we find most memorable: Max from How The Grinch Stole Christmas. What other pet would put up with all of this? He got horns, he had to pull a sleigh, he had to run in the snow – poor guy! In the end, after The Grinch realized how wrong he was and his heart grew, he hugged and kissed Max, giving that animal the love and attention he deserved. Max makes the holiday season even more enjoyable and memorable!

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1 Toothless

Via: YouTube

Obviously, this list could go on and on, as there are birds, lions, and whales from films and horses, pigs, and dinosaurs from TV that are just so great. We limited ourselves to 10, though, and we are ending we a unique one - a dragon. That is right: Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon is a super memorable pet. He fights, he flies, and, most importantly, he loves. Just look at him... Gosh, that face just had to be included on this list, right?

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