10 Must-See Dog Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

Someone once realized the irony, the ah-ha moment, that when spelling DOG backwards you also get GOD. Most definitely, that person was a dog person who truly understood the connection between our species. For those of you like me who can never get enough of our four-legged furry friends, check out these amazing dog documentaries. These films will change your life and also bring you a little bit closer to understanding the divine connection shared between dog and human.

10 "Mine"

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Many of us were stunned by the effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The aftershock of such a devastating natural disaster moved the world in so many ways. Many though, don't know of the stories that were never told about our four-legged friends. This documentary gives a glimpse into the separation of dog and family and how those bonds, no matter how far-reached, could not be broken. I dare you to NOT be moved by the true accounts in this award-winning documentary. This is by far one of the most touching documentaries I have ever seen. Watch the film online, or purchase now.

9  "Madonna of the Mills"

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This documentary brings light to the ever-growing problem with puppy mills. The camera follows Laura, a one-woman army, who has made it her mission to rescue retired puppy mill dogs who have been condemned to death. This film will have you feeling all 'the feels' as you follow the lives of four dogs who have been given a new chance at life. I promise you will never look at puppy mills the same way ever again. Hold your dog-child close on this one; it's a must-see. Watch the trailer and film online.

8 "Icebound: The Greatest Dog Story Ever Told"

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This documentary follows the 1925 diphtheria incident that broke out in Nome, Alaska, and how this small community relied on dogsleds (150 dogs+) to provide necessary materials. Narrated by Patrick Stewart, this film gives a wonderful insight into those events and how much these amazing dogs saved the day. Watch online.

7 "The Secret Life of the Dog"

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There is an inexplicable bond between dog and human, something that science is even perplexed by. What creates such a deep bond? How are they formed? What is the connection? This BBC documentary delves into the lives of dogs, the secret lives and sheds light on some of our most unanswered questions. Watch online.

6 "Dogs With Jobs"

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Streaming with two seasons on Netflix, Dogs With Jobs is a wonderful Canadian documentary series that shows you the world of service dogs. Each episode is thirty minutes long and shows you dogs from around the world and how their jobs bring them even more meaning to each life they touch. Stream on Netflix or watch online.

5 "Dog by Dog"

Via: Dog By Dog

Like Madonna of the Mills, Dog by Dog looks at the puppy mill industry in the United States. This film dives into the puppy mill problem and the corrupt industry that has taken advantage of this species for years. With eye-opening footage, this film also shows the benefit of closing puppy mills by sentencing those that have benefited from this corrupt system. Watch the trailer and purchase online. 

4 "Soi Dog"

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Quite unknown but very touching, Soi Dog, follows John and Gill Dalley in their new retired home of Thailand. It's there, in a place of paradise, where they start the Soi Dog Foundation. This non-profit organization has helped over 20,000 wild dogs on the island of Phuket. This film, although heartbreakingly eye-opening, will change the way you view wild dogs, forever. You can also chose to sponsor a neglected dog (from abuse and starvation) through the organization if interested. Watch the film online.

3 "And Man Created Dog"

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This National Geographic documentary series looks into the history of dog and man. Starting at our prehistoric past, this show looks into mans influence on wolves and their connection and evolution to modern day dog. A wonderful series that truly documents how our bonds were formed and their influence on modern day. Watch online. 

2 "Dogs Decoded"

Via: PBS

Like The Secret Life of the Dog, this PBS documentary scientifically looks into the connection between man and dog. This film does a wonderful job at looking at the genetics of dogs, their origins and connection to the human spirit. Very thought-provoking. Watch online.

1 "600 Miles Home"

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This 14-minute documentary was made by OPH (Operation Paws for Homes) whose mission is to save dogs and give them a second chance at life. This short film looks closely at why many dogs are euthanized and why public/private funding is incredibly important. Halfway through the film, we are introduced to five lucky dogs who are being rescued, fostered out, and finally finding their forever homes. Prepare the tissues, you just may cry watching the short and heartfelt journey.  Watch online. 

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