10 Pics Showing Chris Pratt And Anna Faris’ Marriage (+ 10 Of Him & Katherine)

Before Chris Pratt walks down the aisle (again) to see if this time’s the charm, it is time to reflect on his previous relationship with actress Anna Faris. While it seems like their breakup was mutual and it appears as though they are on friendly terms, something obviously went wrong to cause the split. Not to mention, they have a young son together, so collaborative and cooperative co-parenting is in the cards.

When one door closes, another opens, and in comes the beautiful Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter of Arnold and famous mom Maria Shriver. Looks-wise, she and Faris could not be more different. And it also seems like their personalities are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but that’s neither here nor there. As long as she and Pratt are happy, healthy, and in love, fans, friends, and family are rooting for them and their soon-to-be marriage. May this one last “’till death,” and perhaps soon they will have a child of their own together. In the meantime, Schwarzenegger will get some practice when she steps into the role of stepmom to Pratt’s son.

Here are 10 pics of Pratt and Faris in better times, and 10 of Pratt and his new special someone.

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20 With Anna: Winning On The Walk Of Fame

Via: Usmagazine.com

Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a major honor. When the hunky actor was given his star, his adorable son and then-wife Faris were by his side, cheering him on and smiling with pride. Pratt couldn’t be happier to receive this special gift, especially because he got to share the monumental moment with two very important people in his life.

Surely his son will remember this day forever, proving that his dad is the coolest guy in the world. And the way Faris is focused on her two guys shows that she’s truly in awe of this exceptional accomplishment.

19 With Anna: Hugs For Her Hubby

Via: bustle.com

What woman wouldn’t want to wrap her arms around Chris Pratt? Faris is the lucky lady who stole his heart, so she’s all smiles when she gives her hubby a hug. This pic is a great one, showing the couple when they seemed to be in love and happy to be by each other’s side. While moments like this won’t come by again, at least they can say there was a time when the love shared was strong.

They seemed like one of few Hollywood couples that would last forever, but even the cutest couples have issues that can’t be resolved. Now a new woman gets to hold this fella close and tight.

18 With Anna: Cute And Casual

Via: Pagesix.com

Looks like Pratt and Faris are at a ball game, rooting for the same team and having a fun night out. Both are wearing caps and are dressed casually, enjoying the sport and one another’s company. Perhaps these two can still take in a game or two with their sweet son, but now there will be an extra woman in the mix – Pratt’s fabulous fiancé.

However, it seems like Faris is genuinely happy for her ex and his recent engagement, and perhaps she and his new love interest can be friends. Wouldn’t that make for today’s version of a happy family?

17 With Anna: Fun In The Sun

Via: celebrityinsider.org

These three amigos are out and about on a sunny day, smiling broadly and enjoying an afternoon as a family. Faris looks cool in her dark shades, and all three of them are wearing adorable hats to protect their faces from the sun. Family excursions like these may be over, but separately Faris can do fun things with her boy and Pratt can do the same on different days.

If they can all get along, the exes can put their differences aside for the sake of the kid and still find fun ways to work things out as a family. As long as Schwarzenegger is cool with the ex-couple doing stuff with their son, then everyone will be satisfied.

16 With Anna: Picnic In The Park

Via: fanfest.com

Romantic picnics in the park for Pratt and Faris are in the past, but there was a point in their relationship when these two lovebirds could sit for hours under the warm sun enjoying tasty snacks and sips.

Too bad these days are over, but while they were in love, special moments like these must have felt special. Now that they have broken up and moved on, if they want to relive such romantic times, it will be with new partners. Let’s just hope they don’t wind up in the same spot in the park; that could be quite the awkward encounter.

15 With Anna: Definitely Need Coffee

Via: PopSugar.com

Looks like these two had a rough night! Pratt can barely keep his eyes open and probably can’t wait until that caffeine kicks in. And Faris is hiding her eyes behind dark glasses, making it clear that she may have some unsightly dark circles that she doesn’t want seen. It is hard to say why these two are so tired, but at least they managed to get out of the house.

Perhaps it was parenting that caused them to look so tired, or maybe they were up spatting all night before splitting. While they still look pretty good, this isn’t their finest moment.

14 With Anna: The Look of Love

Via: Bustle.com

All dressed up and looking lovely, Pratt and his then-wife are pleased to be by one another’s side, sharing the spotlight and shining under the sun. Looks like some sort of red carpet event, so there are lots of cameras and onlookers watching their every move. Faris is looking into her hubby’s eyes with amazing affection, and he seems to be just as smitten with his lady.

While they won’t be attending any red carpet events like this as a couple anymore, at least they can remember what it was like to feel so fabulous. The next time we see Pratt looking this dapper, he’ll have his new significant other on his arm.

13 With Anna: Walking And Wagging

Via: todaysparent.com

When it’s time to take the dogs for a walk, the whole family gets in on the action. While Pratt is taking care of the pups, Faris is focused on pushing the stroller down the street. It’s nice that they used to take afternoon walks as a family, and their four-legged friends must be happy that everyone is as excited to go out as they are.

While their son is older now and family walks like this probably won’t happen again, he now has a new person in his life to give him additional attention. Hopefully he likes his dad’s fiancé because she’ll be an important figure in his life.

12 With Anna: Vacation Vibes

Via: harpersbazaar.com

Romantic vacations like the one in this pic won’t be something Pratt and Faris will take as a couple anymore, but when they did have a closer connection, they must have enjoyed such beautiful getaways.

They are looking into each other’s eyes with love and adoration, but times like these are in the past. While the location is still lovely, the chemistry between this couple has run its course. Now Pratt is focused on his fiancé, and perhaps they’re planning their honeymoon to a place such as this one. Surely Pratt wouldn’t mind returning to this sunny spot for a second time.

11 With Anna: Cheers To Good Friends

Via: bravoTV.com

Back when they were a close couple, it looked like Pratt and Faris did some fun things together. As they raise their glasses for a friendly toast with a group in this pic, they can enjoy the good company and have some great conversations. There probably won’t be any future moments like this between Pratt and Faris, but the fun was there while it lasted.

These days, when Pratt opens a bottle of wine, he will be saying a toast to his new lovely lady, and they can sip on something special together. “Cheers” to the new couple! Hopefully Faris won’t be drinking alone.

10 With Katherine: Street Style And Smiles

Via: people.com

Pratt and his princess are taking a leisurely stroll around town, both looking happy and in love, even though they are walking a few feet apart from one another. Perhaps this was planned so the paparazzi wouldn’t try to take their picture, but that didn’t exactly work out as expected.

Nevertheless, this pair seems to be beaming, most likely because they’ve fallen in love and are planning their marriage. It must be hard for them to walk around together without being noticed, but that’s the Hollywood life they signed up for. But with smiles like theirs, it seems like they don’t mind the attention much.

9 With Katherine: Sunny And Funny

Via: worldvoz.com

By the look of Schwarzenegger’s beaming smile, her hunky honey/soon-to-be hubby must have said something funny. He is known to be witty and charming, so her laughter is something to be expected. While we do not know much about Schwarzenegger’s personal or romantic life prior to getting together with Pratt, it seems like she finally found her perfect match, and could not be happier.

Just because things did not work out as planned with Faris it doesn’t mean that Pratt can’t see a bright and beautiful future with this lovely lady. They seem like a great fit and make quite the handsome couple.

8 With Katherine: Engaged And Excited

Via: News24online.com

Congrats to the cute couple! Here we see that special moment when Pratt popped the question, or at least shortly thereafter. His fabulous fiancé is flaunting her gorgeous (and some would say giant) engagement ring, and someone popped open a bottle of bubbly. Pratt kisses his soon-to-be-Mrs. on the cheek and seems like he’s totally in love.

She is focused on her “rock” and all its stunning shine and sparkle. Although it is a bit hard to see, it seems like Pratt picked out quite a beautiful ring for his special lady. He has good taste in jewelry and women!

7 With Katherine: Fun On The Farm

Via: today.com

Just when Pratt and Schwarzenegger thought they were the cutest, in come these cuddly farm animals to steal the spotlight. How adorable is this couple as they hold these animals and give them lots of tender attention? It looks like they are having a lot of fun on a farm, smiling and spending time together.

Hopefully Pratt’s son was able to join them, as lots of kids love to be around animals like these. Did Pratt take Faris to the farm as well? Perhaps she enjoyed the same sort of adventures. Pratt certainly looks like a pro as he holds his little fuzzy friend.

6 With Katherine: The Perfect Match

Via: wowplus.net

Couples that dress alike often look goofy, but somehow these two manage to pull it off. Both are dressed in all black, they’re wearing cool shades and caps, and even have necklaces on. Did they intend to dress the same? That’s hard to tell, but maybe they are on the same page in the style department without even realizing it.

No matter what they wear, these two always look terrific. Whether casual or formal, there isn’t a time when they don’t look lovely, thanks to their good genes and fine fashion sense. As good looking as these two are, their best “accessory” is their smiles.

5 With Katherine: Caps And Comfort

Via: isupdate.com

Seems like these two like to wear baseball caps. It does keep the sun out of their eyes and it’s a stylish casual look, so why not? Here the lovebirds are holding hands as they take a walk, showing the world that they’re a couple in love. As Pratt sports his “America Land of the Free” shirt with pride, he is equally proud to be engaged to such a special young woman.

These two look great together, seem to have a special bond, and probably can’t wait for their wedding day. Lots of ladies would love to be in Schwarzenegger’s shoes, but she’s his one and only “Cinderella.”

4 With Katherine: Shopping Spree

Via: parismatch.com

Must be nice to go on a shopping excursion with your partner and his kiddo. And with the dough between these two, they could shop nearly anywhere. The sun is shining and these three are enjoying the day, walking and window shopping and picking up a few things along the way.

Schwarzenegger looks lovely in her black floral dress, and Pratt looks cool and comfortable, again wearing a cap. Perhaps these three stopped for lunch after they finished with their shopping, or at least found a place to sit down for a break. But they probably couldn’t wait to get home to open their packages.

3 With Katherine: Making An Impression On Mom

Via: usmagazine.com

When a girl takes her guy to meet the parents, it means that things are serious. And with the smiles on everyone’s faces, it seems like Pratt has made a great impression on Schwarzenegger’s mom. These three look as happy as can be as Pratt is soon to become the newest member of this well-known family.

It’s good to know that Pratt fits right in with the family, and surely mom is happy that her daughter has found such a great guy. Adding another famous face to this clan is no big deal, but let’s hope Arnold isn’t concerned about a younger actor stealing his thunder.

2 With Katherine: An Evening Stroll

Via: usmagazine.com

Pratt and his leading lady are taking a leisurely walk around the neighborhood, both looking comfortable and casual in their athletic attire. Perhaps they are taking a post-dinner walk to lighten their load before hitting the sack. Or maybe they like to exercise together and the only time they can find is when the sun goes down.

They seem to be walking and talking, and Schwarzenegger is gazing at her gorgeous gent. Hopefully she pays attention to what is in front of her so she doesn’t accidentally walk into a pole. A big lump on her forehead won’t make for great wedding pics.

1 With Katherine: Soon-To-Be Stepmom

Via: Accessonline.com

This happy couple couldn’t be cuter. They are smiling with their emotions written all over their faces. As they take this next major step in their lives, many exciting things are on the horizon. One of the most important aspects of this new relationship is that Schwarzenegger will become a stepmom to Pratt’s young son.

She seems to be ready for the challenge, and Pratt already seems to be an amazing dad. That little boy is so lucky to have so many people in his life to count on, and maybe one day soon he’ll become a big brother.

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