10 Old NBA Jerseys We'd Avoid Like The Plague (10 We Want Back)

NBA franchises continuously alter uniforms, year to year. This article will outline 10 Old NBA Jerseys We'd Avoid Like The Plague and 10 We Want Back. Of course, there have been many uniforms that fans have particularly liked more than the actual franchise has. This has resulted in divisions among aesthetic and taste.

Some of the most famous, regarded, and aesthetically pleasing and popular jerseys have been disbanded through the years. But likewise, there have been countless awful jerseys that were rightly disbanded by various organizations. While, of course, this is subjective, we have attempted to give our interpretation on some of these organizational choices. Without a doubt, let us know in the comments what you think and how you would rank these historically dividing uniforms. And furthermore, if any jerseys you think were left out, let us know!

Here are 10 Old NBA Jerseys We'd Avoid Like The Plague and 10 We Want Back.

20 Never Again: Bulls' "Stag" Throwbacks

via Bulls.com

Many fans were not fond of these jerseys, which were not representative of typical and retro Chicago Bulls attire. Kirk Hinrich is pictured above and the uniform just looks entirely odd. Why blue shorts? Seriously, who designed these? Luckily, the organization realized these were odd and pulled the plug after a few seasons.

19 Bring Back: '80s Nuggets

via SBNation

These jerseys are absolute fire. There is a reason that NBA fans all sport this jersey and often buy it from wholesale foreign websites. It is colorful and beautifully versatile across different outfits. The Nuggets should 100% bring it back but have yet to do so. Oh well.

18 Never Again: 76ers' Shooting Stars

via CBSPhilly

Similar to the Chicago Bulls uniform mentioned above, this jersey makes an attempt to blend multiple color themes. The 76ers pulled the plug on these uniforms after a few seasons and they were never a hit with fans. These are not the preferred uniforms for 76ers fans and we are happy to have different color themes nowadays.

17 Bring Back: Jazz Mountain

via SLCDunk

This is a very hot selling jersey and Jerry Stockton looks like a beast in this outfit. This is a hot-selling NBA wholesale jersey and the Utah Jazz should undoubtedly bring this gem back. The mountains on the purple background look serene and fit perfectly into the color scheme.

16 Never Again: Vertical Blazers

via TrophyLives

Certainly, these Blazer's uniforms are just incredibly bland and lacking any sort of eye-popping and aesthetically interesting color scheme. They are all red, but the red is a weird sort of off-color and not the typical redness we are accustomed to nowadays. These jerseys do not sell all too phenomenally on different websites.

15 Bring Back: Raptors' Pin Stripes

via fansided

These are certainly one of the hottest, most popular, and iconic uniforms of ALL TIME. Vince and T-Mac rocked these and were absolute monsters and the giant red and purple raptor makes this jersey riveting. This jersey sells very popularly online and the Raptors should 100% rock these bad boys often.

14 Never Again: Toronto Camo

Yahoo! Sports

The Raptors wore these for a bit and it was nice to commemorate veterans and military personnel with these uniforms. However, simply aesthetically speaking, they aren't really in line with the Toronto color scheme and do not really fit into their overall uniform appeal. I respect them wearing these for veterans day and certain days, but overall, these aren't and shouldn't be their predominant jerseys.

13 Bring Back: High Flying Hawks

via HoopsHype

These retro Atlanta Hawks are classic and iconic. For years, the legendary Dominique Wilkins wore this beauty. There is no question that these are the most prestigious and hottest selling jerseys on all of the Internet. The red, white, and yellow blends very well and the Hawks should for sure bring these back.

12 Never Again: Grizzlies' Tams Throwbacks

via Sculpturebug

Ugh. This color scheme is absolutely not in alignment with the typical Memphis Grizzlies color scheme, logo, or other uniforms. The yellow is especially ugly and does not fit with the green shorts. The Grizzlies have a purple' ish and white color scheme and these fall nowhere within their typical scheme.

11 Bring Back: KG Era Timberwolves

via SI.com

These bad boys are classics. KG, Sprewell, and Sam Cassell rocked these all day every day. These jerseys were actually very popular within the organization and in the NBA as a whole. The Wolves have changed their color scheme, a bit, and thus have adjusted their uniforms. But they should totally wear these alternates more often.

10 Never Again: Gold Kings

via NBA.com

I would usually be in favor or gold jerseys, but the purple does not remotely go with it. I really do not think the color scheme pays off here and the King's fans and players totally knew it. There is no wonder that these uniforms were abandoned after a few years and haven't been worn since. These were introduced in 2005 but abandoned soon after.

9 Bring Back: Vancouver Grizzlies

via vancitybuzz

These uniforms paid off big time for the Vancouver (now Memphis) Grizzlies. The teal blue color scheme was super elevated by the white and dark black outlines. The logo is super eye-catchy in the front and these were undoubtedly a fan favorite around the league. These jerseys sell super effectively on the internet, to all fans.

8 Never Again: Silver Mavs

via SI.com

The Mavericks usually have some really aesthetically-pleasing uniforms, but these were just simply way too silver and overly shiny. The color is not in alignment with the Dallas Mavericks color scheme and these were pulled after the 2003 season, never to be worn again. These were called "Trashcan Jerseys" by players and fans alike.

7 Bring Back: Pacers' Pinstripes

via BleacherReport

 These are really just classic retros. Pinstripes tend to really pay off for NBA jerseys and they have a sort of half-preppy and half-formal look. They look really good under the yellow and black Pacers colors and are easily the most famous and celebrated Indiana Pacers uniforms to ever hit the market.

6 Never Again: Two-Tone Kings

via SI

These were actually awful. It seems the Kings went through a phase of jersey struggle and maybe they fired whoever designed this (and also the golden 2003 jerseys). These were an alternate jersey in the 1990s and haven't really been worn at all since. The two-toned approach is simply odd and honestly off-putting. Pick a color and roll with it.

5 Bring Back: 90s Hawks

via AllSport

Some people think the Hawk in the center looks a little too graphic or sketched, but I think it looks really appealing. These are some classic 90 retro's which the Hawks wear every so often—but NOT ENOUGH! These look super sweet and a lot of NBA jerseys aren't as a logo centered like this nowadays. This is a 10/10, no doubt.

4 Never Again: Teal Pistons

via AllSport

I can see why some people like teal Pistons uniform, but it is a little too not in line with their typical retro and basic color scheme. The teal is not in line with the red and blue of the Pistons uniform and this jersey is simply not as classic as the standard Pistons red and blue uniforms.

3 Bring Back: Iverson's Sixers

via Youtube

Boy, these jerseys sell off the shelves in Philly. Iverson made these jerseys IMMORTAL. The Sixers logo, formerly, was really dope and the red star on top of the makes these jerseys even sweeter. NBA jerseys don't utilize the nice black material for this uniform and often rely on cheaper China manufactured material. These are early 2000s gems.

2 Never Again: Buffalo Braves Throwbacks

via Pinterest

These Buffalo Braves retro jerseys are just incredibly ugly. The orange background color is not clean-looking and the black/white stripe doesn't look very good. These are not worn very often by the Los Angeles Clippers and they should avoid these like the plague. Elton Brand certainly doesn't look all too happy rocking this uniform...

1 Bring Back: Big Bucks

via NBA.com

The Milwaukee Bucks don't really have the most legendary, retro, or awesome alternative jerseys. But these retros are absolute fire and the purple Bucks lettering looks awesome with the imprinted Buck with the horns. The green is surprisingly clean-looking and the Bucks ought to wear these more often, as they sell tremendously well online and in the NBA store.

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