10 People Who Can't Stand Ariana Grande (And 10 Who Love Her)

There's a high chance you have heard the name Ariana Grande. She has made a name for herself through musicals, TV shows on Nickelodeon, and by becoming one of the biggest pop stars of all time. Her singing voice has been compared to that of another infamous pop singer, Mariah Carey, and she's sold millions of records and garnered millions of fans along the way.

While it is not hard to see how talented she is, Ariana Grande is not entirely loved by all. Whether it is fellow singers or other celebrities, they have shown their distaste towards the American singer. However, there are many who just love her and enjoy her company without a single doubt, including costars or frequent collaborators.

Here's a list of ten people who cannot stand Ariana and ten who absolutely adore her!

20 Can't Stand Her: Giuliana Rancic

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A name like Giuliana Rancic is probably unfamiliar to a lot of you, although she is definitely someone who has her saying when it comes to Ariana. Giuliana has called her out for being a diva and acting like a "young Mariah" but Her rant about Ariana does make her look childish if you think about it.

19 Loves Her: Justin Bieber

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Justin and Ariana are simply buddies who have toured together. Even when Justin was going through legal issues, Ariana offered her support. Justin also performed at the benefit concert at Manchester after the attack that happened during Ariana's performance, so their support for each other has gone full circle.

18 Can't Stand Her: Jennette McCurdy

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On-screen, these two look like the amazing duo as seen in the iCarly/Victorious spin-off Sam & Cat. However, Jennette posted a cryptic message on Twitter after not attending the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. The beef between these two is still confusing to this day.

17 Loves Her: Taylor Swift

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It is safe to say that Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande are two of the biggest female pop stars of the 21st century. Amazingly, while they compete with each other directly, their friendship remains rather wholesome. While not as strong as other friendships, these two have acknowledged each other in a positive light.

16 Can't Stand Her: Mayim Bialik

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Famous for The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik is probably the one you don't expect to have a saying about Ariana. She slammed Ariana to the point where she claims that the singer doesn't know what she is even doing or who she is. That is very harsh coming from the actress if we say so.

15 Loves Her: Troye Sivan

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YouTube star Troye Sivan has been a fellow collaborator with Ariana, featuring each other in their songs and music videos. They first worked on Troye's song "Dance To This" and later, Troye would make an appearance in Ariana's "thank u, next" music video. It's safe to say that these two enjoy each other's company.

14 Can't Stand Her: Perez Hilton

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Being an outlandish celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton is definitely not afraid to share his opinions on certain celebrities. On Twitter, he literally asked Ariana if she was okay for apparently participating in 'recreational activities'. How he approached this was certainly not kind and Ariana was not afraid to file a lawsuit against his accusations on social media.

13 Loves Her: Daniella Monet

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We can assume that Ariana's time on Victorious was certainly a blessing with a small bump along the way (we'll get to that later). Daniella Monet and Ariana have not done a lot together after the hit Nickelodeon show, but the former has appeared as one of the costars in "thank u, next." We can assume these two are still close after all these years.

12 Can't Stand Her: Chrissy Teigen

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It's pretty ironic how Ariana sang alongside John Legend for the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, but that's not why Chrissy Teigen dislikes Ariana. Apparently, Ariana wearing a cat ear headband was enough for Chrissy to tweet out about it, claiming it automatically made her hate the singer. It was honestly not smart to attack a celebrity who has a very dedicated fanbase.

11 Loves Her: Elizabeth Gillies

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While these two have been on Victorious, they actually first worked together on the musical 13. So their relationship definitely goes way back. They are definitely amazing friends and have reunited on several occasions, whether with the Victorious cast in general or working on Ariana's music videos.

10 Can't Stand Her: Victoria Justice

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Out of the cast of Victorious, it is the leading lady Victoria Justice who seems to have issues with the rising pop star. Ariana stated that the show ended due to Victoria wanting to do a solo tour, meanwhile, the latter mentioned Ariana was trying to throw her under the bus to make herself look good.

9 Loves Her: Katy Perry

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The best thing to happen for a diehard fan is to become great friends with the celebrity they're obsessed with. This mirrors the friendship between Ariana and Katy Perry, as the former looks up to the latter. Ariana was open to talking about her friendship with Katy and just how amazing it is after years of looking up to her.

8 Can't Stand Her: Big Sean

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These two had been in a relationship, but it ended very bitterly. Big Sean had a moment in a song with Kanye West where he throws shade at her. It also doesn't help that around this time, Ariana had a brief relationship with Big Sean's backup dancer, Ricky Alvarez. Relationships are really complicated for celebrities.

7 Loves Her: Jennifer Hudson

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Ariana and Jennifer Hudson worked together in Hairspray Live! and they were inseparable ever since. They also performed at Aretha Franklin's funeral and were appreciative of being able to honor an incredible singing legend. It would be awesome for these two to work together once again.

6 Can't Stand Her: Kanye West

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When a feud between Kanye West and Drake was occurring, Ariana wanted to break the tension by mentioning that she and Miley were releasing their new songs. Kanye took it way too seriously and called Ariana out for the way she dealt with it. To be fair, Ariana could have approached it better, but Kanye could have just ignored it altogether.

5 Loves Her: Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj and Ariana are like two peas in a pod. They definitely complement each other in songs they would collaborate in and have each other's backs in times of need. After the tragic Manchester concert, Nicki has called Ariana her sister and shown love and support for her during that difficult time.

4 Can't Stand Her: Mariah Carey

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Music critics have compared Ariana's voice to that of Mariah Carey's. The inspiration and similarities are evident, but it can be annoying when people mention the younger singer. While she does not know Ariana personally, Mariah has shown disdain for being compared to someone younger than her in interviews.

3 Loves Her: Matt Bennett

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You can tell how much fun Matt Bennett and Ariana have whenever they collaborate in her music videos. Even after Victorious, the two are really close and manage to hang out despite Ariana's busy schedule with her tours. You can definitely expect Matt to appear in a future music video.

2 Can't Stand Her: Pete Davidson

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As Ariana stated in "thank u, next," she was thankful for almost getting married to Pete Davidson. However, they broke off their engagement as Pete was just not compatible with her. After the end of their relationship, he got a tattoo simple worded "Cursed" to cover the one he matched with Ariana's.

1 Loves Her: Mac Miller

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There is just no doubt how much of an impact Mac Miller had on Ariana. Their song "The Way" was a catchy tune and their relationship seemed wholesome. Despite having an on-and-off relationship, Ariana was clearly affected by the passing of a talented artist who loved her. He was referenced in "thank u, next" and it's evident how important he was to her.

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