10 Photos Of Amanda Bynes Growing Up (And 5 From When Things Took A Turn)

Oh, sweet Amanda Bynes. We all grew up loving and idolizing the starlet while watching her on All That and The Amanda Show. She was goofy, entertaining, and for the most part, seemed like someone we'd all be friends with in the '90s.

Over time, she started starring in movies like She's The Man, What A Girl Wants, Hairspray, and Easy A. She was on a roll in Hollywood, connecting with so many young girls who also grew up watching her.

Somewhere down the road, though, Amanda hit a rough patch. She was no longer the sweet, silly girl we grew up watching on TV. Through a slew of strange tweets and IG posts, Amanda seemed off-balanced. She was also seen on the streets in ill-fitting wigs and getting into trouble with the law. And while Amanda is bouncing back from a few years in the gutter, we're taking a look back at a few photos of her youth (and five of her meltdown).

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15 The All-American Girl


Look at this sweet-faced girl! Amanda started acting in 1996 after being cast in Nickelodeon's All That. The show ran until 2002 and in the meantime, she was also the face of her very own show, The Amanda Show. That's a pretty impressive resume for being so young and relatively new to Hollywood.

14 Her '90s Style Was Always On Point


Considering Amanda grew up in front of us while performing on Nickelodeon's All That and The Amanda Show, every '90s child wanted to emulate her style. She was adorably relatable and wore clothes that matched her personality. I mean, check out those overalls! Those Coordorie pants scream the 1990s and we want those years back.

13 The Face Of Nickelodeon

Ok! Magazine

Amanda started acting at the age of seven after falling in love with acting at camp. She then jumped into commercials and met her match with Nickelodeon. With a quick mind like hers, she was made for kids networks like Nickelodeon or Disney. Now at 33, she has since shed her kiddo-facade but we have photos like the ones above to look back on, right?

12 Inspired By A Comedic Goddess


Lucille Ball was the iconic old-Hollywood actress most known for the sitcom I Love Lucy. She was ahead of her time and introduced a side to female comics that many weren't familiar with. Like Lucy, Amanda had a similar comedic style, which makes sense because when asked who her role models were, Lucille Ball was front and center.

11 Her Growthspurt Caused Problems On 'The Amanda Show'


While filming The Amanda Show, Amanda grew three inches. And if you remember the show, there were quite a few moments of physical comedy where Amanda had to do a few tumbles. Because of her age, Nickelodeon needed to hire stunt doubles to do the physical work which caused a few issues when hiring stunt doubles since they were mostly smaller in size.

10 Amanda Could Have Been Jessica Day


If anyone's a New Girl fan, they would know that Zooey Deschanel was the only possible choice for Jessica Day. With her quirky sense of style and adorable personality, she made the show. What many people don't know is that Amanda Bynes was also up for the role of Jessica Day before Zooey ultimately came out on top.

9 Her '90s Style Is Slowly Making A Return


Does anyone get an itch for the '90s after looking at this picture? Those Nikes, that skirt over her denim shorts, her adorable braid... She fulfilled such a special space in our TV-watching lives. What's funny about this picture is that this style is slowly making a comeback. Maybe not the skirt and denim shorts but those sneaks and socks have definitely been seen on Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid.

8 She's The (Wo)Man


She's the Man was 2006 movie starring Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum (right before Channing made it big). In the film, producers gave the stars extra room to adlib anything they thought worked in the scene; and in one special scene, Amanda actually slipped on wet grass and ran with it, acting as if the slip was intentional. By the end of filming, her unintentional fall was so good they kept it!

7 Same Face — Different Stage In Life


Considering Amanda started acting professionally around the age of 10, we've all grown up with her. Now as an adult, it can be hard for some fans to separate the adult from the child. Amanda is not the same girl she was when she was on Nickelodeon. She's a 33-year-old woman with new hopes and dreams, and that needs to be respected by all.

6 Home Of The Good Burger, Can I Take Your Order?


The "Good Burger" skit took place on All That, starring Kel Mitchell and Kenan Thompson. It did so well that Nickelodeon actually created an entire movie on the skit. And as we can see above, we have a young Amanda Bynes dressed as Kel Mitchell eating a classic "good burger." And who's next to her? A young Melissa Joan Hart!

5 Amanda's Unfortunate Downfall


Around 2010 to 2012, Amanda dropped out of a couple of films and told the public she needed an indefinite break from acting. After watching her movie with Emma Stone, Easy A, she was convinced her performance was poor and knew she shouldn't be on screen anymore (although fans and critics disagree).  It was then that thing started going in a downward spiral for Miss Bynes.

4 A Reckless Driver

NY Daily News

Around the same time that Amanda wanted a break from acting, she also got into a few car accidents. She endangered the lives of others while possessing things that no one should have in their car and she was given a three-year probation. Things went from bad to worse after she was taken to a mental health facility after starting a fire in her own front yard, however.

3 Amanda Bynes Vs. Twitter


It was the fall of 2014 when fans of Bynes' found out how bad she really was mental. She started tweeting outrageous things and even began throwing her own family under the bus (whether those allegations were true or not). She went after fellow celebrities, trolls, and even her former co-stars. It was clear Amanda wasn't in the right mind after writing some of those tweets.

2 Amanda And Her Assorted Wig Collection


During Amanda's downfall in 2014, she was seen time and time again with different, ill-fitting wigs. From pink to blue to blonde, Amanda almost hid behind them when in public. She also got her cheeks pierced and began experimenting with her fashion. The world watched from afar, all feeling bad for Amanda because they knew she was clearly unstable.

1 Will She Rise Again?


Over time, Bynes' parents gained conservatorship over her and her personal finances until she regained control of her life. She was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Since then, she has been getting the help that she needed and has stayed clean for the past four to five years. She's now on the rise and fans (and even trolls) just want wants best for Amanda.

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