10 Nickelodeon Stars Who Never Made It (+ 10 Who Lived Up To The Hype)

Where are all the Nickelodeon kids at? We know there are a lot of us out there and this article goes out to all of our Nick kid readers. It was a great time, a time filled with laughter and silliness and all things innocent.

Little did we know, however, that we were actually living in the golden days of television... at least, our generation saw it that way. Whether or not it was actually the greatest, well, that can be argued by generations before and after.

Regardless, we thought we were the best and, by virtue, we thought that Nickelodeon was the best thing since sliced bread. Especially since most of us were eating roughly three bologna sandwiches a week at that point. Throw in some Fruit by the Foot for a snack and Pop-Tarts for breakfast, and that was basically our '90s childhood. Ah, those were the good old days.

As with the rest of our favorites from the '90s, though, all things come to an end, including our beloved shows. Normally, we'd rely on the actors and actresses to keep these nostalgic feelings alive for us but sometimes, that just doesn't happen.

So where have the stars of our childhood and preteen days gone? We happen to have the answers to the questions we've all been asking.

20 No Hype: Lori Beth Denberg Has A New Love

Fan Fest

By far, the most surprising glow up on this list is Lori Beth Denberg. Not only is she a full-grown adult now, but she's chosen a bit of a... different... professional path. The star is now an ordained minister, calling it, according to ABC, her "favorite thing to do."

She got her start on All That but we're not sure it helped too much with her choice to become ordained. Either way, her friends and fans seem to be loving the fact that they can be married by the former Nickelodeon star and we have to admit, it's kind of rad.

19 Found Fame: Miranda Cosgrove Is Multi-Talented


The former iCarly star left Nickelodeon to join the ranks of many a college student back in 2012. She's all grown up now and she's not exactly off the radar. She attended university in California but has continued acting, which we're happy to see. In 2015, she took a role in the movie The Intruders, which was just a good ol' horror film. She has since branched out with her talents, including appearing aside Betty White in Crowded and playing her hand at voice acting for Despicable Me.

As for her future, she's rumored to be starring as Ellen in Sony's video game The Last of Us, which is due to be announced at some point in the near future.

18 No Hype: Danny Tamberelli... Vanished?


Danny Tamberelli has seemingly disappeared from the radar. After his early teen acting days, he vanished from film and became nothing but a rumor post-Nickelodeon days. So what has he really been up to, besides not acting? Well, the child star decided that acting simply wasn't for him. He has admitted to not having any type of personal 'attachment' to being in front of the camera, so after All That and Figure It Out, he went back to being simply Danny.

He has had scattered TV appearances in between, as well as several commercial cameos, but after his major childhood run, he went back home and got a job working in a pet store before finally choosing to have a normal life.

17 Found Fame: Ariana Grande, No Explanation Necessary


Ariana Granda needs no introduction, but what we might need is a reminder of where she got her start before she was the Ariana Grande. The star had her spotlight on both Disney and Nickelodeon but on the former, she starred in the show Victorious. She has obviously made it big (huge, in fact) but got her moment in the spotlight at the young age of eight, when she sang the national anthem in front of viewers nationwide.

From that point on, her music has simply skyrocketed, topping charts and winning the hearts of pop lovers worldwide. Started at Nickelodeon, now we at MTV!

16 No Hype: Victoria Justice Is Not So Victorious Anymore


The former Victorious and Zoey 101 star gained her fandom through Nickelodeon, but where did she go after that? Victoria Justice isn't really making the news anymore and has been in a few minor roles, but not much more than that. In fact, not much is known about her personal life, period, after her acting came to an abrupt halt.

Little known fact: Victoria had a minor role on Gilmore Girls in season four (remember the Lord of the Rings birthday party and remember the girl who refused to eat the veggie snacks?) when she was younger. Aside from her role in the modern Rocky Horror Picture Show, that's about it.

15  Found Fame: Kenan Thompson Has Found Fame On SNL


Despite rumors that Kenan Thompson is leaving Saturday Night Live (which are not true), the star has managed to make a name for himself as an adult. Vulture referred to the actor as one of SNL's most 'underrated cast members' of all time in a recent article about his new TV role.

It was revealed earlier this year that Kenan would continue with his classic comedic personality and take on the role of a father in a new sitcom by NBC. Not much is known about the plot or direction of the show as of yet, but we do know that it might not be the actor's only lead role this year.

14 No Hype: Kel Mitchell Has Found A Life Outside Acting


In contrast with his former co-star, Kel Mitchell hasn't exactly remained in the spotlight. He's finding that life is perfectly enjoyable outside of camera lighting, as is evident by his recent roles behind the camera. Rather than return to acting full-time like Kenan Thompson, Kel has opted to write and produce. In an interview with LADbible, Kel admitted that he still loves the entertainment industry, but he's not limiting himself to acting.

He now has a wife and family of his own and finds his time occupied with making shows happen (plus his hilarious part-time appearances on Game Shakers, also on Nick). Both stars from Kenan and Kel have gone on to be successful in their own right, and not everyone measures that by how big a role they can land.

13 Found Fame: Emma Roberts Is Still Makin' It Bigtime


Yet another star who requires no introduction is Emma Roberts. The former Nickelodeon star has not yet had the dry spell that many other child stars seem to hit eventually, which is great news, because she is a very talented actress. Emma has had consistent work since her childhood, and one of these roles includes a spot on American Horror Story.

She's been in the news most recently because of her breakup with former AHS co-star Evan Peters. Other than that, the star told Cosmopolitan that she's pretty private with her personal life and keeping the two separate, and we don't blame her.

12 No Hype: Daniel De Santo Has 'That Face' That You Just Can't Quite Place


Daniel De Santo, who many might not recognize immediately, has had a few spurts in the acting world. He was first spotted on Are You Afraid of the Dark? for those of us who remember being spooked out of our wits after school, but has since been in several things as an adult. However, he hasn't landed any major roles—just roles that make fans scratch their heads because they can't put the face with the name.

He was seen in Mean Girls (remember now?) and Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day but not much else. His childhood role was likely enough to keep him afloat for a while, according to Pop Sugar, so don't expect to see him around too much.

11 Found Fame: Logan Henderson, One-Fourth Of BTR


While he looks wildly different (and much more mature) now, Logan Henderson got his start on Big Time Rush, and we can already hear every fan fangirling. This is one heck of a glow up and now, Logan is doing his own thing, separate from his fellow co-stars.

The actor played the role of Logan Mitchell on the show and it seems that music was definitely his calling because he recently released an album called Echoes of Departure and the Endless Street of Dreams, Pt. 1. There's no telling whether or not the show kickstarted his love for music but either way, we're sure glad he continued with it.

10 No Hype: Robert Ri'chard Isn't In Much These Days


Richard Ri'chard has basically vanished from the world of fame and not too many people actually recognize his name nowadays. From Nickelodeon, we know him from his role in Cousin Skeeter. While he has starred in several movies since then and continued on his acting, he hasn't landed any major roles quite like some other Nickelodeon originals.

In fact, as of late, he doesn't really have too much of a credits list—although in the mid-2000s, he did star in Coach Carter and Veronica Mars, both of which he was easily recognizable on. Either way, we still have a soft spot for him and that angelic face of his.

9 Found Fame: Elizabeth Gillies Is Still Going Strong


Known as Liz Gillies now, this star has had quite a bit of fun with her acting. She's known for her role in Victorious and is obviously no stranger to co-star Ariana Grande. Since her work on Nickelodeon, Liz has taken to some other, more adult shows, including a project which was totally not Nickelodeon-approved but hey, every star needs to grow up eventually, right?

According to Dan Schneider, Liz is the type of actress who's fairly unpredictable and could show up just about 'anywhere', so she's one to keep our sights on for sure. With an acting history that includes Broadway, we wouldn't be surprised if she lands some major roles.

8 No Hype: Meagan Good Is Taking On Smaller Roles


In an article titled, 'What Happened to Meagan Goode', Gazette Review gave us an update last year on where the star has landed. She did get started on Nickelodeon in 1998 with the debut of Cousin Skeeter but since then, she's been on and off the acting train. Most recently, she took on a role in NBC's show Deception but is considered to be a classic '90s actress.

Her peak years were in the mid- to late-90s, taking on other roles in cult classics as well as on various TV shows. Despite not having an extensive credit list, Meagan Goode has tremendous talent, winning two NAACP Image Awards in addition to several Teen Choice Awards and even an MTV Movie Award.

7 Found Fame: Nat Wolff Still Singing, Still Famous


Nat Wolff is still making it big after The Naked Brothers Band, which he appeared on with his brother. Not surprisingly, he's still making music with his brother and the two are having a fairly successful run in the music biz. While acting might not be their main interest anymore, it seems that music has taken off for both of them after 12 years of working together.

However, Nat has dabbled in some acting and has had two major roles in The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Towns. And, according to J-14, the star has six more movies coming out this year.

6 No Hype: Lindsay Sloane Has Made A Comedic Appearance


While Lindsay Sloane was well-known in her role on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, she didn't really keep up too much with the TV show life. She never fully left acting but she did continue on with her own life in the meantime, keeping a fairly low profile all the while.

Her acting credits, save for Sabrina, include minor roles, some in some pretty hefty movies. She starred in Bring It On as well as in Horrible Bosses as Charlie Day's wife. Her most recent acting includes a role on The Odd Couple, on which she stars alongside Thomas Lennon and Matthew Perry.

5 Found Fame: Alex Wolff Starring Alongside His Brother


Ah, the dynamic duo in action! Alongside his brother, Nat, Alex Wolff has managed to remain in the spotlight post-The Naked Brothers Band days. The two have made it bigtime in music and grown up quite a bit, with just enough edge to get noticed by all those who aren't devoted Nickelodeon fans.

While his brother has had some major roles in hit movies, Alex seems to be dedicated to his music first and foremost. His personal life is also pretty low profile despite some headlines he's made regarding his dating life. Outside of that, he spends his time making music and writing songs, a life we all envy.

4 No Hype: Devon Werkheiser Started His Own Survival Guide


Many of us probably remember the show Ned's Declassified, but not many of us realize that the guy who starred in its main role is, in fact, all grown up now. Devon Werkheiser has turned into a heartthrob and while he's not actively pursuing acting, he is taking to the camera for another reason.

The star, who formerly played Ned, has started his own 'Survival Guide' for adults. His catchphrase is 'the school of life is always in session' and he's got some pretty solid information to share with the rest of the world. It seems that his childhood days served him well into adulthood, as he's made quite a splash with his newfound maturity.

3 Found Fame: Christian Serratos Kicking Butt And Taking Names


Christian Serratos needs no introduction because most of us recognize her now, first and foremost, from AMC's The Walking Dead. Funny enough, it's not likely that many remember her from her Nickelodeon days, which would include credits from the show Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

While her co-star and lead of the show has gone on to create his own adult survival guide in the form of a stream, Christian has found fame hunting down zombies and taking lead as another epic actress on the award-winning show. Judging by her fame, this probably won't be the last we've seen of the star and we can't wait to see what she ends up doing next.

2 No Hype: Josh Peck Had A Glow Up But That's About It


We all know this guy! Well, maybe not personally, but it sure feels like it. Josh Peck got his start on Drake & Josh and since the old-school Nickelodeon days, he's completely transformed. Although he has blossomed into the dreamy guy most of us wanted to meet as kids, he's stayed pretty far out of the spotlight.

Most talked about is his glow up but besides that, he's mainly kept to himself. The star has been happily married since 2017 and has managed to remain out of the spotlight aside from the occasional cameo, and he seems to like it that way.

1 Found Fame: Lindsey Shaw Is Most Recognized From PLL


Lindsey Shaw, another Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide teen star, has made it pretty big in the world of young adult TV shows. Her role on Pretty Little Liars as Paige and first girlfriend to Emily gained her momentous success. While Shay Mitchell, her co-star, has gone on to find success elsewhere, Lindsey Shaw seems to still have a fairly green resume as an actress.

She starred in the movie 1/1 alongside '80s heartthrob Judd Nelson but has yet to add anything else to her credit roll. Regardless, we still have very high hopes for this up and coming star.

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